The Senators vs Coyotes prediction is stirring interest in the NHL community as the Ottawa Senators, with an 11-15 record, gear up to face the Arizona Coyotes, who have managed a 15-13 record. This Senators vs Coyotes prediction offers insights into a game that pits two teams with contrasting forms against each other, making for an intriguing hockey battle.


Ottawa Senators vs. Arizona Coyotes NHL Preview – December 19, 2023


An intriguing NHL matchup is set for tonight as the Ottawa Senators face off against the Arizona Coyotes at Mullett Arena. Both teams are closely matched, making this game an exciting one to watch.

Ottawa Senators

The Senators are coming into this game looking to turn around their recent form. Their performance in this game could be crucial, especially with the recent coaching changes. The team will be relying on key players like Tim Stutzle, who is a strong contender for scoring the first goal, and other key players like Josh Norris and Brady Tkachuk.

Arizona Coyotes

The Coyotes have been showing some resilience this season and will look to leverage their home advantage in this matchup. Players like Lawson Crouse and Michael Carcone are among those who could make a significant impact in the game. The Coyotes’ consistent performance, especially in tight games, could prove to be an advantage.

Betting Odds and Insights

  • The betting odds are quite close for this game, with both teams having similar moneyline odds.

Key Matchup Points

  • The Senators will be looking to improve their road game performance.
  • The Coyotes have the advantage of playing at home, which could be a significant factor in this closely matched game.
  • Player performances, especially from the predicted goal scorers, will be key in deciding the outcome.

Betting Odds Overview

In terms of betting, the Senators are slightly favored with EU odds of 1.89 and American odds of -112. This suggests a modest level of confidence in their ability to secure a win. On the other hand, the Coyotes, with odds of 2.00 (EU) and +100 (American), are seen as underdogs but not by a wide margin. The total goals line is set at 6.5, indicating that the game could witness a fair amount of scoring from both sides.

Offensive and Defensive Comparison

A key aspect of the Senators vs Coyotes prediction is examining their offensive and defensive capabilities. The Senators average 3.32 goals on 32.48 shots per 60 minutes, showcasing a potent offensive setup. The Coyotes, though slightly less prolific, still manage an average of 3 goals from 26.49 shots.

Defensively, the Senators allow more goals, with an average of 3.4 goals against on 29.73 shots per 60 minutes. The Coyotes have a slightly tighter defense, conceding 2.84 goals on 31.41 shots. This suggests that while the Coyotes might face more shots, they are more effective in limiting goals.

Advanced Metrics Insights

In any Senators vs Coyotes prediction, advanced metrics offer additional insights. The Senators have a Corsi For percentage (CF%) of 51.34 and a Fenwick For percentage (FF%) of 52.24, indicating competitive puck control. The Coyotes, with a CF% of 46.39 and FF% of 46.27, may struggle in maintaining possession and generating shots compared to the Senators.

Goalie Matchup

The goaltending matchup is a crucial element in any Senators vs Coyotes prediction. The Senators’ Joonas Korpisalo, with a save percentage of 0.907 and an expected 3.07 goals against, will be a key factor. The Coyotes’ Connor Ingram, holding a 0.913 save percentage and a 3.06 expected goals against, might have a slight edge in this crucial area.

NHL Betting Model Predictions

Senators vs Coyotes prediction

The NHL betting model gives the Senators a higher win probability of 53.42%, with projected odds of 1.87 (-115 American). Conversely, the Coyotes have a lower probability of 46.58% and odds of 2.15 (+115 American). However, with a calculated value of just 0.11, there is no strong betting recommendation for this game.


In conclusion, the Senators vs Coyotes prediction suggests a potentially competitive game, with the Senators slightly favored but facing a capable challenge from the Coyotes. Bettors should consider the closely matched nature of the teams, the goaltending matchup, and the advanced metrics when making their decisions. It’s always wise to shop for the best odds, take advantage of promotions during the NHL betting season, and consider a strategic approach to betting.

For those looking to refine their betting strategies, exploring sports betting models and educational resources can offer valuable insights for more informed betting decisions.

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