Week 3 brings us a thrilling matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers going up against the Las Vegas Raiders. Both teams are at 1-1, making this game a potential tiebreaker. Let’s dive into our AI-backed insights to see where the value lies in this clash!

1. Game Basics

  • Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Las Vegas Raiders
  • Date & Time: Sunday, September 24, 2023, 8:20 PM EDT
  • Venue: The iconic Allegiant Stadium, with a roaring capacity of 65,000 fans.

2. How the Teams Stack Up

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Coming in with an even 1-1 record and a sportsbook spread of 2.5.
  • Las Vegas Raiders: Equally balanced at 1-1 with a spread favoring them at -2.5.
  • Game’s Total Points: Bettors are looking at a total of 43 points for this matchup.

3. AI’s Score Predictions

Pittsburgh Steelers:

  • Expected to put up approximately 21.86 points.

Las Vegas Raiders:

  • Slightly ahead with a predicted score of 23.26 points.

4. Spread Predictions & Insights

Pittsburgh Steelers:

  • The AI adjusted the spread to a narrow 1.39, signaling a potentially close game.

Las Vegas Raiders:

  • The Raiders get a minimal advantage with a spread of -1.39.

5. Over or Under?

The combined AI predicted score is 45.12, suggesting the game could go “over” the established 43-point total.

6. Top NFL Bets for the Game

  • NFL Pick: The Steelers show small value as underdogs. Betting on them to cover the spread could be a wise choice.
  • Survivor Pick for Week 3: The Raiders are predicted to pull off a win, but it’s expected to be a close call.

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