For those fed up with losing at sports betting and following useless picks, change is here.

Master Sports Betting! I’ll Teach You to Win Long-Term and Calculate Your Own Odds with Betting Models.

Be Ultimate Modern Bettor! Learn to Win in the Long Run: Make Sports Betting Benefit You, Your Family, and Your Life.

YES, I want to become a Winning Bettor RIGHT AWAY!

Here’s the reality:

You’re betting and losing money. You’ve tried it all – making your own bets, following paid sports picks, even attempting to create your own betting system. You put in more effort searching for winning picks.

But nothing’s working. You’re still not making money. You’re far from quitting your job because of betting, and your life is taking a hit – all that time watching games and betting, with no results.

I understand this struggle.

The old way of betting – chasing after picks or hoping for winners – isn’t effective. It doesn’t improve your life. I’ve been there, and I’ve seen many students in the same spot. But I’ve also helped hundreds of students turn things around: they’ve made their first profits, built their first betting models, and earned five or six figures for the first time. Some have even left their 9-5 jobs within a year.

In other words, I help bettors win in the long run and join the top 5% of bettors worldwide.

And I’m going to teach you exactly how to do it.

Introducing the Ultimate Modern Bettor – a program where I’ll guide you on how to increase your betting profits, develop a winning mindset, and bet with the numbers. This isn’t just about more money; it’s about turning you int a long-term winning bettor and simply a better life through smart betting.

In this ULTIMATE MODERN BETTOR course, I will give you clear actionable steps that will:

  • Show You How to Escape 9-5 Through Sports Betting

    Learn exactly how I did it using what I call the ‘4-bucket system.’

  • Teach You How to Build Your First Betting Model

    Receive step-by-step video instructions on building your first betting model, plus a free model download.

  • Boost Your Betting Knowledge, Mindset, and Profits

    I’ll reveal how I use sports betting as an investment to make money and enhance my life.

  • Skyrocket Your Betting Journey and Eliminate Anxiety

    Gain access to extra downloadable tools, including a free eBook, and become a more confident bettor with all this knowledge.

YES, I want to become a Winning Bettor RIGHT AWAY!

Who exactly am I, and what gives me the credibility to be trusted by you?

— I’m Marjan (people call me MB), the founder of Underdog Chance and the creator of some of the world’s most profitable, yet simple and easy-to-understand sports betting models.

Over a decade ago, sports betting was my key to escaping the 9-5 grind. Since then, I’ve dedicated myself to helping other bettors achieve similar success.

I’ve shared thousands of my picks publicly for free — that’s right, I never sell sports picks. Instead, I focus on generating consistent profits through well-defined betting models that rely on data and strategy, not just gut feelings or luck. My expertise and models have gained worldwide recognition for their effectiveness, yielding profits year after year and beating the closing line.

I’ve guided hundreds of individuals to become independent WINNING BETTORS – and yes, without the need to follow or pay for sports picks. This transformation has enabled them to change their betting habits, start making profits, and genuinely benefit from betting.

Those who diligently follow my programs and apply the advice often become some of the best bettors in the world.

In just a few months, many have transformed into experts themselves, now sought after for their advice, even though they started with zero knowledge before joining my courses.

YES, I want to become a Winning Bettor RIGHT AWAY!

Repeatedly trying to hit winners or following picks is NOT the answer!

Are you exhausted from watching games, attempting to hit winners, and following paid picks, only to see your bankroll dwindle?

Do you often find yourself in front of the computer, puzzled about how to boost your betting profits? Wondering how to secure your first profits, let alone build wealth or enhance your life through betting, especially when you can’t even manage your first withdrawal?

You’re not alone. Many have realized that the old ways of betting just DON’T work anymore. A change is essential.

The most successful bettors aren’t merely focused on a few units. Their goal is wealth-building through sports betting and life improvement.

And that’s precisely what I mean… The average handicapper, who often earns more from selling picks than from betting itself, won’t show you this. They might toss out a few picks, but they never reveal how to genuinely turn the tide in your favor.

Betting shouldn’t be a source of pain.

That’s why, to become a long-term winning bettor, you need three crucial things:

  • The Right Winning Mindset that genuinely works.
  • Strategy and Knowledge to guide you on your betting journey.
  • A Data-driven Approach to identify +EV (Expected Value) bets.”

But, why is ALL this so fuc**ng important? Just give me winning picks!

Ask yourself, what do you really want from betting? Is it merely for fun, accepting losses and watching games? Or do you aim to turn sports betting to your advantage and become a long-term winning bettor?

With over 25 years of experience in the betting industry, I’ve observed that the vast majority of sports bettors don’t make money. For many, betting isn’t even enjoyable anymore; it’s a struggle.

