In the thrilling world of NCAAF, the upcoming match between San Jose State and USC is grabbing significant attention. We’ve used AI-powered tools to breakdown this encounter, ensuring that our San Jose State vs USC Prediction is backed by solid data. Let’s dive into the details and see where the best NCAAF bets lie.

Detailed Breakdown: San Jose State vs. USC

Offensive and Defensive Dynamics

San Jose State:

  • OSRS: Struggling a bit on the offensive front, their OSRS is marked at a below-average -2.45.
  • DSRS: The defense doesn’t fare much better, recording a slightly below-average DSRS of -1.47.
  • SRS: When combined, their overall team strength measures at -3.92.


  • OSRS: The Trojans are roaring on the offensive side, boasting a compelling OSRS of 14.16.
  • DSRS: There’s room for improvement in their defense, demonstrated by a DSRS of -2.03.
  • SRS: Despite the defensive concerns, their overall strength is impressive at 12.13, largely driven by their offensive might.

Delving into the Scoring Stats

  • San Jose State: On offense, they maintain an adjusted scoring average of 37.39 points per game. Defensively, the story is a tad gloomy, with 14.8 points conceded per game.
  • USC: The Trojans manifest their dominance, registering an adjusted average score of 58.34 points. However, they let through 11.86 points, spotlighting certain defensive hiccups.

Passing Yards per Attempt: A Closer Look

  • San Jose State: Their passing average stands at 8.88 yards per attempt, but they relinquish 6.82 yards on defense.
  • USC: Showcasing their passing mastery, USC records a commendable 11.12 yards per attempt. Their defense is tighter, permitting only 6.08 yards.

Rushing Yards Per Attempt: The Ground Game

  • San Jose State: The offense makes 4.02 yards per rushing attempt, while their defense restricts opponents to a meager 2.61 yards.
  • USC: The Trojans rush for a respectable 5.85 yards on average, though their defense shows some gaps, yielding 3.89 yards.

Total Yards per Play: The Overall Picture

  • San Jose State: The offense covers an average of 6.57 yards per play, while the defense concedes 4.58 yards.
  • USC: The Trojans’ dynamic offense achieves 8.42 yards, but they let in a slightly concerning 5.1 yards on the defensive end.

Key Analysis Points:

  • San Jose State Strengths: Their defensive metrics, especially in restricting rushing yards, are noteworthy. They also maintain decent total yards allowed per play.
  • San Jose State Weaknesses: Their overall team strength and passing prowess could use some enhancements.
  • USC Strengths: Their offensive metrics are hard to match, with particular excellence in scoring and passing efficiency.
  • USC Weaknesses: The defense, especially the rushing defense, demands attention. The total yards allowed per play is also a minor concern.

AI-Generated Match Prediction

Taking all these data points into account:

  • San Jose State: Based on their scoring average and USC’s defensive capabilities, San Jose State may score around 25-27 points.
  • USC: Factoring in their scoring average and San Jose State’s defense, USC looks set to land within the 40-42 point range.

Final Score Prediction: USC 40-42, San Jose State 25-27.

Top Free CFB Pick

Betting enthusiasts might consider San Jose State +30.5 as a promising bet.

Note: These free college football predictions are grounded in statistics. Yet, unanticipated, real-world factors can influence the final score. Ensure to blend this analysis with other insights to place the best NCAAF bets.

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