Bet Like a Pro Even if You are a Complete Beginner

Stop relying on other people’s picks and learn what it really takes to Win at Sports Betting


What is a Sports Betting Masterclass?

A comprehensive online betting course + sports betting models training with downloadable templates for those who want to become long-term winners by making their own bets without following sports picks or paying handicappers anymore.

Finally, a Sports Betting Course that shows you exactly:

  • How to build a profitable sports betting model

    Even if… you’ve struggled with statistics and betting numbers in the past.

  • How to find mispriced opportunities and bet on value

    Even if… you’re new to Sports Betting

  • How to turn sports betting into an investment opportunity

    Even if… you’re overwhelmed with no idea where to start

  • Step by Step with downloadable templates

    Even if… you’ve thought to yourself “sports betting doesn’t work for me”. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Download spreadsheets and our private betting models, that we use for betting on a daily basis.

Does this sound familiar?

  • “I bet for many years, I tried betting on my own, I have followed so-called betting experts, but without success”
  • “I understand the basics of sports betting, but I have no idea how to bet on the value”
  • “I don’t know how to calculate my own odds. I tried everything. Now I want to learn how to build my own betting model.”
  • “I am sick of paying for sports picks.”
  • “I have no idea how to turn sports betting into an investment opportunity and finally benefit from it”
  • “I understand the importance of numbers in betting, but I have no idea where to start. Algorithms, statistics, and models are too complex for me.”
  • “I love sports. I love betting, but I constantly struggle with money, with gambling… I have no idea how to turn things around.”

I get it. You’re not alone.

This is exactly the same pain many sports bettors face all around the World, and I decided to change sports bettors’ lives.

And yes, there is a solution.

The sole purpose of everything we do is to help you get from where you are now, to becoming a long-term winner (without having to pay for expensive services, sports picks or following handicappers anymore).

Why do most sports bettors lose all the time?

Dear Sports Bettor,

Tired of losing all the time?

Tired of following other people’s sports picks?

I notice something pretty frustrating every time when I talk to my friends who bet on sports.

Most of them love sports and most of them know how to place a bet but only a few understand what are betting odds, what is the probability, or even how to turn winning percentages into the odds.

Most of them are looking for sports picks from some sports handicapper, who could make them rich quickly. But only a few understand that nobody can make you rich, except you.

Most of them think that the only thing they need is so-called winning picks, but only a few understand, that following sports picks in dynamic sports betting World, where odds change every minute, is almost not possible.

After all, most of them can not identify who is a true winning sports bettor… and no, win-loss betting record or profit alone is not enough for identification of a profitable bettor.

Most sports handicapper’s results are just the product of survivorship bias, which means, they won by luck, not by skill and it is only a matter of time before their results will regress to the mean.

Sports picks are not enough

Placing a wager and selecting a good bet is just a small piece of the whole story and successful sports betting is a combination of many smaller important steps.

Most of them think that they will make money if they will know who will win the game, but only a few understand that most important ting is finding +ev bets and in the end, beating the closing line, if you want to be a long-term winner.

Watching games is not enough…

Most gamblers are still naive and think, that they will beat bookmakers just by reading the news, watching games, and because they love sports.

But only a few understand, that on the other side we have bookmakers, who are better and better every year, who use complex betting algorithms to stay at the top.

Sports betting has changed over the years and using statistics is crucial if you want to even start thinking to beat them.

Sports bettors who never win at sports betting usually act very emotionally when they lose and win. They usually jump from site to site, from sports handicapper to another tout with the hope, that they will find someone, who will make them rich.

Unfortunately, their attempts aren’t successful, and I hate to see the look on their faces when they realize that sports betting is not working.

The sports betting and gambling market is bigger and bigger every year. It is a couple of billion USD market. Gambling generates more revenue than movies, spectator sports, theme parks, cruise ships, and recorded music combined.

Millions of people bet every day and between 95% to 97% of all people lose.