Even those few who win in the short term end up losing in the long run, whether financially, mentally, or health-wise.

You see…

The world of sports betting has evolved. Bookmakers are quicker and more intelligent. The market is more sophisticated. You’re not just playing against the bookmaker but also against other bettors who shape this space.

The top bettors understand how to identify +EV (Expected Value) bets. By the time you follow their leads, you’re already late. You end up placing -EV bets and losing, even if they are winning.

And there’s more…

We are all unique, with different IQ levels, financial situations, available bookmakers, knowledge, etc.

You need to carve your own path. Following others in sports betting is a losing game. Many don’t know how to manage profits, others panic during losing streaks, and some are delusional in both wins and losses.

Becoming a long-term winning bettor (ULTIMATE MODERN BETTOR) is multidimensional. It’s not just about the picks, and certainly not about merely trying to follow others or hitting winners.

Betting is about your personal journey: identifying +EV bets, making money, building wealth, and integrating betting into your life in a positive way.

That’s precisely what I teach: how to achieve long-term wins in betting and how to positively transform your life and finances through it.

YES, I want to become a Winning Bettor RIGHT AWAY!

Yet, 95% of bettors never fully realize their potential. Here’s where most go WRONG:

  • Lack Discipline

    Losing bettors often make emotional, impulsive bets instead of logical, well-thought-out ones.

  • Ignore Data and Statistics

    They tend to rely on gut feelings or superstitions, ignoring the importance of a data-driven approach.

  • Misunderstand Value and +EV

    These bettors often overlook the significance of positive expected value, focusing on short-term wins rather than long-term profitability.

  • Procrastinate and Blame Others

    They tend to wait for others to provide solutions and often blame external factors for their betting failures.

  • Treat Betting Casually

    Many approach betting as just a hobby, not as a serious venture that requires a professional attitude.

  • See Betting as Just Gambling

    They view betting purely as a form of gambling, not as a strategic investment integrated into their larger financial plans.

  • Stop Learning and Adapting

    Losing bettors frequently stop educating themselves about new strategies, sports updates, and market trends.

  • Neglect Bankroll Management

    Many fail to manage their betting funds properly, leading to significant financial losses.

If that’s you… then brace yourself for yet another year of losses and missed opportunities in betting. We’ve all been there, and I understand just how frustrating and disheartening it can feel.

how to become long term winner in sports betting

Here’s what the MOST SUCCESSFUL bettors do right

  • Treat Betting Seriously

    They approach betting with a professional attitude, treating it as a serious venture rather than a casual hobby.

  • Develop a Disciplined and Growth Mindset

    They approach betting with discipline, avoiding emotional decisions and focusing on logical, well-thought-out bets.

  • Constantly Learn and Invest in Knowledge

    hey continuously invest in their knowledge and improvement, understanding that betting is a relative competition where staying ahead requires constant learning and adaptation to be better each year.

  • View Betting as an Investment

    They look at betting as part of their overall investment strategy (not just picks), integrating it into their bigger financial picture for long-term growth and stability.

  • Embrace a Data-Driven Approach

    Successful bettors rely on data and statistics rather than gut feelings or superstitions to guide their betting decisions.

  • Understand Value and +EV

    They recognize the importance of finding bets with positive expected value (+EV) and focus on long-term profitability rather than short-term wins.

  • Network with Other Bettors

    Successful bettors often network with other successful bettors, sharing strategies, and stay ahead of the average bettor.

  • Act Quickly and Take Full Responsibility

    They are proactive, making swift decisions and taking full responsibility for their actions rather than waiting for others to guide them.

Again, DON’T miss out on potential earnings like 95% of gamblers do!


Empower yourself with my guidance to unlock a hidden revenue stream in your life! (Avoid the pitfalls of repeating ineffective strategies time and again!)

Learn from successful bettors; life’s too short to learn everything solo.


Ultimate Modern Bettor: A Game-Changing Program Designed to Skyrocket Your Chances of Becoming a Long-Term Winner in Sports Betting

Here is what you’ll get…

Straightforward, effective tools with no fluff. Actionable insights aimed at significantly boosting your sports betting success.

This isn’t just another digital product that’ll go unused. It’s accessible and affordable for everyone, without straining your finances.


Building a Sports Betting Model in Google Sheets

  • A step-by-step tutorial on constructing your first betting model.
  • Learn to calculate your own odds, independent of bookmakers.
  • Understanding odds and probabilities.
  • Discover how to spot +EV opportunities with your calculations.
  • Bonus: Downloadable spreadsheet with formulas and tutorial content for immediate use and customization.


