The Super Bowl is a sporting event that’s beloved by Americans all across the country, ever since its debut back on January 15, 1967. And, while some of the formattings of the event have changed over the years, the essence of the game itself has not. 

The Super Bowl has become an event that thousands of Americans look forward to, whether it’s for the halftime show, the commercials, or the betting odds. And, speaking of the betting odds, roughly 23 million people bet on the game each year, creating huge sums of cash to be won if the odds are in your favor. 

If you’re ready to win big with Super Bowl betting, then keep reading. Here’s a guide to what to know about betting on the upcoming Los Angeles Rams vs Cincinnati Bengals game. 

A Quick Overview of the Super Bowl 2022

Before we dive into the betting information, let’s take a minute to talk about some fast facts regarding the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl 2022 is set to take place on Sunday, February 13th with the kickoff scheduled for 6:30 pm EST. 

This year’s SuperBowl will be held in SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. It’s the first time that the arena will be hosting the Super Bowl. This year’s game will have Mickey Guyton, a famous country music singer, opening the event with the national anthem. 

The halftime show this year has fans excited with Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige set to perform live at the event.  

If you want to score a ticket to this incredible event, you’ll find that the average retail price of a ticket is about $8,500 while the cheapest ticket is selling for nearly $4,500. Ticket prices are especially high because the bowl is being held in California and a local team will be playing in the game. 

For anyone who’s not lucky enough to get a ticket to the Super Bowl, don’t worry! You can still watch the game from NBC Sports, Yahoo Sports, the NFL app, Peacock, and  

Covid-19 Considerations

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the NFL will be handling the game a little bit differently than it has in the past. However, unlike last year’s game, the SoFi Stadium will be operating at full capacity. 

That means that a total of around 70,000 fans will be in attendance at the game. In order to get into the event, they’ll need to show either a negative covid test or proof of vaccination as well as wear masks during the game. 

Aside from the covid considerations for guests, the NFL has been taking care of its players, too. Players must get a covid test if they are exhibiting symptoms, regardless of whether or not they are vaccinated. 

Thankfully there have been few cases of players testing positive over the past few weeks, despite the huge omicron surge during December. As of right now, nearly all NFL players are vaccinated, helping reduce the risk of covid-19 during the Super Bowl. 

Bengals vs Rams: What to Know

With all the general information on the Super Bowl 2022 out of the way, it’s time to get down to the fun stuff. The Los Angeles Rams will be playing against the Cinncinati Bengals and boy is there a lot to know. 

Let’s take a look at some of the information you need to know about this unique matchup. 

Bengals History in the Super Bowl 

The Bengals have made it to the Super Bowl twice in the past, but both times lost to the 49ers. Their first time in the Super Bowl was in 1982 where they lost 26-21 and the second was in 1989 where they lost 20-16. 

Rams History in the Super Bowl 

This will be the Rams’ fifth time in the Super Bowl, although they’ve only won the coveted title once. They won in 2000 against the Titans with a score of 23-16.

Their losses consisted of a loss 31-19 against the Steelers in 1980, a loss of 20-17 to the Patriots in 2002, and most recently a loss of 13-3 against the Patriots in 2019. 

How the Bengals and Rams Made it to the Super Bowl

Despite the fact that both these teams have been in the Super Bowl before, this year’s lineup came as a bit of a surprise to some people. However, both teams had some great seasons which is how they made it to the game. 

The Bengals won the AFC North, which they hadn’t done since 2015 as well as the No. 4 seed during the AFC Playoffs. They had a regular season of 10-7 and then went on to beat the Raiders 26-19, the Titans 19-16, and the chiefs 27-24. Those wins brought them to the Super Bow. 

Like the Bengals, the Rams were also the No. 4 seed in their NFC playoffs. They had a 12-5 regular season, but went on to beat the Cardinals 34-11, the Buccaneers 30-27, and the 49ers 20-17, which brought them to the Super Bowl.

The Bengals vs Rams Match Up

With the details out of the way, it’s time to take a closer look at the Bengals vs Rams match-up. These two coaches are fairly familiar with one another since both have played in each others’ home territory at one point or another. 

The Rams’ pass rush against the offensive line of the Bengals could mean a key mismatch. LA had 5- sacks during their regular season, which put them in third in the NFL. In contrast, the Bengals had 55 sacks, which was the league’s third-worst. 

Another important fact to note about the game is that both teams’ offensive lines are missing key players. Tyler Higbee of the Rams suffered a sprain during the championship game in the NFC and is still unconfirmed for the Super Bowl. Before his injury, he was averaging five targets in every game he played. 

The Bengals’ offensive line also took a hit when CJ Uzomah suffered a sprain during the championship game for the AFC. He’s currently unconfirmed for the Super Bowl, although is hoping to be able to play in the game. He caught 13 passes for 135 yards and also scored a touchdown during the playoffs. 

As of right now, the odds are looking pretty tight for this game. Right now the Rams are the crowd favorite with the Bengals sitting in the underdog position. 

