What Happens With a Suspended Game on a Parlay?

If a game in your parlay bet is suspended, it may not void the entire wager. Most sportsbooks will treat the suspended game as void if it isn’t resumed within 24-48 hours, and adjust your parlay odds accordingly.


Parlay betting is an intriguing aspect of sports gambling that allows bettors to combine multiple bets into a single wager. The allure is simple: higher risks lead to potentially higher rewards. However, what happens with a suspended game on a parlay? This article delves into this scenario, explaining how suspended games can impact your betting outcomes and strategies.

Brief Overview of What a Parlay Bet Is

A parlay bet is a type of sports wager that involves linking two or more individual bets into one larger bet. For the parlay to win, each component of the parlay must be a winning bet; if even one loses, the entire parlay fails. This makes parlays both potentially highly lucrative and inherently risky.

Introduction to the Concept of a Suspended Game

A suspended game in sports betting refers to any match that starts but is halted and not resumed on the same day. The reasons for suspension can vary widely—from weather conditions to unforeseen events. Understanding how these suspensions affect your parlay bets is crucial for any sports bettor.

What Constitutes a Suspended Game?

Definition and Common Reasons for Game Suspensions in Sports

Game suspensions occur when official gameplay is interrupted and cannot be continued the same day. Common causes include severe weather, issues with playing facilities, or safety concerns. The decision to suspend a game is typically made by game officials or governing bodies, aiming to preserve fairness and safety.

Differences Between a Postponed, Cancelled, and Suspended Game

It’s important to differentiate between a postponed, cancelled, and suspended game:

  • Postponed Game: Scheduled to start at a later date.
  • Cancelled Game: Not rescheduled; no result declared.
  • Suspended Game: Started but halted with the intention to resume either later or on another day.

Each scenario has different implications for parlay bets, which are essential to understand for effective bet management.

How Does a Suspended Game Affect a Parlay?

General Rules from Major Sportsbooks

Most sportsbooks have clear policies regarding suspended games in parlays. Typically, if the game is resumed within a set period—often 24 to 48 hours—the bet stands and results are calculated based on the game’s outcome. If the game is not resumed within this timeframe, the leg of the parlay involving the suspended game may be considered void, which can adjust the odds and potential payout of the overall parlay.

Impact on Payouts and Bet Resolution

The impact on payouts can vary:

  • If a leg of a parlay is voided, the total odds are recalculated minus the voided game, potentially lowering the overall payout but still keeping the bet alive.
  • In some cases, a suspended game might result in the entire parlay being held in abeyance until the game is officially completed or called off.

Understanding these nuances is key to managing your expectations and financial outcomes in sports betting.

What Happens With a Suspended Game on a Parlay?

Sportsbook Policies on Suspended Games in Parlays

Examples of Policies from Leading Betting Platforms

Different sportsbooks might have slightly varying rules regarding suspended games. For example, one platform might void the game immediately if play cannot resume the same day, while another might wait for an official league decision. Bettors should familiarize themselves with these policies, which are typically available on the sportsbook’s website or through customer service.

How Terms Might Vary Between Different Sports and Leagues

The handling of suspended games can also differ significantly across sports and leagues. For instance, baseball has specific rules regarding the minimum number of innings for a game to be considered official, while soccer may handle delays and suspensions differently depending on the tournament rules. Such variations can affect how parlays are treated when games are suspended.

Handling Suspended Games in Your Betting Strategy

Tips for Managing the Risk of Suspended Games in Parlay Betting

Managing the risks associated with suspended games is a crucial skill for any sports bettor, especially when engaging in parlay betting. Here are several strategies to mitigate the impact of game suspensions:

  • Diversification: Spread your bets across various games and sports to reduce the impact of a single suspended game on your overall betting outcome.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with weather forecasts and news that could potentially lead to game suspensions, particularly for outdoor sports.
  • Understand the Odds: Some sportsbooks offer reduced odds for games with a higher risk of suspension, which might influence your betting choices.

By incorporating these strategies, bettors can maintain a more stable and predictable betting experience despite unforeseen disruptions.

Importance of Reading and Understanding Sportsbook Rules

Understanding the specific rules and policies of your chosen sportsbook is fundamental when dealing with suspended games. Each sportsbook has its own set of rules that dictate how suspended games are treated within parlays. Familiarity with these rules can prevent misunderstandings and ensure that bettors are not caught off-guard by a sportsbook’s decisions regarding suspended games.

Conclusion: What Happens With a Suspended Game on a Parlay?

The impact of a suspended game on a parlay can vary significantly, but with proper understanding and strategic planning, bettors can effectively manage their bets. Remember, knowledge is power in the world of sports betting. For those looking to master these complexities, considering a structured betting course could be immensely beneficial. Such courses offer deeper insights and strategies to enhance your betting skills.


What should I do if a game in my parlay is suspended?

When a game in your parlay is suspended, the best course of action is to check the specific rules of your sportsbook regarding suspended games. Usually, it’s a waiting game to see if the match resumes within the allowable time frame set by the sportsbook.

Will a suspended game void my entire parlay bet?

Not necessarily. Most sportsbooks will only void the individual game that was suspended if it does not resume within their specified time frame, and the rest of the bets in your parlay will remain active. The odds will be adjusted accordingly based on the remaining bets.

How long do sportsbooks wait before deciding the outcome of a suspended game?

Sportsbooks typically wait anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for a game to resume before making a decision on the bet. This period can vary based on the sportsbook’s policies and the nature of the game.

Can I cancel my bet if a game is suspended?

Most sportsbooks do not allow bet cancellation once a game has started, including if the game is suspended. It’s important to understand these details before placing a bet.

How do different sports handle suspended games in parlays differently?

The treatment of suspended games can vary significantly between different sports and leagues. For example, MLB may have different resumption policies compared to the NFL, impacting how parlays are treated in each sport. Always check the specific league and sportsbook rules before placing your bets.

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