Many of them bet for years without success and most of them will finish their betting career with a negative balance. But…

It’s not even their fault!

The first problem is that most sports gamblers are heavily affected by today’s marketing, the hype, and social media.

They are looking for so-called winning sports picks and their brains are targeted daily from success stories. But what we miss here is that many of the results are the product of luck and all other negative results (or losing streaks) are simply ignored.

With this, our brains create a completely false picture about everything and we start focusing on completely wrong things.

It is a problem not only in the sports betting world, but it is a general problem in modern society.

They spent months searching for someone who will make profitable bets for them and did their best to understand sports betting, but there is so much bad information on the internet and it is hard to find what is true.

They may even have spent thousands of dollars on betting tips subscriptions.

All of this will usually lead to big disappointment, no matter if they find a winning sports handicapper. It is a general problem in the sports betting world and almost impossible to follow other bettor’s bets.

I spent years wondering why most people are so naive when it comes to sports betting. Why they have created the wrong illusion and why do they think that following other people’s work without any of their own efforts will bring them positive results.

And I finally found the answer.

THE PROBLEM = Wrong focus!

I was talking to my friend, who is a fitness trainer and I asked him, how to get 6-pack abs.

Most people believe, that if they will go to the gym, and train hard, they will easily lose weight, and get 6-pack abs.

But of course, this is not true.

I always remember his words, that the training is only 30% of the whole story and that the most important thing is what you eat. 70% of everything is food.

The problem with people, who go to the gym, but still don’t get good results was the wrong focus because they didn’t pay attention to the whole picture and what is most important. And this was the food.

In general more and more people understand this now. Success is always multidimensional.

Poor sports betting basics

Unfortunately, in sports betting most people still focus on “that 30%” (sports picks).

They will focus on finding one messiah and his magical sports betting picks through betting forums, portals, betting services, twitter,…

Some of them will focus on researching games without analytics, reading news, and watching games at night… but of course, in most cases and especially in the long run, this is not working.

Most touts on the internet don’t have the edge anyway and they show only short-term results and build marketing on that. A lot of naive people will jump on this.

But the first problem from sports bettors who constantly lose is almost always – WRONG FOCUS.

Placing successful wagers is the last phase you do.

Learn first, bet later…

There are a lot of other things to learn before you place your wager. There are many other things that are important to understand in order to have a chance to win at sports betting.

Betting without a strategy, constantly following other people’s picks in dynamic sports betting world, where the odds are changing every minute, and betting without any statistics at all, will lead to disappointment.

If you lose all the time, it’s probably because you had the wrong focus at the start. You are focusing on that “30%” but missing the other “70%”.


Want to hear my story and how I ended up here today?

Hi, I’m Marjan, they call me MB.

Before I explain the most important skill that you can develop (that will give you a chance to win at sports betting on your own)…

I wanted to take a minute to tell you about part of my journey and….


So make sure you read this until the end because what I’m about to reveal WILL change your betting experience forever.

Not only that will change your betting experience forever, but it will also give you a true chance to make money in sports betting.

For over 20 YEARS, since 1998, I’ve been betting, and later I was connected with sports bettors all over the World.

I’ve been helping people JUST LIKE YOU for the last couple of years.

People who decided to take the next step in sports betting.

People who need the knowledge, who need a betting method that will work for them.

People who need that extra push and motivation. The spark.

A Sports Bettor For More Than 20 Years

I started betting in 1998 when I was 18 years old. I made some bets even before that in local betting shops.

The lady, who worked in a local betting shop didn’t care how old are you. She took the money, gave you the ticket and that’s it.

I started like most bettors. I bet for fun and I was losing money at that time.

Later I went to college and I was lucky there, because I gained basic knowledge about math and statistics basically for free, which helped me later when I started building sports betting models.

Outsmart bookies

Back then the sportsbooks were still not as flexible and smart as they are now.

