Red Wings vs Hurricanes Prediction

Red Wings vs Hurricanes Prediction

In our latest Islanders vs Panthers prediction, the NHL betting model gives the Panthers a 65% win probability, suggesting they’re the strong favorites. With odds favoring Florida, savvy bettors might eye this as a prime opportunity. Always verify the latest odds before placing bets.

As the NHL season progresses, every game becomes a puzzle of statistics, performance, and predictions. In the spotlight for March 28, 2024, is the much-anticipated clash between the Detroit Red Wings and the Carolina Hurricanes. This “Red Wings vs Hurricanes Prediction” post delves into the statistical analysis, game information, sportsbook odds, and our final prediction, guiding you through the complexities of NHL betting.

Game Information & Sportsbook Odds

The upcoming game sees the Detroit Red Wings hitting the road to face off against the Carolina Hurricanes. As per the current sportsbook odds:

  • Away Team (Detroit Red Wings): Decimal odds at 3.07, translating to +207 in US odds.
  • Home Team (Carolina Hurricanes): Decimal odds at 1.42, equating to -238 in US odds.

Note: Odds are subject to change; always check for the latest odds at trusted bookmakers like Bovada or Betonline.

Statistical Breakdown Before Our NHL Prediction

Red Wings vs Hurricanes Prediction

High Danger Chances Per 60 Minutes (HDCF/60 & HDCA/60)

  • Detroit Red Wings: Rank 31 in HDCF/60 and 23 in HDCA/60.
  • Carolina Hurricanes: Both HDCF/60 and HDCA/60 rank at 8.

Offensive and Defensive Matchup


  • The Red Wings post 3.14 goals per 60 minutes (GF/60) with 27.19 shots (SF/60).
  • The Hurricanes slightly edge out with 3.32 GF/60 and a higher SF/60 at 32.44.


  • Detroit’s defense allows 3.33 goals against per 60 minutes (GA/60) with 31.91 shots against (SA/60).
  • Carolina boasts a stronger defense with just 2.09 GA/60 and 27.16 SA/60.

Additional Insights

  • Detroit Red Wings: CF% at 46.4, FF% at 46.41, a goal difference of -0.19, and a shots difference of -4.72.
  • Carolina Hurricanes: Exhibit a CF% of 56.91, FF% of 55.92, a positive goal difference of 1.23, and a shots difference of +5.28.

Goalies Performance

  • Detroit Red Wings (James Reimer): Save percentage (SV%) at 0.907 with expected goals against of 3.05.
  • Carolina Hurricanes (Frederik Andersen): SV% at 0.919, with expected goals against sitting at 2.50.

NHL Betting Model Prediction and Betting Strategy

Our NHL betting model projects a 73.55% win probability for the Carolina Hurricanes, translating to projected decimal odds of 1.36 and American odds of -278. Conversely, the Detroit Red Wings are seen with a 26.45% win probability, with projected odds of 3.78 (decimal) and +278 (American).

Recommended NHL Bet

The calculated adjusted Kelly Criterion is at 1.06, signaling a recommended bet on the Carolina Hurricanes.

Final Thoughts for Red Wings vs Hurricanes Prediction

Betting on NHL games requires a mix of statistical analysis, understanding of game dynamics, and following the latest odds and player performances. The Hurricanes, with their robust defense and offensive efficiency, appear to be the favorable pick against the Red Wings. However, the unpredictable nature of hockey and potential goalie performance can always sway the game’s outcome. Always ensure to shop for the best NHL Betting Odds and leverage bonuses and promotions during the Ice Hockey Betting Season.

For those keen on sharpening their betting skills, consider exploring courses and resources that focus on analytical betting with sports betting models. This approach not only enhances your betting strategy but also increases your understanding of the game from a statistical viewpoint.

Remember: Betting involves risks, and it’s crucial to bet responsibly and within your financial means.

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