Professional gamblers make their living by making winning bets about 53% of the time. That slim margin for error is what separates profitable sports betting from the rest. Yet, there are software platforms that help even novice gamblers choose winning bets.

Rebelbetting has created software that gives regular players a better chance to build their stake through value betting. A closer look reveals the commitment it takes to win with a value betting system.

With little guaranteed in the world of gambling, this review of Rebelbetting explores the sure betting platform that promises punters they will win with the system. The company makes a bold statement to stand behind its product.

Keep reading to learn more about the principles of arbitrage betting and whether Rebelbetting can make your bankroll increase.

About Rebelbetting

Rebelbetting began offering arbitrage betting and value betting services in 2008. The company’s founding members combine solid software development and professional gambling backgrounds. 

The software designers have created a scanning system that finds overpriced odds with few errors. The software focuses on sure betting or arbitrage and value betting strategies by scanning over sixty bookmakers. 

Rebelbetting is so confident about its product that they provide guarantees and free trials to explore the service. But before getting into a review of Rebelbetting capabilities, here’s what you need to know about sure betting. 

Value betting by RebelBetting - the easiest way to make money on sports

What Is Arbitrage Betting

As another term for sure betting, arbitrage betting techniques are a simple method for guaranteeing a win no matter the outcome. The software shows you how to cover every possible scenario with appropriate bets to win every time. 

For example, one sportsbook may show a Rangers vs. Red Wings game at 2.10 to score more than 4.5 goals. Another bookie might give 2.10 odds to go under 4.5 goals. 

With so much competition for bookmakers, mistakes on odds are bound to happen. These errors occur more often than you might think. Yet, many of these opportunities would go missing if you were to scour the bookmakers yourself.

Many of the discrepancies last for only a brief time. The Rebelbetting software does the scanning for you and gives percentage probabilities for profit.

The system also warns you if the bookmaker has created a significant error. Knowing that information is vital as many sportsbooks write in the option to cancel bets under certain conditions. Rebelbetting allows you to avoid a volatile situation where your bets get tracked and canceled.

What Is Value Betting

Professional sports bettors constantly look for this type of wager on various sportsbooks. In general, a value bet is when a bookmaker has made an enormous error without noticing the mistake. Think of value betting in simple terms as pouncing on a good tip from an expert. 

Yet, Rebelbetting software constantly searches for odds that don’t match the probable outcome. Instead of covering all possible outcomes, value betting involves making a profit from odds discrepancies on a single game.

The value is in the high probability of that outcome. Value betting can produce 50% to 70% more profit than arbitrage betting when used at the right moments.

There are times when the true odds are not reflected in the bookmaker’s offering. They may have overvalued or undervalued a team’s chances of winning. Rebelbetting finds those spots where a bet is more likely to result in a win.

value betting rebel betting

Signing Up For Rebel Betting

There are two options for joining Rebelbetting depending on your level of knowledge with sure betting. The starter program gives new bettors with smaller bankrolls access to over 80 bookies, tracking, and bet settlement features. The system allows value percentages to a limit of 3.5%, but there is profit to be made.

The Rebelbetting Pro program is full access to all the software that suits players with larger bankrolls. Another excellent feature is the matched betting module which is also available with a 14-day free trial. The system will help you take advantage of the best bonus matching offers to suit your betting style from various sportsbooks.

Sure Betting Interface

Rebelbetting – sure betting interface

A review of Rebelbetting reveals that downloading the software is simple and easy to navigate. You can choose to run the software in your browser or as a desktop application. In either case, the software runs well on any operating platform. 

When the home screen opens, it’s immediately easy to see how the system uses the information. 

The design looks mobile-friendly, but it works as quickly on a desktop device. The first screen presents you with a line item list of value bets. Beside each entry is a percentage value for sure betting. 

At the top of the graph, there is a field for you to enter your starting stake. Keeping this field up to date is critical for other features to perform best. One helpful feature is suggested stakes for each bet you choose. 

When suggesting the match’s wagers, the software uses your bankroll information to give you the most value. With fast changes on bookie platforms, the Rebelbetting software makes placing quick bets easy. 

Arbitrage betting is most profitable, with more wagers made in a session. So Rebelbetting makes decisions effortless and straightforward to complete. The arbitrage betting browser also provides a list of bookies based on your accounts. 

Rebelbetting sets itself apart from other software by allowing you to make bets with a single click. The rebel betting algorithm works to give you the best betting options with your stake and the bookmakers in your log.

Filtering Options

The Rebelbetting software gives you access to adjust information to suit your needs. Choose from menus in the following categories:

  • Specific sports
  • Time and day of the match’s start
  • Betting Market
  • Expected values by percentage 
  • Choose your preferred minimum and maximum odds

Rebelbetting also provides bet tracking and a history log of your bets. You can also call up performance stats on your wagers for the entire history of your membership. 

The Rebelbetting yield graphs give you a clear picture of your return on investment. You can also break down your win/loss record with each bookmaker.