I made a lot of money just by checking my local bookmaker’s odds with some big sharp betting sites.

When Pinnacle dropped the odds and my local bookmaker didn’t move the line, I simply knew that this was a good bet. This simple betting advice is still sold over the internet to thousands of gamblers, from many betting services.


When bookmakers realized, that I am winning they started to block my bets.

They were smarter and smarter every year and at some point, it was time to move on.

Betting online

I started betting online and I made every single mistake that any sports bettor can make. I also lost money a couple of times, but I was always learning and never back down.

Later I was sharing my best bets and free sports picks, and was even invited to work for some betting portals, and secret betting groups,… I even worked as a sports betting consultant for a short time.

And believe me, selling sports picks is a huge business. There will always be someone who will buy your picks, you just need to wait for a good run. People usually act emotionally and selling betting tips becomes a very profitable business in this world.

Selling sports picks is not my way

I found that selling sports picks is the wrong way for me and the business model of selling betting picks is an imperfect model, that will not help you either.

Most of my friends who wanted to profit from sports betting started looking for so-called “expert sports picks” from other handicappers.

Non-following mentality

While they were following other people’s sports picks, I was learning about successful betting strategies, betting in general, and thinking about how to create a sports betting model, which will give me winning percentages and quality betting predictions.

When most sports handicappers look at how to sell their sports picks, I started to focus on how could I help myself and other people, so they can better understand sports betting and start making better betting predictions on their own without paying monthly subscriptions.

I was also thinking about how to generate more income and how to build an online business in the sports betting world.

But of course, back then there was not much information about successful sports betting.

And even now, what you see in most cases are just picks on the internet.

The question was simple: “How can I turn losing sports bettors who have no idea what they are doing, into successful sports bettors?”

Once and forever.

Then I saw that quote, which is still one of my favorite quotes…

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Then I decided to create something I wish existed back then when I started betting.

The idea of a betting course was born

Before I started with this site, I was thinking for almost one year about how to help sports bettors. And I mean, how to help them for real, so they can win in the long run.

Not one game.

Not one month.

Not one season.

But for a lifetime.

Anyone can have a good season, which can be pure luck. But how to gain the level of knowledge, experiences, formulas, methods, and even a mindset that will change bettors’ minds, so they transform from being a follower into successful sports bettors.

Turning a prey into a predator.

I am in this business since 1998 and I worked as a betting advisor for a short period of time.

And I realized, that in most cases bettors can not make the same profit as us.

Not only when they followed me, but also when they followed my friends, that were sharing profitable sports picks. And believe me, there were a couple of good sports handicappers back then.

There was one very good tennis tipster back then and he was constantly reaching a yield of around 9-10% we were working for the same betting service and one of our subscribers sent me an email.

He said something like this:

“No matter how quick I am with my bets and no matter if I bet on different bookmakers, I can not get the same odds on your baseball picks and I can not get the same odds on his tennis picks. If you have a very good season, I make just a small profit if I take into account the subscription. But if you have an average season, it is almost not possible to have green numbers.”

Sports picks are like a fish

I knew that sports picks are like fish.

You give them fish, you feed them for one day, but in the end, they still don’t know how to bet, when to bet, how to find the value, what to do with the money, and many other things, that are important.

It is only a matter of time before followers start losing.

People who are constantly looking for picks usually don’t have the knowledge, the right mindset, the right strategy, and money to follow any betting tips in the first place.

I knew that the whole thing is much more complex and I wanted to create something, that will help bettors to make the complete transformation from losing followers to handicappers, that will really win in the sports betting market.

I shared thousands of bets with positive results…

You may know me from my blog, youtube channel, Twitter,… or website Underdogchance, where I shared thousand of my best bets with profitable results in the last few years…

…or you know me because of my unique betting models and different views about sports betting.

Or have you heard about the sports betting models, that I have created for myself or for our students. Most famous are probably my baseball and basketball sports betting models.

