I received a message from one of my followers asking if I had any betting tips for them.

This struck me as odd, considering that I have already developed sports betting models that can be taught, and I have successfully transformed many gamblers into genuine sports bettors.

If you visit my website homepage, the main message you’ll find is: “Stop following picks!”.

That’s the BIG IDEA, the main message, the main philosophy of my work. My focus is to turn people into independent bettors, not just followers who waste their chance to grow by only searching for picks on social media.

Despite this, many people still try to persuade me to analyze games for them and send them picks. One guy even offered me $6,000 per year and promised to find another 10-15 people who would do the same if I created a private group and sent exclusive picks to them.

Most people would jump at the chance for easy extra cash like that, but it doesn’t appeal to me.


As much as I love betting and sports bettors like YOU, and as much as I’d like to help in that way, I know that following sports picks has never truly worked for anyone. Trust me, I’ve been talking to bettors since 2000 when I first became active on the internet, and those who were just there for picks—without a real passion for betting and numbers—never lasted long.

There are two main reasons for this:

First, you can’t properly follow picks due to dropping odds, differing bookmaker options (such as location), and other factors.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, following picks and being a passive follower represents a generally poor mindset. I dislike sending picks and sharing something that won’t change your life or betting experience, so I simply don’t do it.

Instead, I focus on the things I enjoy, like developing sports betting models and helping bettors transform. Those activities don’t even feel like work; they’re just fun.

The bottom line is this: There are countless ways to make money in life, and you can even rely on luck (yes, people win the lottery too). But whatever path you choose, don’t waste your time doing something that you don’t genuinely enjoy.

Following sports picks isn’t betting—it’s just hoping someone else will make you money. And as we all know, if you want to earn money, you need to take full control of your financial future. This is particularly challenging in sports betting because many people think they love betting when they actually love sports.

Sports and betting are two separate things. One is a love for the sport (and money), but who doesn’t love money? The other is a genuine passion for betting, which entails a love for numbers, math, statistics, analysis, predictions, betting models, probabilities, investments, technology, and more.

There is a lot of confusion here. Most people don’t truly love math, statistics, or the other crucial components that make sports betting actual betting. That’s why so many people seek out picks instead of learning how to become real sports bettors.

Don’t waste your time doing something you don’t love. Being a sports bettor is the best job in the world (for me), but it’s not easy, so you have to love it. Seriously, this may be a simple idea, but it can greatly impact how you feel each day.

If you continue doing things you don’t enjoy, you’ll start to lose your sense of self. You’ll feel like your soul is being drained, and those around you will wonder why you’re so irritable. This is the result of doing things that don’t bring you joy.

So, my advice? Find the things that you enjoy and that can provide the kind of income you desire. Focus on those and let go of the activities that don’t bring you happiness. You don’t have to keep doing things you don’t enjoy.

Final Words…

In conclusion, I don’t have anything against selling sports picks. After all, betting is a competition where money moves from losers to winners, so it’s not about charity.

People engage in the betting world in various ways – some become bookmakers, others create communities or make podcasts then share profits with bookmakers, some sell picks, and some focus on actual betting or combination of all these things.

The end goal is the same for everyone: to move money from those who falsely believe betting is easy to those willing to put in the work. Selling sports picks is just one approach, but it’s not for me. Nevertheless, I believe that those who analyze, sell picks, and invest their time and effort should be paid. It’s only fair that creators are compensated and those who depend on others pay. That’s how the world works, and it’s equitable.

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