Tulsa vs. Washington Betting Analysis Generated by AI

Team Overview

Tulsa Golden Hurricane:

  • Overall Performance: Tulsa has an SRS of 9.28, largely due to their defensive contributions. However, when considering the FPI of -7.6, it suggests that they might be facing some overarching challenges.
  • Scoring: They manage an average of 30.6 points per game but give up 33.1 points on average.
  • Passing and Rushing: Tulsa’s offense primarily leans on their passing with 12.85 yards per pass, while their rushing at 5.31 yards is also reasonable. On defense, they allow 5.77 yards per pass and a commendable 2.37 yards per rush.
  • Efficiency: Their offensive efficiency stands at 85th, hinting at some room for improvement, while their defensive efficiency is middling at 44.1.

Washington Huskies:

  • Overall Performance: The Huskies’ specific SRS values are missing, but a high FPI of 15.1 reveals they’re among the stronger teams this season.
  • Scoring: Washington has an impressive offensive output, scoring 39.7 points per game, and they limit opponents to 25.8 points.
  • Passing and Rushing: The Huskies average 7.63 yards per pass and 4.52 yards per rush. Defensively, they give up 6.68 yards per pass and 3.78 yards per rush.
  • Efficiency: Washington’s strong FPI is complemented by their 5th ranked offensive efficiency. However, their defensive efficiency at 60 indicates potential vulnerabilities.

Head-to-Head Projection (with weighted FPI):

  1. Tulsa’s Offense vs. Washington’s Defense: Given Tulsa’s negative FPI, their offense may find it hard to consistently capitalize against Washington, especially in the rushing department.
  2. Washington’s Offense vs. Tulsa’s Defense: Washington’s significant FPI advantage indicates they’ll likely overpower Tulsa’s defense throughout the game.

Projected Points (FPI-weighted):

  • Tulsa: Taking into account their FPI and other offensive metrics against Washington’s defense, Tulsa might be restricted to around 24-27 points.
  • Washington: Considering their dominant FPI and Tulsa’s defensive figures, Washington looks set to score approximately 41-44 points.


The FPI gives a considerable advantage to Washington over Tulsa. While both teams have their strengths, Washington’s superior metrics across the board, especially their FPI, suggest they will come out on top in this matchup.

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