I helped thousands of bettors with numbers and algorithms.

As you’ll see in a minute, I have created different betting systems (sports betting models) with profitable results and this is what changed my life.

But you might be surprised to hear that, before I figured out how to finally benefit from sports betting, I struggled many many times in my betting career.

My First Years Were a Disaster

I made my first bet when I was 18 years old. Maybe even younger at a local sportsbook playing anonymous parlay tickets. Don’t remember really, but I know it was in the last year of high school.

And like most people, I was betting on parlays and tried to hit the winner of the game.

I didn’t have much money, we weren’t rich and my father wouldn’t be happy if he would know that I bet the money he gave me for snacks.

But I and my friends were passionate about sports, and we started to watch games more carefully.

All with the hope that we will hit more parlay bets and win some money. But the way of betting we use, didn’t work.

You know the kind of stuff I’m talking about:

  • Reading sports news.
  • Watching games.
  • Following player’s injuries.
  • Different parlay combinations

Nothing worked.

Soon I moved to college, where I studied Water Science and Engineering. I was never really bad at math and statistics. After all, my father was a professor of mathematics and physics and he always forced me and my sister to learn math. Even on holidays.

…but in college, this was the first time I came across statistical analysis, spreadsheets, and a better understanding of probability.

I quickly realized the old way of betting is not going to work.

I started thinking How could I win at sports betting strategically with the numbers?

Bet on numbers, not on teams

I knew bookmakers win because of the advantage they have in numbers – margins or a juice.

I also knew that most bettors don’t have a clue about probabilities and they just try to pick winners, as I did at the start of my betting journey.

I found that the holy grail of profitable betting is basically discovering mispriced opportunities on the market or if you like betting on the value. Not picking winners.

And I discovered something surprising…

Then — BOOM! — I Discovered How to Bet based on Numbers

I found that:

There are different ways how to beat bookies. But all are based on numbers.

I could compare sharp bookmakers and their odds and how they move and then I bet on the games where my local (or soft) bookmakers didn’t move the odds.

I even took arbitrage opportunities and sportsbook bonuses, when there was a chance.

But the real game changer was when I started to build my own sports betting models.

Because the concept of successful betting is always the same:

  • Bet on Red Sox at the odds of 2.00 (US odds +100), when the fair probability is 65% for example.
  • Or bet on the Lakers +7, when the fair line is +3.

In a very simple explanation – It’s always about betting on the odds, where your predicted probability is higher than the probability from bookmakers.

This is how I made some really nice betting profits in my student days.

Most other people were trying to guess the winners and they never had success in betting. Some of them bet for years and lost huge amounts of money. Instead, I’ve discovered that there are certain concepts based on the probabilities that actually make sense and get results.

So I decided to work even harder on my predictive sports models and started betting against big boys on betting exchanges and big bookmakers, where the stakes were much higher.


Here’s What Happened Next:

I researched betting markets, and different sports and started building my own unique sports betting models in excel, where I could get the odds even before bookmakers open their lines.

Because of statistics and the number of games, my favorite market was baseball betting. I still bet on other sports, but MLB baseball was always my main sport to bet on.

In 2015 I saw a huge rise of sports handicappers, touts, social media, betting forums, sports picks, and many losing gamblers.

When I looked around it was all about selling sports picks.

Touts were everywhere.

But there was no one, who could explain to poor gamblers how sports betting odds work in a simple way.

It was all about marketing and selling picks.

This is how I decided to NEVER sell any picks. Instead, I focused on how to help sports bettors to become independent successful sports bettors.

Sports Handicappers create followers. We create Sports Handicappers.

When I started the Underdogchance project, I knew that I was entering one of the most brutally competitive industries on the planet (online sports betting).

(Think about it: I’m literally going toe-to-toe with marketing experts who know to sell – picks. And picks are a big desire from bettors)

I was thinking for about 6 months about how could I really help sports bettors, so they have a chance to become long-term winners in sports betting.