The Rams are at 4.5 favorites. And, the over/under total is currently sitting at 48.5 points. With the game right around the corner, there’s not much chance of these odds changing before the big day. 

Cloudbet Super Bowl Lines

How to Read the Super Bowl Betting Odds Board

In order to cast the best Super Bowl bets this year, you’ll need to know how to read the odds board. And, while it can seem pretty complicated at first glance, it’s actually pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it. 

So, are you ready to bust out your sports betting calculator and rake in the winnings? Let’s check out the best NFL sportsbooks and how to read the Super Bowl odds board so you can place the most educated bets. 

Super Bowl Betting Online

Below is the list of some of the most trusted sportsbooks, that will run special promotions for this event with very good odds:

The Odds

To start off understanding how to bet on the Super Bowl, you need to get the hang of the odds in general. A sportsbook’s odds indicate how likely a certain outcome will happen during the Super Bowl. 

Plus and Minus

If you take a look at the odds, you’ll notice that each team has a plus or a minus sign next to it. These signs provide important information about each team’s odds. 

The minus sign indicates the match’s favorite. A larger number next to the minus sign means that a team is more likely to win the game. 

The plus sign indicates the match’s underdog. A larger number next to the plus sign means that it is less likely that the team will win the game. 


Next, let’s talk about the Moneyline. The Moneyline is determined by which team you think will win outright. Odds boards establish the odds using a figure of $100, although you can place bets that are much higher than that. 

If you bet on the underdog on the Moneyline, you’ll win your bet back plus the amount of money indicated next to the plus sign if the underdog wins the Super Bowl. 

If you bet on the favorite, then the number next to the minus sign indicates how much money you’ll need to bet in order to win $100. You’ll win your cashback plus the additional $100 if the favorite wins the match. 


Another key term to know about in betting is the push. A push happens when the final score of the Super Bowl ends in a tie. 

When a push happens, you get your bet refunded. Since the playoffs have to choose a winner, you won’t get a push on any Moneyline bet. However, it can occur on a total bet or a spread bet as long as the total or spread is set at a whole number.

Don’t count on a push at the Super Bowl 2022, however. While pushes sometimes happen in regular games, neither the Súper Bowl nor the playoffs can end in a tie. Instead, the game will go into overtime until someone can break the tie.

The Spread

The most popular type of football bet is spread betting. A point spread often called a spread for short, is a set of numbers that oddsmakers set to help even out the playing field in a given match.

The oddsmakers choose a favorite and an underdog and assign point values to each team. The point values are determined by how many points the oddsmakers believe the favorite will win by. 

Let’s say that the Bengals are currently favored by four points against the Rams. In this case, if you bet on the Bengals to cover, you’ll win if they score four points or more than the opposition. 

If you bet on the Rams, you’ll win the bet if they lose by fewer points than the rams or if they win the game. 


In each matchup, oddsmakers will predict a combined final score of a game. You can make bets based on whether you think the game’s final score will be over or under the amount set in the sportsbook. 

For example, if you believe that the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals will finish with a score over the sportsbook total of 49, then you’ll place an over bet. 

On the other hand, if you believe that the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals will wind up with a total score less than 49, you would place an under bet. 

Futures Bet

Futures bets refer to bets on the outcome of an event that takes place in the future. For example, you could make a futures bet on which team will win the Super Bowl. 

Futures bets are great because you can make them long before the season starts. As soon as the football season is underway, you’ll start noticing each team’s Super Bowl odds popping up. 

Since you make these bets earlier in the season, they tend to have higher payouts. By creating and following a careful sports betting model you can wind up with pretty good chances of taking home a payout. 

Prop Bets

Prop bet stands for proposition bet and is a type of bet placed on the odds of a specific event happening in a game. In the Super Bowl, you can make prop bets such as wagering on which team will make it to 20 points first or which will score the first touchdown. 

Prop bets are some of the most fun bets for you to make since there’s such a wide range of opportunities out there. And, if you’ve done the research, they can be some of the best bets to make for earning good money. 


The next bet we need to talk about is a parlay bet. Parlay bets are made by combining two or more bets into a single bet. 

There are a few different ways for you to do this, including stringing together multiple over/under, spread, or money line bets on the same ticket. Just know that you’ll have to hit both bets on the parlay in order to win. 

Since you have to hit both the bets, parlay bets are not for the beginner. They take a lot of skill thanks to their higher difficulty, but they also come with large payouts. 

Tips for the Best Super Bowl Betting Strategy

If you’re ready to get started casting your Super Bowl bets, it helps to have a good strategy in place. Building a strategy helps you make informed decisions about which bets to place and which will have the highest returns.

So, are you planning to win big on the Super Bowl this year? Then let’s take a look at a few tips for developing the best Super Bowl betting strategy. 

Bet early

NFL is one of the sharpest markets and the spreads just before the kick-off will be extremely sharp. Professional gamblers and sharp NFL handicappers will stay away from the last hour’s bets and will look to beat the closing line.

