In the world of college football, every match is a thrilling spectacle. Our next spotlight shines on the Ohio vs San Diego State clash, and thanks to advanced AI, we’ve crafted a comprehensive breakdown for your betting needs. The Ohio vs San Diego State Prediction is front and center, ensuring you’re well-equipped for game day.

Detailed Game Breakdown: Ohio vs. San Diego State

1. Appraising Offensive and Defensive Prowess


  • OSRS: The Bobcats shine offensively, posting an OSRS of 4.57.
  • DSRS: Defensive challenges arise with a DSRS of -4.91.
  • SRS: Summing it up, their overall vigor is just a tad under par at -0.34.

San Diego State:

  • OSRS: Their offensive struggles are noticeable with an OSRS of -5.96.
  • DSRS: But their defense compensates, showcasing a DSRS of 2.6.
  • SRS: A total strength of -3.36 paints them as somewhat lagging when compared to Ohio.

2. Digging Deep into Scoring Dynamics

  • Ohio: The team stands out, touting an adjusted score of 44.26 points on average, while conceding 18.82 defensively.
  • San Diego State: A conservative scoring average of 32.94 is observed, but their sturdy defense surrenders only 9.46 points.

3. Analyzing the Passing Game

  • Ohio: The Bobcats exhibit flair with 9.69 yards per attempt, but their defensive leakages are evident, yielding 7.29 yards.
  • San Diego State: A respectable 8.02 yards per pass is seen, and their defense steals the limelight, ceding just 5.32 yards.

4. Rushing Yards: The Battle on the Ground

  • Ohio: They churn out 4.98 yards per rush, but defensively face challenges, giving away 3.66 yards.
  • San Diego State: Their offensive push averages at 4.84 yards, while defensively, they’re rock-solid, relinquishing a mere 2.62 yards.

5. Total Yards: The Overall Picture

  • Ohio: The Bobcats are dynamic, accruing an average of 7.19 yards, though defensively they give up 5.62 yards.
  • San Diego State: A more restrained offensive approach yields 6.08 yards, but their defense is exceptional, allowing only 4.14 yards.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Ohio’s Core Competencies:

  • Strengths: Mastery in passing, robust scoring, and superior total yards.
  • Weaknesses: Defensive challenges both in passing and rushing yards.

San Diego State’s Key Attributes:

  • Strengths: Defensive prowess stands out, especially in the rushing defense and restricted passing yards.
  • Weaknesses: The offensive side needs bolstering, particularly in rushing efficiency.

AI’s Game Day Prediction

Synthesizing the stats:

  • Ohio: Given their 44.26 scoring prowess and San Diego State’s formidable defense, they might register about 35-37 points.
  • San Diego State: With a 32.94 scoring norm and against Ohio’s defense, they could hover around 20-22 points.

Anticipated Score: Ohio 35-37, San Diego State 20-22.

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Disclaimer: Our Ohio vs San Diego State Prediction, alongside other NCAAF predictions, is anchored in the provided stats. External elements can sway the game’s trajectory. If you’re keen on diving deep into sports betting models and mastering predictive models on platforms like Google Spreadsheets, join our free betting course.

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