Sharks vs Wild Prediction

Sharks vs Wild Prediction

The Sharks vs Wild prediction leans heavily towards the Wild, with a 73.29% win probability according to our NHL betting model. The analysis underscores the Wild’s defensive prowess and offensive efficiency as key factors in their expected victory. Bettors should weigh these insights carefully.


In the upcoming NHL showdown on Thursday, March 28, 2024, the San Jose Sharks are set to face off against the Minnesota Wild. This match promises to be an exciting one, with the Sharks traveling as the underdog against the favored Wild. In this detailed Sharks vs Wild prediction, we’ll dive into the game info, sportsbook odds, and conduct a thorough statistical analysis to offer a comprehensive betting guide. Our focus will ensure bettors have all the necessary information to place informed bets on this clash.

Game Info & Sportsbook Odds


  • Away Team: San Jose Sharks
  • Home Team: Minnesota Wild
  • Date: Thursday, March 28, 2024
  • Odds: San Jose Sharks at 4.04 (Decimal), +304 (US); Minnesota Wild at 1.27 (Decimal), -370 (US)

Betting Implications

Given the odds, the Minnesota Wild are heavily favored to win this matchup. However, seasoned bettors know the importance of delving deeper into the statistics before placing their bets.

Statistical Analysis


High Danger Chances per 60 Minutes (HDCF/60)

The San Jose Sharks rank 26th with 30 high danger chances allowed per 60 minutes, while the Minnesota Wild are stronger defensively, ranking 7th with only 14 high danger chances allowed. This disparity could significantly impact the game’s outcome.

Offensive and Defensive Matchup

  • Sharks’ Offense vs. Wild’s Defense:
  • Sharks: 2.49 goals for per 60 minutes, shooting at 25.34 shots per 60.
  • Wild: 2.85 goals against per 60 minutes, facing 28.12 shots per 60.
  • Wild’s Offense vs. Sharks’ Defense:
  • Wild: 3.17 goals for per 60 minutes, shooting at 30.06 shots per 60.
  • Sharks: 4.11 goals against per 60 minutes, facing 34 shots per 60.

The offensive and defensive stats highlight the Wild’s advantage in both scoring and defending, potentially leading to their dominance in the game.

Advanced Metrics

Sharks vs Wild Prediction
  • San Jose Sharks: CF% of 44.8 and FF% of 43.03, with a goal difference of -1.62 and a shots difference of -8.66.
  • Minnesota Wild: CF% of 51.14 and FF% of 52.3, with a goal difference of +0.32 and a shots difference of +1.94.

The advanced metrics further underline the Minnesota Wild’s superiority in controlling the game and generating scoring opportunities.

Goalie Matchup

  • San Jose Sharks: Mackenzie Blackwood with a .898 save percentage and expected 3.67 goals against.
  • Minnesota Wild: Filip Gustavsson with a .897 save percentage and expected 3.18 goals against.

Despite similar save percentages, the slight edge in expected goals against favors the Wild, aligning with the overall analysis.

NHL Betting Model Prediction

  • Estimated Win Probability: San Jose Sharks at 26.71%, Minnesota Wild at 73.29%.
  • Projected Total: Not specified, but analysis suggests a game favoring the Wild.

Betting Strategy

The calculated adjusted Kelly Criterion of 0.26 indicates a cautious betting approach, with no qualified recommendation due to the high favorability towards the Wild. Bettors are advised to shop for the best NHL betting odds and consider the statistical analysis provided.

Conclusion for Sharks vs Wild Prediction

Our comprehensive Sharks vs Wild prediction paints a clear picture of the Minnesota Wild’s dominance in this matchup. With their superior offense, defense, and slight edge in goaltending, the Wild are poised to take advantage of the Sharks. However, bettors should always consider the volatility of sports betting and look for value in the odds provided by trusted bookmakers.

Summary Snippet

In the upcoming Sharks vs Wild matchup, statistical analysis and betting models favor the Minnesota Wild, with a 73.29% win probability. Bettors should note the Wild’s offensive and defensive superiority in their betting strategies.

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