The “Bucket System” Video Seminar (1h 03min)

  • My journey from the 9-5 grind to betting success.
  • The crucial 4 steps you need to follow.
  • Real success stories from others who learned from me.


How the Right Mindset Unlocks True Potential (2h 45min Betting Seminar)

  • My personal struggle with money before a mindset shift.
  • Revealing the mindset and strategies I use now for success.
  • Strategies for realistic, achievable profit-making in betting.
  • Using betting for wealth-building, not just earning units.


Downloadable Spreadsheets (5x Google Sheets)

  • The free betting model from the tutorial.
  • Four additional spreadsheets for stake calculations, different odds types, and more.


10 Essential Betting Lessons

  • Key insights for bettors aiming for long-term success.
  • Lessons covering the most important aspects of winning betting strategies.

Unlock a Treasure Trove of Expert Betting Resources:

This is specially curated for those countless bettors who find themselves in a cycle of losses, missing out on the key strategies that could turn their fortunes around.

Introducing the Ultimate Modern Bettor Pack – your gateway to transitioning from an average bettor to a consistent winner. It’s not just a product; it’s a catalyst for your betting success.

No need to drain your wallet or spend years in trial and error to master sports betting. I’ve compiled exactly what you need right here, simplifying your path to betting success.

YES, I want to become a Winning Bettor RIGHT AWAY!

Feedbacks from Those Who’ve Experienced My Programs…

“Great! Excited to Start. So, how does this work?”

  1. Purchase the Ultimate Modern Bettor Program. Dive into a world of expert betting guidance.
  2. Engage with Every Video and Tutorial: Absorb the knowledge, reassess your past betting strategies, and understand where you might have gone wrong.
  3. Implement the Advice: Start with the simplest yet most impactful steps to see a noticeable difference in your betting approach.
  4. Utilize the Betting Model and Spreadsheets: Practice calculating your own odds with our tools, setting yourself apart from 95% of bettors who don’t leverage numerical strategies.
  5. Complete Your Tasks and Revel in Your New Betting Experience: Enjoy the fruits of your learning and transformed approach to betting.

Waiting in sports betting is like pausing while the game – and your chances – move on.

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Sports Handicappers create followers. I create Sports Handicappers.


I’m well aware of the challenges most bettors encounter — the constant drain of losing money while searching for answers in all the wrong places.

Many spend their resources — time, money, and effort — on strategies that simply don’t yield results.

Remember, all my picks have always been free, and a lot of my best material is available at no cost. This offer is designed to give you an easy start.

After all, my success is directly tied to yours. I don’t succeed unless you do.

My teaching offers a completely different approach to betting. That’s why I’ve set an accessible, yet SYMBOLIC price. It ensures you value the content, genuinely engage with the videos and spreadsheets, and apply what you learn.

You see…

My goal isn’t just about winning a bet or two; it’s about YOUR transformation.

I strive to cultivate sharp bettors with a winning mindset, those who succeed in the long term. I focus on real winners, not those seeking shortcuts.

Transforming the lives of sports bettors has always been my mission…

Since beginning my journey to assist bettors globally, we’ve seen incredible success stories unfold.

Participants have not only made smarter bets and increased their earnings but also undergone inspiring career changes, thanks to the course.

And I want you to experience all this success too…

Frequently asked questions about Ultimate Modern Bettor program…

Is your Utimate Modern Bettor suitable only for beginners or for experienced bettors as well?

My UMB caters to all types of bettors. It’s helpful for beginners, those who grasp betting concepts but feel stuck, and experienced bettors who are already successful. This course will help you boost your profits and elevate your lifestyle, regardless of your skill level.

I have a small bankroll and bet small units. Will this course still be valuable for me?

Absolutely! The UMB is particularly beneficial for new bettors who can’t afford to spend money on costly programs or mentorships to determine what works and what doesn’t. The UMB will save you both time and money that you would otherwise spend trying to figure things out on your own. A common mistake bettors make is betting first without learning. As a result, they remain stuck for years, betting small stakes and never building their bankrolls.

I’ve bought sports picks before. How is this different?

First of all, this is not a sports picks service, but it is a great question! The truth is, sports picks don’t provide long-term benefits. Sports betting is a competition against others and ultimately, a single-player game. The focus should be on becoming a successful bettor, not just choosing what to bet. Successful bettors find the best odds for themselves, and they typically don’t sell picks. Since picks don’t work, I decided to help people transform into successful bettors instead of just giving them picks, which never truly help. I’ve built a life around sports betting, escaped the 9-5 grind, and have since helped others achieve success in sports betting too.

I’ve still got some questions…

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me (, and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.


Now is the perfect moment to enhance your betting skills:

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