The sporting world has seen a significant shift over the years, with sports betting becoming a major player in fan engagement and revenue generation. As one of the most followed leagues globally, the NFL hasn’t been left behind. So, who exactly is the official betting partner of NFL betting?

The Official NFL Betting Partnerships

The NFL boasts multiple partnerships with leading sportsbooks. It’s important for bettors to recognize these official partners, as they hold a unique position in the market:

  1. MGM – A titan in the gambling industry, MGM was one of the first to secure a partnership with the NFL. With its vast experience, MGM offers a top-tier betting experience for NFL fans.
  2. Caesars – Another heavyweight in the casino world, Caesars brings a legacy of trust and entertainment to the table. Their sportsbook is comprehensive, covering every facet of NFL action.
  3. FanDuel – Known for its daily fantasy sports, FanDuel transitioned smoothly into sports betting. As an official partner, their platform offers exclusive NFL betting options and promotions.
  4. DraftKings – Originally a rival to FanDuel in the daily fantasy sports arena, DraftKings has now firmly established itself as a go-to platform for sports bettors. Their NFL markets are vast, offering bets for every kind of fan.

Additionally, NFL stadiums have joined the betting revolution. This year, for the first time, sportsbooks inside NFL stadiums will be open on game days, further solidifying the bond between the league and the betting industry.


Top Independent Sportsbook Alternatives

While the official partners enjoy certain privileges, many seasoned bettors prefer platforms that aren’t directly tied to the NFL. These platforms offer unique features and have cultivated trust over the years:

  1. Bovada – Renowned for its user-friendly interface and vast betting markets, Bovada is a top choice for many, especially those who prefer using cryptocurrencies.
  2. Mybookie – With competitive odds and a plethora of NFL markets, Mybookie has carved out a space for itself among the elites.
  3. Betnow – This platform offers a balanced mix of traditional and innovative betting options for the NFL.
  4. BetUs – With its history spanning decades, BetUs combines experience with modernity, offering bettors an all-rounded NFL betting experience.
  5. Betonline – Known for its early line releases and impressive promotions, Betonline remains a preferred choice for many NFL enthusiasts.

It’s essential to note that these are offshore bookies. Their acceptance of cryptocurrencies and longstanding reputation make them a top choice for many seasoned bettors.


The NFL’s foray into the world of sports betting has been transformative, both for the league and its fans. While the official partners offer a unique betting experience, the alternatives bring their own set of advantages to the table. As always, bettors should conduct their own research and find platforms that align with their betting preferences and needs.

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