I was following the sports betting world closely and I already knew that following sports picks, guessing winners, and betting parlays wouldn’t work.

But how to show this important message in this ruthlessly betting industry, where marketing is everything?

I didn’t know the answer back then, but I said to myself…

I just need to show them that there is another way.

I decided to show my betting knowledge and picks first and then I will figure out later how to change sports bettors’ lives. All my sports picks were always 100% free.

I even registered to some betting portals to show the results before I started teaching my way of betting.

Some of my mentioned results

That’s When I Asked Myself: “Could My Betting System Work for Other People Too?”

And I knew that if my sports betting models could work for me, they could work for anyone.

It worked GREAT!

And thanks to the proven betting systems, midset, algorithms, betting models, and spreadsheets I developed, I helped hundreds of bettors all over the World.

I have benefited from sports betting in my life. Even if I stop betting now, I can say – it was worth it.

I had good betting results even before I started with this site. When I was younger I bought my first car with betting money. I remember I was waiting for Cincinnati Reds and they won that game.

I continued with good results after I started showing publicly my sports picks. I even created different betting models for the sports that I never bet like College Basketball or EURO 2020 soccer/football, but still tested and analyzed against pinnacle odds.

Results based on 1008 analyzed games and different discrepancies

But I wanted to see if my system could help other people too.

So I turned my betting approach into a Betting Masterclass. And I called it “A Journey (into the World of successful betting)”.

(The name was selected for the reasons – A Journey, because sports betting is a marathon, not a sprint and every transformation is very personal and unique. 🙂)

There will always be two types of people…

  • People who believe that it is NOT possible to win at sports betting
  • Another group thinks that betting is EASY – you just need someone who will make you rich and the only thing you need to do is to become a “good” follower.

But the truth is in the middle.

When you have the right tools, resources, and methods and combine this with hard work and improvements all the time, then sports betting can become profitable.

I will show you how to set the right strategy, how to use simple statistics, how to estimate your own winning percentages and generate odds, how to create your own sports betting model and at the end, I will show you how you can make a living from sports betting.

Please remember one important thing:

You Don’t Have To Wait Years To Make This Happen For You Anymore…

Time is the most valuable asset we have in our life.

You can always make more money, but you can never make more time.

You know exactly how much money you have right now, but you never know how much time you still have in your life.

Most people underestimate TIME!

A lot of people spend years and years learning from their own mistakes, they will give away a lot of money, but the majority of them will be very disappointed with sports betting.

Pro athletes take advice from coaches and trainers. CEO’s have mentors and advisors.

They don’t do it alone.

Why would you?

A lot of them will become even better than their mentors. And I honestly believe that many of you will become even better than me in the end.

You deserve the best help.

Help from someone, who went through hell to come to this point.

If you trust that I can help I’d like to invite you to learn how to bet properly.

I will show you how I do it.

It’s powerful.

It’s authentic.

It’s for everyone.

It will change your betting experience forever.

I made every single mistake a sports bettor can make. I lost my bankroll a couple of times and I learned from my mistakes.

Don’t do this.

You can make or lose money, but you can not buy a time.

You have one life and when you are done, you are done. Spend your time wisely! I will show you what I have learned through these years.

Believe me…

Making $1000 requires a summer job. All my betting experiences, betting spreadsheets, and formulas took me 20 years.

And here I am to give this to you on a table, so you save time, which is our most valuable asset.

Your chance to truly win at sports betting awaits you…

When you make the smart decision to sign up for A Journey Course today…
You’ll discover how to improve the most important areas in your sports betting life.

What’s The Alternative?

  • Going it alone?
  • ​Struggle for YEARS getting the SAME THING YEAR AFTER YEAR?
  • Get it “halfway” right (and lose money, time, and nerves along the way)?
  • Waste time trying to do it “your own way”?
  • Burn money on sports picks?
  • Being a follower and never learning what it really takes to win at sports betting?

