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Sports handicapping services provide sports picks to the people who want to bet and are looking for advice about what to bet, when to bet, and how much.

On one side, we have bookmakers that take bets, bettors who bet on their online betting sites, and somewhere in the middle are sports handicapping services, that became serious businesses.

Bad betting advice from handicapping service

In the Money Talks – Sports Handicapping Reality TV we get the picture of how a lot of sports handicapping services work on a daily basis and give bad betting advice.

The guy comes to Las Vegas for three days with $50,000 and the sports handicapper promises him that he will win big. He is advised to bet from $10,000 to $12,000 on one game and this is much more than a true betting expert would recommend to anyone. That’s more than 20% of his available bankroll.

Professional sports bettors, who actually make money from betting and not from selling sports picks usually do not bet more than 1-2% of their bankroll.

Here are five ways how sports betting services fool people into buying their services.

Manipulation with sports betting results

Manipulation with betting results is a common way of attracting naive sports bettors. Almost all sports handicapping services do this. The reasons are simple:

  • Sports gamblers who look for sports picks are looking for quick profits in a short period of time
  • Sports handicapping services do extensive marketing once they are on a good run and hide results when they are on a losing streak
Bad example of representing betting results

Profitable betting results are always based on thousands of bets with detailed statistics about stakes, odds, ROI, yield, closing line value, and other important information.

Showing only short-term results and creating hype is just a manipulation that fools a lot of gamblers into buying non-beneficial sports picks.

False Expertise in Betting

Betting expert word is used too many times and on every possible occasion. An average sports gambler doesn’t do the research about sports betting service and their expertise.

Who are sports betting experts?

We can ask first, who is an expert in any field? This is a person who is very knowledgeable in a particular area.

Sports betting expert is a person, who is very knowledgeable in sports betting. Sports betting is much more than just selling picks, which are in most cases presented as short-term results without details.

But still, most sports handicapping services are considered betting expert services. The reality is that most of them are not experts, but just sports fans and they found a way how to sell betting advice.

Betting experts use statistical methods, betting analytics, and sports betting models, and have strong fundamentals about betting. Many sports handicapping services do not use these things as a part of their service.

Manipulating the bookmaker’s odds and limits

Sportsbooks have their own limits and it depends from market to market how much money they are willing to accept. For big major leagues and sharp bet types, they are willing to accept bigger bets. For smaller leagues much less money.

And this is something many sports handicappers don’t present to their potential customers. Selling $1000 per month picks service for the smaller league, where in fact the max bet limit is maybe $300 will put you in a position, where you will not have the ability to bet enough big stakes to cover the subscription.

Another thing is constantly presenting the odds from soft bookmakers, which look bigger, but the problem is the same – too-small bet limits.

Guaranteed sports picks

Guaranteed picks are sports handicapping service plays, with some guarantee if bets are lost. In most cases, services offer another pick or the same subscription if you face loss with their betting tips.

The problem is that the guarantee word should not be used in sports betting and is wrongly presented. Sports are unpredictable and profitable betting is not about finding the winners, but having the advantage in the market.

Similar words they use are Lock, Monster, Whale Play, and Lock of The Year. These words are just a way how to fool sports gamblers into buying picks. Many people fall into this trap.

Influencers in Sports Betting

People always buy lifestyle and transformation. It is well-known fact in marketing and many sports betting services know this very well.

Instead of focusing on their true betting skills and giving services, that will help sports bettors, they are focusing most of their energy on a lifestyle and creating an illusion about betting. Most of their money is made by selling picks or other activities, but not by actual betting on sports.

Such sports handicapping services use their great marketing skills, lifestyle, and influence status on social media to fool you into buying their sports picks, that are not profitable at all.

Are there any good sports handicapping services out there?

Good sports handicapping services do exist, but if you’re planning on using quality one, you’ll need to do as much research on them as you would if you were analyzing your own bets.

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