Yankees vs Diamondbacks Prediction

Our MLB betting model gives the edge to the Diamondbacks with a 51.36% chance of victory over the Yankees in the April 2 clash. However, the Yankees, with a close 48.64% chance, present a valuable betting opportunity at odds of +105. Analyze wisely and consider this insight for your prediction.


On Tuesday, April 2, 2024, the baseball world will be closely watching as the New York Yankees go head-to-head against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field. This Yankees vs Diamondbacks prediction piece is not just about predicting the game’s outcome; it’s about understanding the dynamics, stats, and factors that will influence this exciting matchup. With Nestor Cortes on the mound for the Yankees and Zac Gallen pitching for the Diamondbacks, this game promises to be a thrilling contest filled with strategic plays and outstanding performances.

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Game Details and Sportsbook Odds

  • Date: Tuesday, April 2, 2024
  • Location: Chase Field, Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Decimal Odds: Yankees at 2.05, Diamondbacks at 1.80
  • US Odds: Yankees at +105, Diamondbacks at -125

Note: Odds are subject to change, so always check for the latest best MLB odds across different sportsbooks.

Starting Pitchers Analysis

Nestor Cortes (Yankees)

  • Hand: Left Handed Pitcher
  • ERA: 4.97
  • Advanced Stats: SIERA at 4.35, xFIP at 4.84, K/9 at 9.52, BB/9 at 2.84, WHIP at 1.25, GB/FB ratio at 0.46, xERA at 3.66

Zac Gallen (Diamondbacks)

  • Hand: Right Handed Pitcher
  • ERA: 3.47
  • Advanced Stats: SIERA at 3.67, xFIP at 3.49, K/9 at 9.43, BB/9 at 2.01, WHIP at 1.12, GB/FB ratio at 1.19, xERA at 4.16

Bullpen and Offensive Matchup

  • Bullpen Rank: Yankees at 3rd vs. Diamondbacks at 23rd
  • Offensive Matchup: Yankees overall rank at 7th, versus left-handed pitchers at 7th, and right-handed pitchers at 5th. Diamondbacks overall rank at 16th, versus left-handed pitchers at 17th, and right-handed pitchers at 15th.

MLB Betting Model Analysis

Our MLB Betting Model gives the Yankees a 48.64% chance to win, with projected odds at +106 (2.06 decimal), and the Diamondbacks a 51.36% chance, with projected odds at -106 (1.95 decimal). Based on this analysis, the moneyline value lies with the New York Yankees, with Nestor Cortes pitching at odds of +105. The adjusted Kelly Criterion calculated value stands at -0.03.

Yankees vs Diamondbacks Prediction

Recommended MLB Pick

Our free recommended MLB PICK based on our analysis there is no value in this game.

Conclusion: Making Your Yankees vs Diamondbacks Prediction

This Yankees vs Diamondbacks prediction serves as a guide to understanding the nuances of the game. While our analysis leans towards a win for the Yankees, it’s crucial to remember that sports betting is unpredictable. Always shop for the best MLB odds, take advantage of promotions, and never blindly follow any picks. For those looking to delve deeper into sports betting strategies and models, consider exploring sports betting courses that teach analytical betting techniques.

Remember, this analysis is a tool to assist in your betting decisions, but the unpredictability of sports means outcomes can always surprise us. Enjoy the game, and may your bets be as thrilling as the action on the field.

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