Sharks vs Oilers Prediction

Sharks vs Oilers Prediction: NHL betting model forecasts a clear advantage for the Oilers with an 82.09% win probability. Despite the Sharks’ underdog status at 17.91%, the game does not qualify for a recommended bet. Stay updated on odds and goalie changes before placing your wagers.

Introduction: Sharks vs Oilers Prediction

The upcoming NHL game between the San Jose Sharks and the Edmonton Oilers is generating considerable buzz. As these teams prepare to face off on April 14, 2024, betting enthusiasts are keenly analyzing the odds and stats to craft their predictions. This post delves into an in-depth analysis of both teams, comparing their statistical strengths and weaknesses, to offer a well-informed betting prediction for this match.

Game Information and Betting Odds

Overview of Teams and Odds

  • Away Team: San Jose Sharks
  • Decimal Odds: 4.50
  • US Odds: +350
  • Home Team: Edmonton Oilers
  • Decimal Odds: 1.22
  • US Odds: -455

Note on Betting Odds

It is crucial to check for the latest odds at reputable bookmakers like Bovada or BetOnline, as odds can fluctuate up to the game time.

Statistical Breakdown

High Danger Chances per 60 Minutes (HDCF/60)

  • San Jose Sharks: Ranked 30th
  • Edmonton Oilers: Ranked 1st

Offensive and Defensive Matchups

San Jose Sharks

  • Goals For per 60 Minutes (GF/60): 2.46
  • Shots For per 60 Minutes (SF/60): 24.73
  • Goals Against per 60 Minutes (GA/60): 4.16
  • Shots Against per 60 Minutes (SA/60): 34.04

Edmonton Oilers

  • Goals For per 60 Minutes (GF/60): 3.46
  • Shots For per 60 Minutes (SF/60): 33.59
  • Goals Against per 60 Minutes (GA/60): 2.52
  • Shots Against per 60 Minutes (SA/60): 28.28

Additional Team Stats

  • San Jose Sharks
  • Corsi For Percentage (CF%): 43.96
  • Fenwick For Percentage (FF%): 42.81
  • Goal Differential: -1.70
  • Shots Differential per 60 Minutes: -9.31
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • Corsi For Percentage (CF%): 54.22
  • Fenwick For Percentage (FF%): 53.46
  • Goal Differential: 0.94
  • Shots Differential per 60 Minutes: 5.31

Goalie Matchup

  • San Jose Sharks: Mackenzie Blackwood (SV%: 0.898)
  • Edmonton Oilers: Stuart Skinner (SV%: 0.908)

Note on Goalies

Starting goalies are subject to change before the game. It’s important to update your bets accordingly.

Sharks vs Oilers Prediction

NHL Betting Model Predictions

Estimated Win Probabilities

  • San Jose Sharks: 17.91%
  • Edmonton Oilers: 82.09%

Projected Odds

  • Projected Decimal Odds: 100 for both teams (indicative of an oversight in the model, which should be updated before finalizing bets)

Betting Advice

The calculated Kelly Criterion of 0.07 suggests that this game does not qualify for a recommended bet based on the model’s parameters.


While the Edmonton Oilers show a substantial advantage in almost every statistical category, betting on this game carries risks, as reflected by the Kelly Criterion. For those looking to bet on the Sharks vs Oilers, careful consideration of the latest stats, odds updates, and starting goalie announcements is essential.

Always ensure to shop for the best odds available and take advantage of any promotions during the ice hockey betting season. For those interested in enhancing their betting strategies, consider exploring courses that offer analytical insights into sports betting.

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