Or you could make the smart decision today and join the course, which will help you think and bet like a professional sports bettor.


There’s a lot of noise out there…

  • Sports picks you’re “supposed to follow”.
  • Wasting time on handicapper…who doesn’t have the edge and is only throwing out some picks, while at the same time creating a short-term period hype, like – “Last month we are 27-13”
  • Wasting time on services…who never actually cared about the people in their programs…the only goal is to create new followers who fall into the trap of following, dopamine, wrong illusion, and building this huge betting market.
  • Betting podcasts and theorists, who never even show their results and we don’t know if they are even betting on sports. Or it is just a theory.

Or my success.

That’s part of why I vowed to help people JUST LIKE YOU.

Working with me is intense… why? Because I believe in helping people get results. Not just results in sports betting, but we must become successful in our life.

That’s why so many of my students love the program and keep in touch with me.

Those who know me, know that I am completely passionate and crazy about the whole thing. I care what students/members do, what they read, and what they learn and my obsession is to motivate them, so they learn, improve and start betting on their own.

I dig deep, always researching issues that are stopping you from succeeding… and helping members to accomplish their goals.

I’ll be there to keep you on the right path. Be ready for this.

Once you join, forget the old gambling and losing mindset.

That’s the extra value that touts, who create only followers, never do. Having someone who ACTUALLY CARES about you.

Your betting experience will change and you will go farther, faster when you join A Journey Betting Course today…
I guarantee it.

One of The Most Inspiring Career & Life Transitions…

I remember Marek when he wrote me the email for the first time.

He was a student who loved sports and betting but he was in the same position as many bettors all over the World, who want to figure it out by themselves.

Trying to pick winning teams, following picks from other handicappers, trying different strategies,… nothing worked.

Then he joined our community and transformed from a losing bettor to a winning bettor. And he didn’t stop there.

He was even hired by a bookmaker and he does now what he always wanted – sports betting.

BEFORE taking my course

  • Couldn’t make money by betting on sports
  • Follower of other handicappers, like millions all over the world
  • Lack of betting knowledge
  • No betting model, no betting strategy or system

AFTER the Masterclass Journey

  • Understands sports betting and betting World
  • Built his own unique betting model for soccer
  • Made profits and built investments
  • Love and passion for betting, numbers and industry
  • Went even further – he was hired by a bookmaker

It’s always been about transforming sports bettors’ lives…

Too many bettors are focusing on how to win a game on Sunday or how to find a sports handicapper, who will give them winning picks.

But winning in sports betting is not just one game.

It is not just one strategy.

It is a combination of many things.

Once we start focusing on transformation instead of how to follow get-rich-quick systems, only then do things start turning around.

Give a man fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Rafael, Betting Masterclass Student

Then, I invited a small group of bettors who followed my picks to join the betting masterclass and test my way of betting with numbers and betting models…

The Results Were, Well… Amazing!

Introducing A Journey into the World of Successful Betting

Since that initial launch in 2017, I’ve made dozens of updates to the course, added new videos and even created new betting models and spreadsheets.

Betting Master Class is a self-paced, lifetime access video education program that combines online learning with downloadable betting models, spreadsheets.

This Sports Betting Masterclass will guide you from “picks follower and losing bettor” to:

  • “I finally built my own sports betting models and spreadsheets.”
  • “I understand how betting odds work what it really takes to become along-term winner.”
  • “I don’t need to follow or pay for picks anymore. I have all the tools and knowledge to make my own profitable bets.”
  • “I LOVE sports betting and the numbers. This is now my extra income stream.”
  • “I see the bigger picture of betting and investing.”

Here is what is included in the Sports Betting Masterclass


These seven core modules contain in-depth video lessons, from understanding the basics to creating your betting models.


