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Oklahoma vs Tulsa Prediction Week 3 – 2023 NCAAF Picks by A.I.

Oklahoma vs Tulsa Prediction headlines Week 3 of the NCAAF 2023 season, with two teams facing off in what promises to be an intense gridiron battle. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence, this analysis delves into the performance metrics of both teams and offers predictions for those keeping an eye on betting odds.

Team Snapshot


  • Record: 2-0
  • Conference: Big 12
  • Sportsbook Spread Line: -28


  • Record: 1-1
  • Conference: American
  • Sportsbook Spread Line: 28

Over Under – Totals: 60

Understanding the A.I. College Football Model

The innovative NCAAF A.I. model takes into account:

  1. Points scored by each team during their games.
  2. Each team’s offensive and defensive stats.
  3. The ratings of the opponents, with a focus on Oklahoma for this matchup.
  4. A home field advantage of 2 points is considered.
  5. The final outcome is an expected score for each team.

Key Metrics Overview: Oklahoma vs Tulsa

Offensive Passing Yards10.6710.9
Defensive Passing Yards3.336.93
Offensive Rushing Yards7.795.27
Defensive Rushing Yards2.462.16
Total Offense8.537.32
Total Defense3.033.38

A.I. Betting Predictions

Artificial Intelligence predicts the following scores:

  • Oklahoma: 33.73
  • Tulsa: 29.52

College Football Picks: For this game, the recommended pick is for Tulsa with a spread of 28, as the A.I. predicts a closer game than the spread suggests. No significant value is found on the Over/Under.

Advice for Bettors

For bettors, it’s always a wise choice to compare College Football Odds across various platforms to maximize potential returns. Utilize available promotions and bonuses during the College Football Betting Season to enhance the betting experience. For those eager to harness an analytical edge in sports betting, don’t miss our free betting course.

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