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Welcome to my Simple Soccer (Football) Betting Hack

Hey — I’m MB, the founder of UnderdogChance and the creator of Sports Betting Course, where I teach sports bettors how to use numbers in sports betting in a very simple and effective way.

In the past 20+ years, I’ve created dozens of profitable sports betting models and their variations used by hundreds of betting students around the world, so I know a little bit about successful sports betting and how to share this knowledge with others.


You can estimate your own odds for international soccer (football) games and find +EV betting opportunities. This is exactly the same soccer betting system I used for EURO 2021 and other international competitions.

Finally, You’ll…

  • Bet With The Numbers

    Not just gut feelings, like 99% of all other bettors in the World

  • Have a Betting Spreadsheet that Can Estimate the Odds

    Comparing projected odds with bookmakers odds means finding the value

  • Have More Fun Betting on Soccer

    Most bettors are paying or following sports picks without succes, you’ll make your own bets

  • Have useful Soccer Betting System for Thousands of Games in the Future

    This soccer betting system was used for all kind of international games and help us finding value

The 3 biggest mistakes most sports bettors make

Being a part of the sports betting world for the past 20 years, I’ve learned that most mistakes boil down to the basics.

95% of all sports bettors lose in the long run, this is a fact. One of the biggest reasons is their wrong focus. Instead of focusing on how to become winning bettors, they try to follow sports picks … if you do the same you are not going to reach your full potential in terms of profits.

Far from it, in fact.

After reviewing thousands of sports bettors and their struggles, I’ve noticed that almost ALL of them are making the same 3 killing mistakes.

  • They don’t use any statistics or numbers for betting
  • They try to predict the winner instead of value
  • They constantly pay and follow sports picks

These things matter

because they are actively preventing you from truly benefiting from sports betting.

Albert Einstein once said… “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”


Do you want to try the soccer betting system that I used successfully?

All you need to do is click the button below and buy the simplest soccer betting system on the planet, which is very easy to use and will help you to bet differently than most other bettors, who just try to guess winners with their gut feelings.


Want to learn more about this soccer betting system?

Once you’ll download my spreadsheet I’ll explain in a short video how to use it.

The goal is very simple… and this is something 95% of all bettors never do, but we do…

…finding value bets, which means betting on the odds, where based on our analysis we get more than we would expect. This is when our estimated odds and probabilities are higher than bookmakers odds.

If we take the example with Denmark vs Finland, we have…

projected odds at 1.30 on Denamark. In other words, we think that if we bet $100 on Denmark we should get at least $30 of profit.

That would be fair.

But for the profit we look for bigger odds and because bookmakers offer us odds of 1.47 on Denmark this means that we get more ($47) than we would expect ($30).

Isn’t this the concept of all profits?

Exactly this concept I used in the last big conpetition:

Euro Soccer Betting Performance
Complete Soccer Betting Results – All Games from last international competition

Why should you trust me?

As I mentioned above, I’ve designed some of the world’s simple-to-use and profitable sports betting models. I’ve made thousands of bets with profitable results

And I’ve helped some of our students bring in 6 figures of additional profits in the last year alone.

I’m a deeply analytical sports betting person and after my 20+ years in online sports betting, I still have the same obsession with sports betting models and figuring out what truly works and what doesn’t in sports betting.

Sports betting has changed and watching games on TV or just love for the game is not enough. The sports betting market is smarter and smarter.

I constantly look for which changes and improvements are needed for profits, and how.

I’ve been a student of Water Science and Environmental Engenirreng, where I learned how to use spreadsheets and predictive models.

Bottom line is, that I have a deep understanding of sports betting — and I’m happy to share all of this knowledge and experience with you.


“Ok, I’m ready — how does this work?”

  1. Buy the Simplest Football Hack / Soccer Betting System Here
  2. Download Spreadsheet
  3. Watch a short video with instructions
  4. Contact us if you are interested in business cooperation (affiliate) and making even more money
  5. Enjoy betting

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!

My whole work is devoted to making a positive impact on the lives of sports bettors all over the World.

When I created my website in 2015, I saw hundreds of betting services and sports handicappers that sell picks.

I knew that this is not going to help anyone. With all the knowledge and experience I decided to help bettors to transform from…

losing bettors to winning bettors.

Some of the most amazing transformations I saw were from students of our PREMIUM SPORTS BETTING MASTERCLASS, who not only grow as sports bettors, but also as persons.

Rafael, Betting Masterclass Student

Some love from our students…

Some sports bettors decided to make a big next step and took our masterclass…

Frequently asked questions…

Am I getting soccer betting picks?

No, this is not picks service. You get my soccer betting system that I used successfuly. Nothing less. Nothing more.

I would you like to resell this soccer betting system?

In that case, you can join our affiliate program and earn a 50% commission rate.

When someone clicks your affiliate link, their browser is “cookied” for 30 days. If he buys this soccer betting system within 30 days, your affiliate is credited with the sale. After 7 days, you will be paid out for that sale.

Is there any extra fees or hidden costs?

No. This is one-time payment. You get the spreasheet and you have it for a lifetime.

I have more questions…

Feel free to send me the email at and I will respond in less than 48 hours.

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