Pinnacle Sportsbook is a recognized name in sports betting that stands out for several reasons. Ant this is one of those sites that operates differently.

This review will show you what Pinnacle Sportsbook is all about and whether you should consider opening an account.

Who Is Pinnacle Sportsbook?

Pinnacle Sportsbook

Pinnacle Sportsbook began operation in 1998 and maintains licensing in Curacao, Malta, and Sweden. Their standing as a pioneer in the sports betting industry is high with professional gamblers. Pinnacle sports betting is one of the few online gambling sites to offer unlimited bet sizes, making it popular for sharp action.

Although Pinnacle Sportsbook is an established offshore betting site, the company is not licensed to operate in the United States. As a result, the rules governing offshore betting accounts should get a careful review by anyone in America wanting to play with Pinnacle sports betting.

The focus for Pinnacle Sportsbook has always been to offer the best odds in the industry with no frills attached. Taking a lower juice is generally what sets Pinnacle sportsbook odds apart.

Yet a closer look at this Pinnacle Sportsbook reveals how its platform for simplicity keeps the company on top. First, let’s get familiar with signing up and using the sports betting interface.

Joining Pinnacle Sportsbook

There is no mobile app for joining Pinnacle Sportsbook, but the software works equally well on mobile devices and desktops. The critical element of the online gambling site’s platform is its simplicity.

With a few straightforward steps, you can register an account with Pinnacle Sportsbook and begin to play. Note that you will need to verify your identity and place of residence to sign up. 

As soon as you open the sportsbook homepage, the process begins with your name, email, and password creation. Once you check your email to verify your account, you only need to log in to begin playing at Pinnacle Sportsbook. 

Banking Options

Pinnacles sports betting’s deposit options are so vast it has a separate web page. Not surprising, considering Pinnacle provides some of the highest betting limits in the online gambling industry.

Deposit options include the variations you would expect and more, such as:

  • Visa/Mastercard/Discovery
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Instadebit
  • Entropay
  • E-transfer
  • Check
  • Bitcoin

Each payment option has a varying amount for minimum and maximum deposits. Depending on the currency you use, some options may not be available. Once you choose your preferred currency, your options get displayed.

There is no limit to the amount you can deposit with Bank Wire Transfer, and the time for deposit is instant on most. Pinnacle Sportsbook addresses the growing interest in betting with cryptocurrency by accepting Bitcoin deposits. 

Cash Withdrawals

When you want to collect winnings, Pinnacle Sportsbook gives you more options than any other sports betting site in the industry. Yet, your choices may decrease depending on your currency type. For example, the website will remove many withdrawal options for withdrawal in Canadian dollars.

Withdrawal fees apply to each currency, and there are maximum daily allowances. For example, Bitcoin withdrawals have a fee of $15 for a maximum of $2750 per day. A bank transfer has no limit, but this method has a $30 fee. 

It’s best to check your options with your preferred currency before completing your deposit. The only way to determine how much and how often you can withdraw depends on the currency.

User Interface

Straightforward and easy to read is the cornerstone of the Pinnacle sports betting experience. No flashy promo announcements are popping up on the screen for distraction. Using ASI software, the platform posts a selection of sports and odds on the page logically and simply. 

With a quick click, load time is quick for bettors to find the odds they want. The color scheme is pleasing to the eye but plain in design. Professional gamblers enjoy the simplicity of getting the odds they want without getting bombarded with other information. 

Having your bet slip appear beside the game lines on the right side of the desktop version is an advantage. Every part of your betting process can get completed on the same page. You will see the choice of sports listed on the left and the lines boldly listed in the center for the selected sport.

The user interface transfers well to mobile devices as well. The responsive software lists the sports on top with odds displayed below.

A unique platform allows players worldwide to customize the software to suit their needs. Pinnacle’s software offers users sixteen languages to use with the interface, which is beyond what any state-run sports betting site offers.

Betting Options

You would expect a professional sports betting site to offer a broad range of sports, and Pinnacle delivers. You can get industry-leading odds for all the major sports in North America. Pinnacle has always been a leader in providing lines for football matches globally. 

Odds for Aussie Rules Football, Golf, Formula 1, and even Handball get listed each season. Pinnacle sports betting caters to regular bettors, so there are more options for betting, too numerous to name. 

Pinnacle Sportsbook realized early that e-sports is becoming more popular in online gambling. The company has extensively researched offering odds for various e-sports and virtual sports gaming. The list of e-sports available for betting is extensive, which includes:

  • League of Legends
  • Starcraft 2
  • Overwatch
  • Heroes of the Strom
  • World of Tanks
  • Warcraft 3
  • King of Glory
  • Rocket League 

Betting Odds

Pinnacle made its name by posting some of the best odds found anywhere for sports betting. The lower juice attracts more serious bettors to its online gambling site. For example, where most sportsbooks take 10% from lines with -110 odds, Pinnacle offers the same lines at -105. The nickel saved on each dollar bet represents enormous opportunities for professional gamblers. 

Pinnacle will give you fifty alternative betting odds options for a single game on some games. Differing lines and spreads are attractive to many sharp bettors.

