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Opening multiple betting accounts is not prohibited and betting with different sportsbooks brings a lot of benefits. In fact, professional sports bettors use multiple betting accounts for making more money.

Always get the best odds

Every professional sports bettor will look to get the best possible odds and if you have only one betting account, you will miss a lot of good odds.

Is this important to get the best possible odds?

Yes, it is, because you will lose money with every bet if you don’t bet on the best possible odds in the market.

Here is an example of today’s NHL game between Philadelphia and Calgary. Betonline’s odds are 1.79 on Philadelphia and 2.15 on Calgary, while Bovada has 1.71 on Philadelphia and 2.20 on Calgary.

If you have multiple betting accounts and bet $1000 on better odds of two sportsbooks:

  • Betting in Calgary at Betonline (and winning bet) – you’ll make $80 more, than if you only have one betting account
  • Betting in Philadelphia at Bovada (and winning bet) – you’ll make $50 more, than if you only have one betting account

Now we can turn things around, and say you will lose that money if you don’t have both accounts.

Taking into account hundreds or thousands of bets during the season makes a big difference. With multiple betting accounts, you’ll simply make much more money!

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Take the advantage of sportsbook bonuses

Online Sports Betting Sites attract players with amazing signup bonuses, promotions, and free bets. Most of the time a player is eligible for only one Welcome bonus.

But you can take the advantage of multiple and independent betting accounts and win all bonuses.

Staying under the radar

Sports betting and online betting sites have their limits. Consistently winning and taking too much profit will usually lead to limits, because most sportsbooks can not afford to lose too much from one person.

But having multiple accounts can help you to wager smaller stakes on different sportsbooks. This way you can stay longer under the radar, and reduce your chances of having your account restricted.

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