Saddle up, sports bettors! The forthcoming clash between the Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons in Week 5 beckons. Here’s a well-rounded Texans vs Falcons prediction that’s going to elevate your NFL betting game.

1. Game At A Glance

We’re looking at:

  • Houston Texans: A decent 2-2, with a spread at +1 and total points at 41.
  • Atlanta Falcons: Also 2-2, laying low at a -1 spread. Hitting the field at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, with a staggering capacity of 71,000, on Sunday, October 8, 2023, 1:00 PM EDT.

2. Offense On The Field

Houston Texans:

  • An admirable 24.00 points are scored on average.
  • Moving with 5.3 offensive yards per play, and 6.9 net yards per attempt.
  • Keeping it mixed with 7 passing and 1 rushing touchdown, alongside a low 2 turnovers.

Atlanta Falcons:

  • Laying up 15.50 points.
  • Achieving 4.6 yards per play, but only 4.6 net yards per attempt.
  • Split evenly with 3 touchdowns each in passing and rushing, turnovers hanging at 5.

3. Defense In The Spotlight

Houston Texans:

  • Keeping opponents to 19.75 points.
  • Conceding 5.2 opponent yards per play, with a tough 2 passing and 7 rushing touchdowns allowed.
  • Admirable takeaway of 5.

Atlanta Falcons:

  • A close 19.25 points allowed.
  • Opponents achieving 4.7 yards per play and 5.4 net yards per attempt.
  • Defensive figures yield 6 passing and a single rushing TD allowed, with 4 takeaways.

4. Score, Spread, and Totals Prediction

NFL Score Predictions:

  • Texans: A rough 17.23.
  • Falcons: A sturdier 22.19.


  • Texans: A daunting +10.52.
  • Falcons: An inverse -10.52.

Over/Under Prediction: A close call at 39.42.

5. NFL Picks and Best Bets

  • NFL Picks Against The Spread: Falcons.
  • Best NFL Bets This Week: Falcons at -1 (1.95) seems a solid option.
  • Survivor Pick: Atlanta Falcons.

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