Hey there, NFL enthusiasts! Week 4 is upon us and the action is heating up. Looking to place a smart bet on the Steelers vs Texans showdown? We’ve got the numbers broken down just for you. Let’s jump in!

1. The Stage is Set

  • Date & Time: Catch the action on Sunday, October 1, 2023, 1:00 PM EDT
  • Venue: The roaring NRG Stadium, with a max capacity of 72,220 spectators.

Pittsburgh Steelers:

  • Sportsbook Spread: -3
  • Over/Under: 41
  • Season So Far: Quite formidable at 2-1

Houston Texans:

  • Sportsbook Spread: +3
  • How They Stand: A slightly rocky start at 1-2

2. Offensive Overview

Who’s been racking up those points and how?

Pittsburgh Steelers:

  • Points Made: 18.67 on average
  • Yards per Play: 4.8
  • Net Yards for Each Throw: 5.6
  • Rushing Yards on Average: A slightly lower 3.2
  • Passing Touchdowns: 4 to their name
  • Ground Touchdowns: Yet to hit the mark this season
  • Turnovers: 4 slips so far

Houston Texans:

  • Points Average: A bit ahead at 22
  • Yards Every Play: 4.9
  • Net Yards When Passing: 6.2
  • Rushing Yards: 2.8
  • TDs in the Air: Another 4 here
  • On-the-Ground TDs: 1 touchdown
  • Turnovers: Only 2 mistakes

3. Defensive Breakdown

Every point saved is a point earned!

Pittsburgh Steelers:

  • Points Conceded: 23.33
  • Opponent Yards per Play: 5.4
  • Net Yards Allowed per Throw: 5.6
  • Yards Given on Ground: 5.2
  • Touchdowns Allowed Through Air: 5
  • Rushing TDs Given: 2
  • Takeaways: An impressive 8!

Houston Texans:

  • Points Let Through: 24.33, slightly more than their rivals
  • Opponent Yards Each Play: 5.6
  • Net Yards Allowed Each Pass: 6.6
  • Opponent Rushing Yards: 4.3
  • Air TDs Conceded: Only 2
  • Ground TDs Conceded: A higher 7
  • Total Takeaways: 4 in the bag

4. NFL Betting Model Forecasts

Where do the numbers predict the scoreboard will land?

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Expected to score around 18.81
  • Houston Texans: Predicted to gather about 14.79

Spread Predictions:

  • Steelers: -4.02
  • Texans: 4.02

Total Points (Over/Under) Prediction: Around 33.60, hinting at a defensive battle!

5. Top NFL Bets for the Week

For those looking for some quick insights:

  • Best Bets This Week: Lean towards Under 41 at odds of 1.93.
  • Survivor Pick: Feeling a Steelers win.

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