It all starts with the right Mindset

Learn How I think and what kind of mindset helped me to invest and make money in sports betting.


Understand the Betting Market

Understand the basic things about sports betting World and how market operates.


Betting Basics and Strategy

Learn the very basics about sports betting and strategy that will help you with the whole picture.


First Steps into creating a model

Learn what it takes to start creating your own betting model.


Google Sheets Basics

Start with Google Sheets basics and learn the basic functions.


Get my Betting Models

Get my favourite MLB Betting model and see how I have created other betting models either for myself or for others. Download templates, see different ideas, practice and create your own.


How I bet and how I make money in sports betting

Check how I make money and join me. Be part of our business model.


I have included every sports betting model created by my inside The Journey Betting Masterclass:

  • MLB, NBA, International Basketball, Soccer, CSGO, NFL, NHL, …
  • The models are based on 3 different betting concepts.
  • The same ideas & algorithms were successfully used by our members who built their unique models for different sports and leagues (handball, volleyball, rugby, Starcraft, League of Legends,…)

Some of the best and most profitable betting systems I have created – sample spreadheets:

#1 MLB Betting Model

+98.44 units

The Future of Betting, Esports – CSGO

+35.20 units

NBA Betting Model

+18.86 units

Simple Basketball Predictions Betting Model

+34.98 units

CBB Betting Model

+19.08 units



Access to MB’s Private Betting Models

Once you join the betting course you’ll get immediate access to all MB’s private betting models and the spreadsheets that we have created. Your journey will be much easier with already profitable and completed betting models, so you can tweak them, use them when you bet, or just them as your main templates for upgrading.


Access to Private Chat Group for members only

Join a community of like-minded sports bettors facing the same challenges as you and share betting models, spreadsheets, betting picks and achievements when you get access to the exclusive Underdogchance Pro Community!

For you today,
The Sports Betting Masterclass is only…


The Betting Masterclass 100% Moneyback Guarantee

I am confident, that watching the videos, implementing every piece of advice, and practicing spreadsheets from the course will revolutionize your mindset, your (betting) life, and your betting experience – just like it has many other people around the world. If you don’t LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back.

I’ll even eat the credit-card processing fees.

It’s simple: Join the program and try it for yourself. If the course doesn’t help improve your overall mindset, understanding of betting, and how to use betting models in spreadsheets in 30 days, I want you to email me. Show me you did the work, and I’ll give you all your money back. No questions asked.

This guarantee lasts 30 days. That means you can try the ENTIRE course THEN decide if it’s right for you.

Frequently asked questions about our Betting Masterclass

Is this picks service?

No, this is not a picks service. This is a sports betting masterclass, where you learn how to build simple models and predict your own numbers before you bet. This is a sports betting course, where the goal is becoming an independent profitable sports bettor.

What “lifetime” and “next updates free of charge” means?

Lifetime – there is no time limit to watching your videos and being in our community. Most sports betting services create short term followers, who can can not cover monthly subscriptions when taking into account the profit and dropping odds. Every professional sports bettor will tell you, that sports betting must be a long-term approach. This is why all 7-day, 1-month or even 1-season packages are ridiculous. Once you join A Journey betting course, you can watch the videos on your own pace. We also believe that some sports bettors will learn faster, some will take slow path. But the goal is that you become a long-term winning bettor.

Next Updates Free of Charge – If we improve the models in terms of new algorithms, new formulas or new functions, you get it for free. If we create new sports betting models or even if we create new educational videos, it’s also free and there is no extra charge. Once you join the course all next updates are free of charge in membership area.

How much time do I need to complete the analysis for games?

Most of the analysis are done within 15 minutes per league/sports. It also depends on the sport.

MLB, where we have 15 games every day – the complete analysis is done in 15 minutes.

Once you get the familiar it is very quick. The most time you will use by comparing your odds with projected odds.

Do models scrap data from the internet or we need to copy/paste it?