Yet the primary reason professionals love Pinnacle Sportsbook is that there are no limits to your bet size. During World Cup play, there have been wagers of $1 million with this online gambling establishment.

Props and Parlays

Although there is a large display of prop bets inside every match, the offerings pale compared to the competition. Pinnacle Sportsbook focuses on providing better odds at lower margins, so these extras get added; it seems like an afterthought.

Pinnacle sports betting may not provide everything you expect if you are looking for futures betting options.

Live Betting

Shar bettors recognize Pinnacle as a market mover because of their low vig and reduced odds during live play. Various lines update fast with play in several games, and bettors can even rebet when the odds change. The rebet offer is unique to Pinnacle Sportsbook. 

Popular sports like soccer have Moneylines, Handicaps, and Totals available throughout the action. On the downside, Pinnacle Sportsbook does not offer live streaming or live in-game stats. Unless you have another source for tracking the vital statistics during the game, you are betting with a distinct disadvantage. 

The lack of timely information can be frustrating, particularly during game action. For example, if play gets suspended or goes to added time, you will be behind when odds change or get canceled. So to use the rebet option with purpose, live viewing is critical. 

Another complaint among some is that Pinnacle will occasionally suspend betting without notice for specific matches. These interruptions can cause more frustration when there is no streaming available.

Other Betting Options

Pinnacle Sportsbook also designed an extensive casino site for those who like traditional online gambling experiences. Given its reputation as a preferred sports betting site for professionals, you might be surprised to learn how many casino games Pinnacle offers.

You can choose between 1400 slots, about ten times more than any other online casino.  One hundred table games are available, but even more surprising, Pinnacle Sportsbook has fifty options for live casino play, more than five times more than most online casinos. 

Poker is one online gambling option missing from Pinnacle’s array of offerings. While most sports betting sites opted to include poker as an affiliate to the sportsbook feature, Pinnacle remains focused on sports betting first and foremost.

Bonus Promos

Enticing new customers with deposit bonuses and seasonal promotions is the one area where Pinnacle Sportsbook has not kept up with the competition. There is no welcome bonus offered for signing up for sports betting. 

A $25 welcome bonus is the only offer available to new customers. One hundred free spins get awarded to all new casino players, but the spins are only available on one slot game, Multifly. You would have to roll over the bonus 40 times to cash out any winnings. 

Yet, Pinnacle Sportsbook takes this position by design. Pinnacle sportsbook odds and low margins are the primary draws for online gambling. 

The one incentive given to clients on the site is the lack of limits. Pinnacle Sportsbook lets you keep whatever profit you can make from betting. The company has a clear strategy for attracting regular players instead of chasing casual bettors looking for free bets.  

In fairness, Pinnacle does have occasional promotions for specific games to entice action. The Daily Drop awards about 500 cash prizes every week. 

There is a Game of the Week where it’s possible to win free spins in the casino. Blackjack players can cash in on being one of the first to place a 21 Euro bet on the 21st day of each month.

Customer Support

New customers to Pinnacle Sportsbook might be surprised to learn there is only one method for contacting customer support. Pinnacle only interacts with customers by email, but their response time is excellent.

The company’s philosophy of user-friendly, low-margin betting services allows them to run leaner. The site has less reason to engage in live chat or phone options because there are fewer moving parts. Without bonus promos, the online gambling experience is all about straight-up betting. 

With fewer issues to deal with, the sportsbook requires fewer people to manage the operation. Pinnacle passes those savings to the customer in lower vig margins. Anyone new to Pinnacle Sportsbook can refer to an excellent FAQ section at the bottom of the webpage.


With more than twenty years of experience in the online gambling industry, Pinnacle’s legitimacy as an offshore provider is not in question. 

Yet, although the company holds licenses in several regulated regions, American players are not as protected. Offshore betting is not, strictly speaking, illegal. But with no regulation as with sanctioned US sportsbooks, players have fewer options for arbitration when issues arise.

Still, customer reviews suggest that Pinnacle Sportsbook is trustworthy, and longevity bears this out. Millions have used verified offshore sports betting sites for years without significant issues.

Pinnacle Sportsbook is confident enough in its product that it offers income incentives to affiliates. Anyone with an affiliate website can apply to earn commissions from links to Pinnacle Sports betting. Earnings increase to 35% when more than 25 people sign up through the affiliate link.

Pinnacle Sportsbook Review Summary

When considering the pros and cons of Pinnacle Sportsbook, it is clear that this online gambling establishment differs from all others. Pinnacle Sportsbook odds are unmatched by anyone else in the industry, and that’s what drives this sports betting site. 

The company has thrived for over twenty years without spending heavily on advertising and promotion. Sports betting professionals rely on getting the best value for their bets with Pinnacle Sportsbook. 

Yet, the casual bettor will not realize similar value with small wagering activity. Pinnacle Sportsbook wants regular players willing to use an offshore account.

As an industry leader in value betting, Pinnacle Sportsbook may not be for everyone, but it will continue to attract sports betting enthusiasts. If you are looking for a different sports betting experience, check out our blog for more reviews.

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