The innovative crypto esports online casino and betting site known as Thunderpick was designed to fulfill the needs of an ever-growing community of esports enthusiasts and gamers alike. Experienced players created this site, and they used their insight to make it an ideal betting arena. The site provides users with a fresh game-like experience, making it more entertaining to place bets with cryptocurrencies.

Thunderpick offers users the option to bet on live events as they happen, challenge other players, view games, and vibe with members of a community that are just as passionate as they are about gaming. Thunderpick covers many of the most popular esports, offering CSGO betting, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Dota 2. Moreover, there’s even sports betting and various casino games for your enjoyment.

Continue reading this Thunderpick review and how it stacks up as an esports online casino and betting site!

History & Overview

Thunderpick was launched in 2017 by Paloma Media B.V. as an esports pool-betting platform. The site made the switch in 2020 from pool-betting to an entirely fixed-odds esports-focused betting site. 

Over the years, this platform has continued to offer more betting options. As the company has grown, it has incorporated new and innovative features such as a Live Mode for in-play betting on esports and the Bet Cash Out option.

Thunderpick Bonus Offers

The bookie can offer various bonus offers for customers on their site. The most notable and generous incentive is Thunderpick’s welcome bonus. New users can use a Thunderpick code to get a five percent deposit worth as much as €500 on their first bet deposit. 

Customers can access the bonus deposit using Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tether, XRP, and Ripple. Where you live will dictate which crypto options you are likely to use. Keep the 2x wager criteria in mind regarding the bonus and deposit.

Be advised that you check the terms and conditions on the offer as it can be subject to change depending on which country you reside in.

Interface and Usability

Thunderpick’s site is easy to use and doesn’t seem cluttered. The color scheme has just enough going for it with the blue and black, giving it more than acceptable visual aesthetics. What’s more, the site’s speed is excellent, and there’s no time lag when switching in between games. 

On the home page is both the Sign-in and Join options at the top right corner of the page. Moreover, underneath the tab for esports, sports betting, and casino games at the very bottom.

Thunderpick has a mobile version that happens to be even better than the web version, primarily due to the Swipe option that ensures faster access to the various features on the site. The app is not in the app store; however, you can install the app from Thunderpick’s home page. The registration process is also quick and painless at Thunderpick.

You can register by entering your email and password; it only takes a few minutes. Locate and check the privacy policy box and select the join button to become a registered user. You must be over 18 to register.

Payment Methods

Unlike other bookmakers, Thunderpick suggests that their players use cryptocurrencies to place bets and fund an account. Such cryptocurrencies include Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Binance Coin, and tether. Furthermore, the operator prefers that customers repay you by the same method of payment used to fund a successful bet.

One downside to this approach is that customers do not have the option to use traditional methods such as e-wallets and debit cards.

Virtual currency is used on Thunderpick’s website for customer bets. To acquire this currency, you can exchange your deposits for Thunder Coins, which is what you use to place bets.

The deposit is instant, and the maximum withdrawal amount is €750 for every bet. The minimum withdrawal is €35. The lowest amount that you can deposit €1 for a transaction, €5000 for a week, and €15,000 for a month. 

How to Make a Deposit

To make a deposit, you first have to click on the Deposit option and then select from the menu which appears on the screen which cryptocurrency you want to use to deposit on the site.

Next, follow the on-screen instructions to transfer your funds from your crypto-wallet to your Thunderpick account.

Afterward, you’ll have the freedom to use the funds for crypto-gaming or crypto-betting, or both if that is what you wish to do.

To make a withdrawal, you’ll follow a nearly identical process. Select the Account button and then choose the Withdraw option.

Here, you can withdraw to the same payment method you used to deposit in your account. For example, if you deposited in Ethereum, you’ll be paid out in Ethereum.

The best option for you regarding cryptocurrencies is contingent on your opinion of the Bitcoin vs. Ethereum debate. However, because Thunderpick caters to a number of the crypto betting sector, there are plenty of good options to choose from.

