Explore our expert RANI YAHYA vs VICTOR HENRY UFC prediction, backed by detailed UFC betting model analysis. Elo model gives Yahya a 50.99% chance, while logistic regression favors Henry at 65.55%. Dive into our analysis for strategic insights before placing your bets on this competitive matchup.


In today’s focused analysis, we delve into the RANI YAHYA vs VICTOR HENRY UFC prediction, providing an in-depth look at the dynamics that could influence the outcome of this much-anticipated fight. This prediction comes courtesy of Eric, a respected member of the Underdog Chance Sports Betting Masterclass. Eric brings his advanced UFC betting model to the forefront, offering unique insights into today’s UFC fight.

Game Information and Betting Odds

Overview of Fighters and Odds

Before we jump into the detailed analysis, let’s briefly overview the odds and stats. RANI YAHYA, coming in as the favorite with decimal odds of 1.50 (US odds -200), faces VICTOR HENRY, the underdog at decimal odds of 3.00 (US odds +200). These odds reflect the sportsbooks’ current valuations but remember, odds can shift, so shopping around for the best line is crucial for maximizing returns.

Fighter Comparison

Striking and Defense

  • RANI YAHYA: Known for his more conservative striking approach, Yahya averages 1.59 significant strikes per minute with a 37% striking accuracy. He absorbs 1.77 strikes per minute, backed by a 50% striking defense. His strength, however, lies in his ground game.
  • VICTOR HENRY: In stark contrast, Henry is a high-volume striker, landing 8.26 significant strikes per minute at a 54% accuracy rate. Despite his offensive output, he absorbs 5.95 strikes per minute, indicating potential vulnerabilities in his defense, which stands at 47%.

Grappling and Ground Control

  • RANI YAHYA: Excelling on the ground, Yahya boasts an average of 2.86 takedowns per 15 minutes with a 32% takedown accuracy. His submission average per 15 minutes is an impressive 1.9, showcasing his threat on the mat.
  • VICTOR HENRY: Henry’s ground game is less pronounced, with just 0.47 takedowns per 15 minutes and a 78% takedown defense rate. His submission average stands at 0.6 per 15 minutes.

ELO Ratings

  • RANI YAHYA: 1519.79
  • VICTOR HENRY: 1512.94

These closely matched ELO ratings suggest a competitive fight, though Yahya holds a slight edge.


UFC Betting Model Prediction

Model Insights

According to Eric’s sophisticated UFC betting models:

  • Elo Model: Slightly favors RANI YAHYA with a 50.99% probability of winning.
  • Logistic Regression Model: Contrarily, gives VICTOR HENRY a 65.55% chance of victory.

The discrepancy between these models highlights the complexity of accurately predicting mixed martial arts outcomes. Notably, Eric bets when both models align, and the odds are between 1.50 and 3.0, indicating a higher confidence level when these criteria are met.

Recommended UFC Fight Pick

Based on the comprehensive analysis and betting model insights provided by Eric, the recommended pick is VICTOR HENRY to win. This prediction capitalizes on the higher probability assessment from the logistic regression model and the attractive odds presented for an underdog victory.

Conclusion: RANI YAHYA vs VICTOR HENRY UFC Prediction

While the RANI YAHYA vs VICTOR HENRY UFC prediction serves as a pivotal guide, it’s crucial for bettors to use these insights as part of a broader betting strategy. Analyzing statistics, staying updated with the latest MMA news, and always seeking the best odds will enhance your betting effectiveness. Remember, no prediction should be followed blindly; instead, use this analysis as a tool to inform your betting choices. For those looking to refine their betting strategies further, consider exploring sports betting courses that emphasize analytical, model-driven approaches for long-term success.

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