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Value Betting Interface

Since you are looking for single bets with greater true value, speed isn’t as much a factor. Choose the bet that interests you by clicking on it, and a list of betting choices pops up. The software will suggest stakes for each bet, but you can change them manually at any time.

The best part about the value betting platform is that it shows only games near starting. The program provides a default list of start times within twelve hours.

Choosing games with less lead time reduces the likelihood of odds changing before the match begins. Yet, you have the option to increase the time out to 16 or 24 hours. 

What Are Middles

There might be occasions where two bookmakers have totals odds with a gap between them. As an example, the Jets vs. Dolphins game might have an over/under of 49.5 at one bookie and 47.5 at another. 

An opportunity arises if you place the under bet at the first and the over at the second bookie. If the game ends with 48 points scored, you win both bets. Rebelbetting tracks for middles value while searching for other sure betting options.

Matched Betting 

Competition with sportsbooks is so intense many offer free bets to attract new customers. The same bookies will give rebates on losing bets to maintain customer loyalty. 

Rebelbetting has created software to help you get the most value from these free bets. 

You risk none of your own stake while placing matched bets from promotional bonuses. The arbitrage betting system works to provide you with the most value from a free bet

The matched betting system also finds qualified free bets without flagging the sportsbook you are using a rebel betting platform. 

Learning Resources

When you see a new interface for the first time, it can be confusing. Rebelbetting has a helpful section with all the tools you will need to navigate their software like a pro. Either click the getting started tab when the platform first opens or find the help button always present at the top right of the screen.

Rebelbetting provides customers with a free ebook that explains the principles of arbitrage betting. If you are more visually oriented, Rebelbetting’s website offers explainer videos with tips describing all the software’s features. 

The website also features a members forum where novice bettors can ask questions from seasoned veterans. Customer support has a good track record for responding to email inquiries. 

Pros and Cons of Rebelbetting

This Rebelbetting review doesn’t reveal a lot of downsides. One limitation might be the number of sports covered on the platform. There are only ten sports available for sure betting. Yet, the software constantly searches those sports for value betting opportunities. 

There is an impressive number of bookmakers listed on Rebelbetting. At first glance, the price of each program might seem steep. Some might think learning arbitrage betting is too difficult and only for betting experts.

Rebelbetting dispels that myth with a program package anyone can use. Of course, it’s always helpful to have knowledge before investing your money. Rebelbetting positions its product as an investment tool.

The software review of Rebelbetting is impressive. Navigation is straightforward, and information is easy to read. Help tools are available at a touch of a button. The support staff has won awards for their responsive and friendly techniques.

The platform covers every instance for profit-making with value betting. Information gets presented in a concise, easy-to-read manner. And the program is flexible enough to allow members options for customizing their program.

While it all seems too good to be true, Rebelbetting at least backs up its claims with free trials and performance guarantees. The company offers to waive the first monthly fee if you don’t make a profit with your bets. Rebelbetting goes beyond that to keep giving customers free months on the platform until they do win.

Rebel Betting As An Investment

When games get completed, the Rebelbetting software settles the wager in your account automatically on either platform. You don’t need to know the sport or the outcome to win with sure betting. The software has every outcome covered with arbitrage, so you only need to follow the recommendations.

If you are new to arbitrage betting, it’s critical to understand that profiting is a gradual process. Following the software recommendations will build your bankroll over time. 

Profits are much smaller than traditional bets, but Rebelbetting promises you will profit with the system. There are restrictions, and minimum bets, so read the terms and conditions. 

Value betting and middles always have variables. Yet, the search engine software of Rebelbetting will find enormous opportunities for significant gains. Waiting for those value bets might fit better with your betting style.

If you are still unsure of the nuances between arbitrage betting and value betting, there are lots of learning tools available for further research. 

Is Rebelbetting Worth It

Any value betting service is as good as the effort put into using the platform. Before investing, decide if you are willing to make enough consistent wagers. It’s also crucial to understand that the investment will outweigh the profit in the beginning. 

Successful betting relies on access to several bookies to make the system work. Then, several bets a day will increase your chances. Profits will be small and gradual, but Rebelbetting software will perform as advertised. 

Bettors are making profits from the sure betting platform, even if they know nothing about sports. Rebelbetting continues to find the conditions for arbitrage and value bets.

Rebelbetting Review Summary

If you are willing to take an investment approach to your betting bankroll, Rebelbetting has created software that performs the function well. But unlike an investment broker, there is a time commitment from the user to have success. 

This review of Rebelbetting shows even casual bettors who know little about sports can profit from the program. Yet, sure betting also involves a bankroll commitment to make the profit worthwhile. The only downside to this Rebelbetting review is the cost to use the platform. 

If you are willing to make the capital commitment, rebel betting will help you grow your bankroll gradually. If you want to learn to bet for value, the Rebelbetting free trial is worth exploring. But if you want to learn the nuances of sports betting, check out our site today.

Value betting by RebelBetting - the easiest way to make money on sports

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