As a sports bettor, I found my calling when I developed an MLB betting model of my own. Through hard work and dedication, baseball has brought me financial success. During the season, this was the most important thing in my life.

From the start, I didn’t even take a day off! I was betting on baseball every single day. Mostly on betting exchanges.

15 years ago, that was my reality, I would wake up late, grab a bite to eat, and spend the day analyzing MLB games.

Then, come 7 PM…

I would start my marathon of watching baseball games and because I live in European Time Zone, that could last until the early hours of the morning.

My addiction to watching games and constantly checking results took a toll on my sleep and overall quality of life.

Sound familiar?

We always think that we will get some insights by watching games, but the energy and time you invest in watching games compared to what you get in return is not worth it.

We all think that we will get some insights from watching games, but the whole concept of analyzing bets is very simple…

  • collect the data,
  • analyze it with your well-defined method,
  • get your final analysis and numbers (% and odds),
  • compare with bookmakers’ odds,
  • find +EV bets,
  • bet small % of your bankroll,
  • – track performance,
  • adjust and improve,
  • hope for some luck and repeat.

Watching games is just trying to collect the data with your own eyes. Nothing else!

Sure, sometimes I made better bets because of watching. Sure, sometimes, you can see the details other bettors can not see.


Let’s face it,

this method is both ineffective and time-consuming.

Our eyes simply can’t keep up with all the action on the field, leaving valuable information and insights overlooked.

So one day, after I watched games all night and I lost a lot of money

I said: “It’s enough!”

I asked myself…

“Why do I bet on sports?


Is it because – sports gambling is fun?

Do I want to hit some bets and brag about some picks on social media or with friends?


I bet because

(and this is the only true reason)

because I want to have a better life, because I want to have a good life.

And of course…

because I love numbers, sports, math, and the challenges that sports betting brings.

The answer was always very simple


But sometimes, if we don’t stop for a moment it’s hard to acknowledge why we are doing something.

That day I stopped watching games.

That decision marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

I prioritized my health…

and well-being by getting more sleep and taking control of my time.

I realized that watching games for hours on end was fruitless as there was no guarantee of the outcome.

Instead, I focused this extra time on podcasts, books, seminars, and online courses and improving myself.

Life changed quickly…

Not only that well-being increased dramatically, I also became a much better sports bettor.

My results skyrocketed to impressive new heights.

Soon… I saw that many sports bettors make the same mistakes again and again.

That’s why I wanted to help people who bet on sports. Because I was in the same position at some point in my life.

I didn’t want to throw out just picks…

I was sick of touts and sports handicappers on social media, who never really want to change other people’s lives. It’s always about one win here or there. But never about transformation and how to improve life with the help of sports betting.

Sports picks never helped anyone in the long run. If you read this, don’t let the same mistakes I made hold you back from success in sports betting.

That’s why I created an online course to guide you every step of the way.

My personal experience has taught me what works and what doesn’t, and I’m here to share that knowledge with you.

Your life and well-being are worth more than late nights and lost sleep.

Imagine you stop wasting time watching games

and spend that extra time on math and financial education.

I guarantee you will leave this world happier,


and a better sports bettor…

with more profits on your bets.

Taking this step was the key to gaining a better perspective on my life and becoming an expert sports bettor, which later helped me to financial success.

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