Soccer is a game that keeps millions of fans worldwide on the edge of their seats. The excitement and unpredictability make it one of the most popular sports for betting. In today’s blog post, we will provide a detailed analysis of the upcoming match between San Jose and Minnesota Utd, along with our soccer picks, expert predictions, and betting recommendations.

Match Overview

The match in focus is between San Jose and Minnesota Utd. San Jose has played 26 matches this season, winning 9, losing 9, and tying 8. Minnesota Utd, on the other hand, has played 25 matches, also winning 9, but with 8 losses and 8 ties. Both teams seem to be on a similar performance level this season, which makes this a particularly interesting match for soccer bets.

Top Scorers

Cristian Espinoza is the top scorer for San Jose, having netted 12 goals this season. On the other side, Minnesota Utd has two top scorers, Emanuel Reynoso and Bongokuhle Hlongwane, both of whom have scored 6 goals. The offensive capabilities of both teams are crucial factors in making soccer predictions.

Soccer Betting Model Odds Prediction

Analyzing the data, our soccer betting model predicts the following probabilities for the match outcome:

  • San Jose Win Probability: 32.89%
  • Minnesota Utd Win Probability: 43.06%
  • Tie: 24.05%

These probabilities indicate a higher chance of Minnesota Utd winning, but also a significant possibility of a tie.

Betnow Sportsbook Odds

The Betnow sportsbook offers the following odds for the match:

  • San Jose win odds: 2.00 (Decimal), +100 (US odds)
  • Minnesota Utd win odds: 3.50 (Decimal), +250 (US odds)
  • Tie odds: 3.84 (Decimal), +284 (US odds)

The sportsbook odds seem to favor San Jose slightly more than our model does.

Recommended Soccer Bet Today

Taking into account all the information and analysis, our recommended soccer bet for today is Minnesota (+0.5) -110. This is a soccer underdog pick, which means that while it is riskier, it also has the potential for higher rewards.


Making successful soccer bets involves analyzing a multitude of factors including past performances, player statistics, and expert predictions. While our model indicates a higher chance of Minnesota Utd winning, the probability of a tie or even a San Jose win is still significant. Therefore, our recommended bet is Minnesota (+1.5) -120.

Remember, betting should be fun and responsible. To learn how to bet on sports analytically and make your own numbers with sports betting models, join our free betting course!

Good luck with your soccer picks today and may the odds be in your favor!

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