Royals vs Angels Prediction

The MLB betting model favors the Angels over the Royals with a 61.32% win probability. Reid Detmers leads the Angels at -110 odds, offering solid betting value. The Royals lag behind at 38.67%, suggesting that Detmers’ team is a strong pick for your Royals vs Angels prediction.

As the Kansas City Royals take on the Los Angeles Angels at Angel Stadium on Thursday, May 9, 2024, the “Royals vs Angels Prediction” provides an in-depth look at the matchup between the Royals’ right-handed pitcher Michael Wacha and the Angels’ lefty Reid Detmers. The sportsbooks currently list the Royals with odds of 1.86 (-116) while the Angels sit at 1.91 (-110). These odds may shift as game day approaches, so always check multiple sportsbooks to find the best MLB odds.

Starting Pitchers Breakdown

Michael Wacha – Kansas City Royals

The Royals will be starting right-handed Michael Wacha, who brings a 5.5 ERA into this game. His advanced stats include a SIERA of 4.16, an xFIP of 4.09, and a WHIP of 1.46. With a K/9 of 7.41 and BB/9 of 2.39, he has shown moderate control over the strike zone but has struggled with groundball/flyball rates, recording a 1.02 GB/FB. His xERA of 4.44 aligns closely with his current ERA.

Reid Detmers – Los Angeles Angels

Opposing him is left-handed Reid Detmers for the Angels, sporting a 4.24 ERA. However, his advanced metrics suggest a stronger performance than that ERA implies, with a SIERA of 3.53, an xFIP of 3.57, and a WHIP of 1.21. Detmers also excels at striking out batters with a K/9 of 9.82, though he has a higher BB/9 of 3.12. His xERA of 3.24 signals his potential for a solid outing.

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Bullpen Matchup Analysis

The bullpen rankings highlight a significant disparity in bullpen strength. The Royals rank 29th in the league, while the Angels rank a respectable 19th. This gap might give the Angels an edge if the game is close late.

Offensive Matchup Analysis

Offensively, the Royals rank 24th overall, with challenges particularly evident against left-handed pitchers where they are ranked 25th. Against right-handers, they fare better at 17th. The Angels’ overall offense ranks slightly higher at 21st, with an impressive 9th ranking against left-handers but a disappointing 22nd against righties. Despite the disparities, neither team’s offense is particularly dominating.

Royals vs Angels Prediction: Betting Model Probability

Our MLB betting model forecasts a 61.32% chance of victory for the Los Angeles Angels, equating to -159 in US odds (or 1.63 in decimal odds). In comparison, the Kansas City Royals have a 38.67% likelihood, which translates to +159 (or 2.59 in decimal odds). With this in mind, the model advises that the best betting value lies with the Los Angeles Angels at -110, giving Reid Detmers’ team a good value pick.

Royals vs Angels Prediction

Recommended MLB Pick

Pick: Los Angeles Angels
Pitcher: Reid Detmers
Odds: -110
Kelly Criterion Calculated Value: 1.88
Confidence: Good Value


In this “Royals vs Angels Prediction,” the numbers indicate that the Angels offer the best betting value at -110 odds. With a stronger bullpen and an offense that matches up well against the Royals’ starting pitcher, Reid Detmers and his team are poised for success. Always approach predictions with caution and shop around for the best MLB Baseball Betting Odds. For comprehensive analyses, including Final Best MLB Bets and First Half Picks, check out the “MLB Picks” page. Additionally, our betting courses can guide you on how to make your own projections and bets like a professional.

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