Some models are completely automatic, so you don’t need to copy/paste anything. Like MLB. The only thing you need is to check the lineups quickly and change a player if needed.

Some models need couple of copy/pastes every day. This takes no more than 60 seconds.

All models are simple and easy to follow, where bettors like you can use the numbers, tweak them and have full control over it. We also use only free stats from the internet, so you don’t need to pay extra for anything else.

MLB (Full analysis are done in 15-20 minutes) – Stats are automatically pulled from the net and it takes 15-20 minutes to complete all games analysis. The only thing you need to check are the lineups because different sites have different projected lineups and change player or two. Everything else is automatically scrapped from the web and full analysis for all games take 15-20 min per day (mostly for typing teams and your odds).

NBA spread model – Lineup based betting model. 3 copy/paste needed every day (1 min work). Estimated spreads and totals are usually finished in 5-10 minutes.

International Basketball – probably the best simple betting model made. It is perfect for small and new bettors (bankroll < $10,000). The core of the model is a simple algorithm that can be implemented for different basketball leagues and with some modifications even for other sports like handball, volleyball, rugby,... Team-based. Copy/paste needed. Approx 5-7 minutes per league to complete predicted spreads and totals. CSGO esports betting model - 6 copy/paste needed once per week. Approx 10 minutes for 10 CSGO games. Checking lineups. NHL - Player based model. Approx 15 minutes to complete ALL projections. Fully automated. No need to copy/paste anything. NFL - Team based sports betting model (the idea taken from basketball betting model). It takes 10 minutes to project the lines and 6 copy/paste needed once per week (2 minutes). CBB - It requires 1 copy/paste per day (5 seconds) and then it is very simple and quick. Soccer sports betting models - one is simple and it is very quick. 15 seconds per game. No copy paste of stats needed. Another need 6 copy/paste.

Do I need to pay for extra software, other online services or for data?

No. We analyse games with free available statistics. We also use free tool – google sheets for analysing the data and projecting the odds. This was the idea from the start – to give an average bettor the tools, numbers, statistics and formulas, that can be understood easily and then minimise extra fees.

Do I need to be math genius to follow and understand models and betting?

No. All my models are easy to understand and created with one of the most friendly tools out there – google sheets. No need for extra math knowledge. Basic knowledge is enough. There are other great programming languages like python for example, where bettors can create their own betting models, but for majority of bettors such things are too complex. This is why I wanted to give something, that anyone can use right away and will boost chances in sports betting. After all, I use this for myself and as you will see once you join, you can do a lot of great work with sheets.

Can I create my unique sports betting models for other sports?

YES. We encourage our members to create their models and try something new. In the course you’ll learn different concepts how to use numbers and how to find the value. You can use any of the ideas and build your own profitable model. Remember, we are not here to create followers, but sports bettors who learn how to bet with the numbers.

What is Private Chat Group?

With the members we have private chat group, where you can share your own work your own models, your own projections or picks. It is completely voluntarily. You can connect with other members, share ideas and models. Students build different sports betting models also for other sports, like handball, volleyball, rugby, etc… and you can connect with them and share your work, ideas and improve your spreadsheets. We are all there to help each other.

What if I am stuck?

If you are stuck and have a question that is related to the course and course videos, simply send the email and we will help you (usually within 24 hours).

Is it possible to hire you as a private coach?

Due to limited time and spots, I cannot meet with everyone one-on-one.

If you want private coaching, please send the email to

If you are chosen, you will get an email from us with payment details and some time options. Once your payment is secured, your spot on the calendar is reserved and you are in for your session one-on-one with MB!

Coaching sessions are ONE hour each. All sessions start as a single session, but can be extended to more as needed as desired and space allows. Each one hour session is $1,000.

Is it possible to buy a single betting model?

Yes. Currently you can buy MLB betting model and Football Betting Hack for Qatar 2022 World Cup (and future National Team Games). Please send me email at

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