Let’s get into the AI-powered prediction and betting analysis for the Troy vs. Kansas State matchup.

Team Overview

Troy Trojans:

  • Overall Performance: Troy’s SRS stands at 3.28, with a strong offensive contribution (OSRS of 16.78) but a weak defense (DSRS of -13.5).
  • Scoring: Troy has a potent offense, averaging 48 points per game. Their defense is a concern, allowing 30 points per game.
  • Passing and Rushing: Offensively, Troy averages 9 yards per pass and 8.14 yards per rush. Defensively, they concede 4.39 yards per pass and 3.71 yards per rush.
  • Efficiency: Troy’s FPI is -4.9. Their offensive efficiency ranks 81st, and their defensive efficiency is at 58.2.

Kansas State Wildcats:

  • Overall Performance: Kansas State presents a balanced SRS of 9.28, with a weak offense (OSRS of -7.22) and a strong defense (DSRS of 16.5).
  • Scoring: Kansas State averages 32.3 points per game, with their defense allowing 21.9 points per game.
  • Passing and Rushing: Offensively, the Wildcats average 11.61 yards per pass and 5.7 yards per rush. On the defensive side, they allow just 5.97 yards per pass and a minuscule 0.23 yards per rush.
  • Efficiency: Kansas State boasts an FPI of 11.2. Their offensive efficiency stands at 21st, while their defensive efficiency is impressively ranked at 81.3.

Head-to-Head Projection:

  1. Troy’s Offense vs. Kansas State’s Defense: While Troy has a high-scoring offense, Kansas State’s defense is formidable, especially against the run. This could limit Troy’s overall scoring potential.
  2. Kansas State’s Offense vs. Troy’s Defense: Kansas State’s offense isn’t its strong suit, but given Troy’s weak defense, the Wildcats might find opportunities to score.

Projected Points:

  • Troy: Given their scoring average and Kansas State’s defensive prowess, Troy might be expected to score around 35-40 points.
  • Kansas State: Considering Kansas State’s offensive performance and Troy’s defensive vulnerabilities, Kansas State could also score in the range of 20-25 points.

Recommended NCAAF Picks by Artificial Intelligence: Troy +15


This matchup is intriguing. Troy has an explosive offense but a susceptible defense. Kansas State, on the other hand, has a solid defense but an average offense. Given the statistics, this game might be closer than it appears at first glance. However, Kansas State’s superior defensive capabilities and FPI indicate they might have a slight edge in this matchup.

Thus, Kansas State is the favored team, but expect a competitive game. Underdog to cover the spread is the pick!

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