Bet on the value

The most important concept of winning in sports betting is identifying the value and not trying to hit the winner of the game. In other words, try to guess the fair spread and fair totals for this game. If you think that Bengals should be an underdog of only +1 point, then your value bet is Bengals +4.5, because you get more than you expect. Our simplified NFL betting model projected the spreads like this:

  • Bengals +3.5
  • Rams -3.5

If the predictive model is correct, then we have a small value on Cincinnati Begals plus 4.5 point spread. To learn how to analyze games with numbers check our free betting course.

Bet on the Quarterback

Regardless of whether you’re looking at varsity, College Football, or the NFL, quarterbacks always get the most favoritism.

And, that favoritism doesn’t change regardless of how many catches, total TDs, two-point conversions, or yards receiving a person has. In general, you can pretty much count on the MVP award to go to a quarterback. 

For example, eight of the last eleven MVPs were quarterbacks. The three MVPs that managed to make it into the spotlight proved to be the exception rather than the rule. 

It’s important to keep in mind that even though there’s a quarterback bias in the NFL betting world, they’re often the player that makes the difference between a win and a loss. Usually, when an underdog takes home the trophy at the Super Bowl it’s thanks to their quarterback. 

However, if you think that the outcome of the game this year will be a close one, you might want to consider betting on the quarterback. It’s a safe place to put your money to ensure you bring home some cold hard cash. 

Keep an Eye on the Underdog

If you take a look at the past eleven SuperBowls, you’ll notice a trend. Six of the underdogs managed to take home Lombardi Trophies, despite what fans predicted. 

Even if you think that the best chance at making money would be to bet on the SuperBowl fan favorites, you might find that you’ll have better chances of beating the sports betting algorithm if you 

Underdogs Against the Spread

Another important tip for betting on the Super Bowl is to think about the underdogs. In the NFL, underdogs hold your own, having gone 6-5 in the last ten years against the spread. 

While that might not sound like great odds, that’s actually a good sign for betters. If you’re a huge fan of this year’s underdog, you shouldn’t immediately toss out the idea of betting on them. 

Go ahead and sign up for a sportsbook for an underdog. You might find that your favorite comes out on top, even if his odds aren’t looking that great upfront. 

Favorites Against The Spread

Now that we’ve talked about the underdogs, it’s time to focus on the favorites for a minute. Historically favored teams have come out with mixed results in terms of covering the spread at the Super Bowl. 

For the past eleven years, favorites have gone 5-11 against the spread. The only teams that actually covered were New England vs LA and Atlanta, Green Bay, and Kansas City vs San Francisco. 

Since the NFL’s best defense is usually involved in the Super Bowl, that might not make the odds of the favorite ATS such a great choice. In that case, we recommend avoiding these types of bets on this year’s game. 

Consider the First TD Scorer

Another great bet to place is on the first touchdown scorer. Most of the time the first touchdown is scored by a wide receiver. 

However, teams with a strong run game may have better odds of scoring the first touchdown. Checking out which players are likely to score the first touchdown in this year’s game can give you a huge edge on your betting game. 

Lately, there has been a wide variety of positions scoring the first touchdown. Over the past 11 years, the first touchdowns have been scored as followed:

  • Wide receivers: 5
  • Running back: 3
  • Tight end: 1
  • Quarterback: 1
  • Defensive tackle: 1

As you can see, wide receivers still score the majority of first touchdowns. That can make it a solid and safe wager, especially if you’re just learning how to bet

Don’t Forget About Super Bowl Prop Bets

Mybookie coin toss prop bet

If you’re wanting some fun, widespread betting options, then you’ve got to consider prop bets. There are some fantastic betting options for anyone wanting to take this route during Super Bowl week. 

When looking into prop bets for the Super Bowl, it’s important to consider how the public influences the pricing of the odds. Most people want pick-sixes and touchdowns, but that’s not always what’s going to happen during the game itself. 

Make sure to do your research before placing your prop bets, as these rely heavily on trends and statistics. You’ll have at least a couple of weeks to make sure you’re getting the best possible welcome offers and odds in the US. 

Our final note on prop bets during the Super Bowl is to consider how realistic the bets are. There could be value in placing over/under bets if you think that a defense could make a quick shutdown on the opposing offense. 

Super Bowl Sportsbook Bonuses and Promotions

Don’t forget about sportsbook bonuses and special promotions, which will be available only for Super Bowl Betting. Almost every bookie will have an exclusive deal and sports bettors can get free bets, free spins boosted odds, or more.

Super Bowl Betting Made Simple

This year’s game has some pretty interesting odds, which is what makes Super Bowl betting in 2022 such a great choice. And, with this helpful guide, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to know to come out a winner this year. 

And, with a little practice and a little luck, you’ll find yourself taking home some major winnings at this year’s big game.

If you’re looking for more helpful tips and tricks on sports betting, we’re here for you. Get in touch with Underdog Chance to learn how you can sign up for a platform that teaches you all the tips and tricks you need to know to bet. 

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