Our Senators vs Red Wings Prediction is derived from a detailed analysis of both teams’ offensive and defensive statistics, alongside insights from NHL betting models.

In the Senators vs Red Wings face-off, our NHL betting model predicts a very close game. The Ottawa Senators have a narrow lead with a 50.25% win probability, closely followed by the Detroit Red Wings at 49.75%. The model sets the odds at -101 for the Senators and +101 for the Red Wings, with an anticipated total of 7.11 goals. This matchup is expected to be highly competitive, reflecting the balanced strengths of both teams.

Ottawa Senators vs. Detroit Red Wings: An In-depth Game Preview

Game Overview before final Senators vs Red Wings Prediction


The Ottawa Senators and Detroit Red Wings are set to face off on January 31, 2024, at the Little Caesars Arena. This matchup is a pivotal game for both teams as they look to climb up their respective standings in the NHL.

Team Statistics and Standings

The Red Wings and Senators have had contrasting seasons so far. The Red Wings have shown more consistency, which is reflected in their record and performance on the ice.

Ottawa Senators:

  • Record: The Senators have struggled to find consistency, resulting in a challenging season.
  • Power Play Performance: Ottawa has had trouble capitalizing on power play opportunities, with a power play goal percentage that highlights their struggles in special teams play.

Detroit Red Wings:

  • Record: The Red Wings have fared better, showcasing resilience and the ability to secure wins in tightly contested games.
  • Goalie Performance: Detroit’s goaltending has been a cornerstone of their success, with a notably higher save percentage compared to Ottawa’s, indicating stronger defensive play.

Key Players and Matchup Dynamics

Goalie Matchup:

  • Ottawa’s Goalie: Faces a challenge against a Detroit team that has shown the ability to score from various situations.
  • Detroit’s Goalie: Has been a crucial part of their success, providing the team with reliability at the net.

Special Teams:

  • The power play and penalty kill units for both teams could very well decide the outcome of this game, with Detroit’s efficiency in power play situations posing a significant challenge for Ottawa.

Trends and Injuries

  • Trends: Both teams have shown patterns in their gameplay, with Detroit often starting strong in the first period, while Ottawa tries to find their rhythm as the game progresses.
  • Injuries: Player availability and any last-minute injuries will play a crucial role in the game’s dynamics and could influence the final outcome.

Betting Odds and Predictions

The game presents an interesting scenario for bettors, with Detroit favored but Ottawa capable of pulling off an upset. The spread and totals indicate expectations of a closely contested battle, with the outcome potentially hinging on special teams play and goaltending performance.

An Insightful Look into the Senators vs Red Wings Matchup

The upcoming game between the Ottawa Senators and the Detroit Red Wings is shaping up to be a closely contested battle. This Senators vs Red Wings prediction takes into account the offensive and defensive stats, starting goalies, and the latest NHL betting model predictions to give you a comprehensive preview of what to expect.

Offensive and Defensive Matchup

  • Ottawa Senators Offense vs Detroit Red Wings Defense:
    • The Senators are averaging 3.32 goals per 60 minutes on 32.6 shots, facing off against the Red Wings’ defense, which allows 3.19 goals on 32.08 shots per 60 minutes.
  • Detroit Red Wings Offense vs Ottawa Senators Defense:
    • The Red Wings boast an offense that averages 3.47 goals on 28.69 shots per 60 minutes, challenging the Senators’ defense, which concedes 3.62 goals on 30.27 shots per 60 minutes.

Team Stats and Betting Model Prediction

Senators vs Red Wings Prediction
  • Ottawa Senators:
    • CF% (Corsi For Percentage): 51.57
    • FF% (Fenwick For Percentage): 52.5
    • Goal Differential: -0.3
    • Shots Difference: +2.33
  • Detroit Red Wings:
    • CF%: 46.64
    • FF%: 46.48
    • Goal Differential: +0.28
    • Shots Difference: -3.39

Starting Goalies Performance

  • Ottawa Senators (Joonas Korpisalo): 0.903 SV%, expected to allow 3.14 goals
  • Detroit Red Wings (Alex Lyon): 0.919 SV%, expected to allow 2.78 goals

NHL Betting Model Prediction

  • Win Probability:
    • Ottawa Senators: 50.25%
    • Detroit Red Wings: 49.75%
  • Projected Odds:
    • Senators: 1.99 (decimal), -101 (American)
    • Red Wings: 2.01 (decimal), 101 (American)
  • Projected Total: 7.11 goals

Betting Insights

The betting model indicates a razor-thin margin between the two teams, with a slight edge given to the Senators. Despite the calculated value of 0.54, there is small value in backing the underdog Ottawa Senators in this matchup.

Final Thoughts

As the Ottawa Senators and Detroit Red Wings prepare to clash, fans can expect a game filled with strategic plays, key matchups, and possibly, a few surprises. With both teams eager to claim victory, this game is set to be a highlight of the NHL calendar.

This Senators vs Red Wings game is expected to be a nail-biter, with both teams evenly matched across the board. Bettors are advised to shop for the best NHL Betting Odds and take advantage of promotions during the Ice Hockey Betting Season. For those looking to refine their betting strategies, starting with an analytical approach like the Ultimate Modern Bettor course could provide valuable insights.

Remember, the dynamics of NHL games can change rapidly, so keep an eye on the latest updates, especially regarding starting goalies, as they can significantly influence the game’s outcome.

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