Customer Service

After selecting the option to enter, immediately a helpful chatbot will appear to ask you if you need any help. Having a chatbot instills confidence within customers because they know that they can quickly get in touch with members of the Thunderpick team if there’s a problem.

Moreover, there’s even an email address solely devoted to questions and assistance: This option gives customers seamless access to the Thunderpick team to remedy any complications that customers may come across.

Lastly, Thunderpick is a platform that is very active on its social media platforms. This gives customers who may have some questions the opportunity to go to a social media platform of their choosing and send a message to the bookie directly.

Security and Licensing

Thunderpick is a legitimate site that is professional and has all the necessary credentials to verify its legitimacy. The Government of Curacao officially licenses Thunderpick.

As a result, the bookie has the freedom to do business in many European countries; however, for U.K. customers, this isn’t the case. U.K. punters will have to check out different esports betting sites in place of Thunderstick. 

It is a promising development to discover that the bookmaker has affiliated Thunderpick with responsible gambling bodies such as GamCare; this demonstrates that they are devoted to protecting customers. This is achieved through betting and deposit limits available for bettors.

Along those same lines of protection, Thunderpick is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation. This ensures that Thunderpick’s fully encrypted site will protect customers’ personal data.


Thunderpick Rewards

Thunderpick has a VIP Club available to their customers. This VIP Club is a chance for customers to maximize their Thunderpick experience. Just bet frequently with the bookie and you will receive eligibility to participate in the VIP club. You’ll receive exclusive bonuses as part of the club, including free bets and promo codes.

Moreover, Thunderpick offers a unique reward in the form of a giveaway, where customers can enter a giveaway of cash. This keeps customers engaged on the site.

Casino Games

As an esports betting fan, you don’t have to be pigeonholed to the industry, you may very well want to enjoy the online casino, and the Thunderpick Casino has a wide range of bitcoin-only games to play.

There are over 2,000 slot games that feature popular titles like Twerk, Elvis Frog in Vegas, No-Limit Punk Rocker, Iron Bank, and Das boot. There are many titles for you to enjoy.

Furthermore, you can enjoy an extensive selection of poker games and table games, including Side Bet City, Casino Hold ’em, Beach Poker, Texas Hold ’em, and more!

Additionally, there are a lot of different blackjack variations to enjoy, like Infinite Blackjack, Blackjack Classic, and Speed Blackjack. 

When you couple this selection with the many choices available for craps, roulette, video poker, and the innovative live casino option that displays live video streams of a considerable amount of games, the possibilities for fun are endless. This section allows you to bet on esports while enjoying traditional gambling games.

Live Casino

Expounding on the live casino feature through Thunderpick, easy navigation, and state-of-the-art technology make this section a memorable experience of the Thunderpick site. 

All casino markets are visible immediately, and you can see which live tables you can sit at to start using your money to place bets. From blackjack to poker, there is something that will catch your attention. 

While Thunderpick doesn’t have as extensive a catalog as some other bookmakers when it comes to their live casino, they do an excellent job of trying to add as much variety to their site as they can. Even though the focus is esports, they give you a little bit of everything to keep you entertained when you visit their website. 

Thunderpick Casino Limits

Thunder pick has the same limits that most other bookmakers have if they include a live casino with their services: maximum and minimum wages are contingent on the game you’re playing. 

When playing slots, any minimum bets are generally much lower for customers, allowing them to enjoy without going through their betting allowance too quickly. 

Be sure to check the terms and conditions of every game before entering. That will ensure that you place your bets with full knowledge of all requirements and limits. 

Chat Room

Thunder pick has a unique feature that helps set them apart from the rest: a chat room. By clicking on the chat room tab, you can instantly start communicating with other players in the Thunderpick community. There are even whole groups dedicated to strategizing for popular games, like the Thunderpick CSGO group. 

This space is often used for topics like this, discussing tactics and games while you’re betting. Sharing basic betting resources helps to up your game fast. What’s even more helpful is that this feature comes with changing the language. This tool will separate chat room users into different groups based on who speaks the same language.

