Football fans, buckle up for a thrilling Week 4 clash! The Las Vegas Raiders are set to face the Los Angeles Chargers, and we’ve crunched the numbers to bring you the most insightful prediction. Here’s all you need to know.

1. Quick Game Facts

  • Date & Time: Be there or be square on Sunday, October 1, 2023, at 4:05 PM EDT.
  • Location: The modern SoFi Stadium, ready to house a crowd of 70,000.

Las Vegas Raiders:

  • Spread: +6
  • Totals (Over/Under): 47.5
  • Season Record: A bit shaky at 1-2

Los Angeles Chargers:

  • Spread: -6
  • Their Standings: Equally uncertain at 1-2

2. The Offense Report

Wondering who’s been lighting up the scoreboard? Here’s the breakdown:

Las Vegas Raiders:

  • Points Averaged: 15 – not their best
  • Yards per Play: 5.4
  • Net Yards per Pass: A decent 6.9
  • Average Rushing Yards: Just 2.9
  • Touchdowns in the Air: 5
  • Ground TDs: Sadly, a zero here
  • Slip-Ups (Turnovers): A concerning 7

Los Angeles Chargers:

  • Average Points: A whopping 28.67
  • Yards Every Play: 6.1
  • Passing Yards Net: 7.2 – impressive!
  • Running Yards on Average: 4.3
  • Aerial Touchdowns: A high 7
  • Touchdowns on Turf: 3
  • Missteps (Turnovers): Only 1

3. Defensive Stats

Protecting the house is just as important! Here’s how they’ve held up:

Las Vegas Raiders:

  • Points Conceded: A tad high at 25.67
  • Opponent Yards per Play: 5.4
  • Net Yards Given per Pass: 6.4
  • Average Ground Yards Conceded: 4.3
  • Passing TDs Allowed: 7
  • Ground TDs Conceded: 2

Los Angeles Chargers:

  • Points Allowed: A bit more at 29
  • Yards Given per Play: 6.6
  • Average Passing Yards Conceded: 7.9
  • Rushing Yards Allowed: 4.4
  • Aerial TDs Let Through: 7
  • Ground TDs Given: 3
  • Takeaways: A good 4

4. Score & Bet Predictions

The much-anticipated part, how will the scores likely end up?

  • Las Vegas Raiders: Around 22.39
  • Los Angeles Chargers: A tad higher at 29.45


  • Raiders: +7.06
  • Chargers: -7.06

Totals (Over/Under) Forecast: Looks to be a high-scoring game at about 51.84!

NFL King of the Hill 2023

5. Betting Insights

For those eager to place wagers:

  • Best NFL Bet: A little lean towards OVER 47.5.
  • Survivor’s Pick: Chargers seem to have an edge!

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