Welcome to MLB betting model projections and predictions, where the Yankees vs Rays prediction takes center stage. I’m excited to bring insights from my private spreadsheets and an additional AI-based prediction for this upcoming game.

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The Odds

Before diving into the stats and analysis, let’s take a quick look at the betting odds for this game:

  • New York Yankees: US Odds at 119 (Decimal Odds: 2.19)
  • Tampa Bay Rays: US Odds at -128 (Decimal Odds: 1.78)

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Team Analysis

New York Yankees: In their 127 games played so far:

  • Runs per Game (R/G): 4.24, which ranks them 24th in the league.
  • They’ve hit 176 Home Runs, securing an 8th rank.
  • With 518 RBIs, they are ranked 24th.
  • Their Batting Average (BA) is 0.23, placing them at the bottom at rank 30.
  • With an On-Base Percentage (OBP) of 0.305, they are 27th.
  • Their Slugging Percentage (SLG) stands at 0.402, ranking them 21st.
  • An OPS of 0.707 puts them in 23rd place.

Comparatively, they’ve performed below the league’s average in most of the categories.

Tampa Bay Rays: Across 129 games, the Rays have:

  • An impressive R/G of 5.36, earning them a 4th rank.
  • Hit 189 Home Runs, again ranking 4th.
  • Their 664 RBIs have secured them a 5th rank.
  • A commendable BA of 0.261 places them 4th.
  • Their OBP is 0.332, another 4th rank.
  • With an SLG of 0.45 and OPS of 0.783, they’ve clinched the 4th rank in both categories.

Clearly, in a direct comparison, the Tampa Bay Rays have outperformed the Yankees in their league standings.

Pitching Duel

  • The New York Yankees will place their trust in Gerrit Cole (R). With a 10-4 win-loss record from 26 games, he boasts an ERA of 3.03. His WHIP stands at 1.07, and his SIERA is at 3.78.
  • On the other side, the Tampa Bay Rays will counter with Zach Eflin (R). With an impressive record of 13-7 from 24 games, his ERA stands slightly higher at 3.58. His WHIP matches Cole’s at 1.03, but his SIERA is a bit better at 3.44.

Bullpen Rankings:

  • New York Yankees: 11th
  • Tampa Bay Rays: 21st

MLB Betting Model Predictions:

  • New York Yankees: Projected win% at 37.40%. Projected odds: US at 167 (Decimal: 2.67)
  • Tampa Bay Rays: Projected win% at 62.59%. Projected odds: US at -167 (Decimal: 1.60)

The total projected runs for the full game stand at 8.63. As per my analysis, the full game moneyline value favors the Tampa Bay Rays.

Best Bet: Rays -128

AI ChatGPT Prediction: Considering all the stats provided and comparing them with the sportsbook betting odds, my AI prediction leans towards the Tampa Bay Rays. The value seems apparent when looking at their season performance and the pitching matchup.

Final Thoughts

While the odds favor the Tampa Bay Rays, remember that anything can happen in the world of baseball. Always do your research and stay informed.

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