Thunderpick E-Sports

The main focus of Thunderpick’s website is esports. They have many choices for matches, tournaments, and other esports events at your disposal. Punters can start placing their bets immediately after signing up. 

The list of games is straightforward and easy to follow, located on the side of the screen. Searching for CSGO betting sites, look no further for that and other major esports like League of Legends (LoL), which always has an event or a match open for you to participate in. Specific tournaments offer good coverage, which is pretty typical with most bookies in today’s world of esports betting. 

Also, if you enjoy Valorant esports betting, along with StarCraft and Rocket League, you’ll love how you can place a wager on these and other popular games currently available. These video games range from team-based games to real-time strategy games to first-person shooter games, and the list goes on. 

If the diversity wasn’t enough, NBA2K, Fortnite, and Rainbow Six Siege tournaments are also readily available for betting. This gives the site a massive advantage over other established betting websites because of the volume of options to pick from.


For newbies to the world of betting and making predictions, odds tell you the probability of a specific outcome. You calculate odds as a ratio based on the number of occurrences that reflect a result to the number of events that don’t. 

Thunderpick offers great coverage and competitive odds that are the same or above average compared to other top esports betting sites. They even let you bet on the odds for specific details in a match that’s unfolding. 

This aspect of betting makes Thunderpick unique from competitors. Some notable bookmakers who focus on the esports services only give customers major events odds. That includes overall result markers and “match-winner” options, for example. Thunderpick is one of few bookmakers that can make in-game bets down to the details and events that happen during a game. 

Live Bets 

In addition to live esports betting, Thunderpick also has a live streaming service. Customers can follow the action through the platform, similar to YouTube and Twitch. 

By having the capability to watch the action and see events unfold in real-time, punters can adjust their strategies at the moment as they know how the game is panning out. 

Thunderpick Sports

Although this platform specializes in esports, Thunderpick also lets customers bet on real sports. They even cover major European football leagues and women’s football as well. You’ll also find basket, tennis, darts, and snooker markets where you can join in on the fun. 


Amongst the best aspects of the real sports betting services on Thunderpick is the fixed-odds option. Many customers can tell you the disappointment they experience when they want to set up a bet on a match just to see that the odds are different. The odds for their sports betting are just as competitive for the esports sector, slightly higher than the market average. 

Areas of Improvement

Though Thunderpick is an excellent betting site for beginners learning how to bet or seasoned veterans enjoying a well-structured and organized platform, there are always ways you can improve things.

A major limitation for some is the virtual currency setup. Based on the information provided on their site, 100 of their currency, Thunder coins, equals one euro. But whatever your winnings, you can only withdraw them as a gift card to use on the Thunderpick website or in a crypto coin. 

This is a bit of a disappointment for anyone who isn’t too involved or knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies yet. 

Another area where Thunderpick could consider expanding its horizon is the geographical restrictions. Players in countries like the United Kingdom, United States of America, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Poland, and so on cannot access the site. Be sure to make sure you meet all requirements to place a bet on the site before doing so. 

Lastly, it would be cool if they expanded their real sports sector even more, but it’s understood that their focus is esports at the moment. 

So, Is Thunderpick Good?

Thunderpick is a trustworthy site that offers an excellent range of esports, sports, and casino games and provides high-quality features on its site to provide a unique betting experience. With live streaming, in-game betting, and top-tier esports action, Thunderpick is a fantastic option to consider.  

Learn how to bet in the casino with their live casino feature that exposes Thunderpick esports bettors to a whole new world of gambling and fun. There are tables, slots, roulette wheels, and more at your disposal. 

When they don’t have the most competitive odds on the market, Thunder pick does offer odds that rival even the most well-known bookmakers. Connect with others that can share helpful resources and knowledge about the best betting strategies in their unique chat room, making it easy to learn and build friendships with those that have mutual interests. 

Overall, ThunderPick’s services are relatively impressive, and this bookmaker is legit with security features and licensing in place. They’re making it their mission to serve various preferences in a way that is different from other bookies on the market.

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