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Review of Nitrogen Sports 2022 – Excellent Sportsbook

Nitrogen Sports is a completely anonymous, bitcoin-based online sportsbook that offers several casino games and sports betting. It has grown in popularity in recent years as bitcoin has become more popular. Although Nitrogen Sports caters to a niche audience, it continues to grow in usage throughout the world. 

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Nitrogen Sports was founded in 2012 and is licensed out of Costa Rica. It is a bitcoin betting site that focuses on anonymity, sports gambling, and certain casino-style gambling games. The anonymous nature of Nitrogen Sports makes it a favorite for many online gamblers. You might be wondering, however: is Nitrogen Sports legit? Is it worth trying out?

Nitrogen Sports: Is it Worth it? 

You’ll love the Nitrogen Sports EU website interface, available sports and games, and customer service. The gambling system is sleek and easy to use, and you’ll love the selection of proprietary games. You won’t be able to find the casino games they offer anywhere else. 

The sports and entertainment offerings are also great, and the use of bitcoin makes anonymous betting very easy. Keep reading for a full Nitrogen Sports review, with all of the details you need to start your Nitrogen online experience. 

User Experience and Interface

The first part of this review deals with the user experience of Nitrogen Sports. Even if a website offers great odds and opportunities for online gambling, it can be frustrating if it’s difficult to navigate or hard to look at. Fortunately, Nitrogen surpasses both of these tests with flying colors. 

Website Interface

If there were one word to describe the user interface for Nitrogen Sports, it might be “cool.” It is a sleek interface and uses the space in the best way possible. With red and white against a black background, the website is easy to look at and access. The website loads smoothly anywhere in the country and works on mobile devices as well.

Whichever section of the website you are in, it is not difficult to find where you are and navigate to a different part, place a new bet, or find your profile. This is one of the factors that sets Nitrogen Sports apart from other online betting sites. It is not overwhelming or difficult to navigate.

User Experience

nitrogensports interface

As a beginner in the world of esports, you won’t get lost in this website. You can easily click between the three main sections: Poker, Sportsbook, and Casino. You can toggle between these at will, placing bets in multiple sections at once if you wish. It’s easy to keep track of your bets and the rules thanks to the sidebar on the left. 

On the top right of the screen, you see exactly how many bitcoins are currently in play, how many are in your online wallet, and your profile number. They use numbers instead of names for complete privacy. There is also a help logo at the top right for customer service issues. 

Overall, the online experience is incredibly easy to use and understand and isn’t overwhelming for even the most inexperienced online gambler. However, more experienced gamblers won’t find it too simple and will be able to enjoy the website as well. It’s an all-around win. 

Nitrogen Sports Games Overview

While the website itself is an important part of an esports site, the games themselves are the vital portion. You need to know what kind of games Nitrogen Sports offers, how well they play, and how easily you can join and cash out. 

Also, a website with “sports” in the name should have a decent amount of live sports betting. If the sportsbook isn’t good, then what’s the point of the entire site? Here are the details on the casino games and sports betting aspects of Nitrogen Sports and why you’ll love it. 

Proprietary Games

One thing that sets Nitrogen Sports apart from other online sports websites is that they own all their games. Proprietary games are created and run by the site itself, which means that you won’t be able to find these games anywhere else online. 

The downside of Nitrogen Sports is that the amount of casino games they have is pretty small. If you are on the website mostly for live gambling, this won’t bother you that much. However, for those who love traditional casino games and want more interactive gaming action, it might be a little disappointing. 

Casino and Arcade Games

Nitrogen Sports is primarily an online sports betting website, so it should be no surprise that they focus more on that than on casino games. However, the games they offer are unique to the website and include several casino favorites. Here is a selection of the casino games on Nitrogen Sports: 

  • Slots
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Crazy Hold’em
  • Dice
  • Blackjack (one deck, two decks, or eight-deck)
  • Baccarat
  • Three Card Poker
  • European Roulette 
  • American Roulette
  • Omaha
  • Craps

For each of these games, there is a generous max bet amount ranging from one bitcoin on three-card poker to 15 bitcoin for blackjack variations. This bet amount defines a greater potential for winning, which is ideal in casino games. The unique design of these games makes them fun to play as well.

There are also a series of arcade-like casino games which accept bets and have jackpots as well. These are newer additions to the website and have garnered popularity due to their fun animations and interactive properties. The arcade variations on casino games include: 

  • Knockout
  • Fruit Loot
  • Fruit Loot Reboot
  • Toy Box
  • Gold N Gems
  • Gold N Gems II
  • Pompeii
  • Koi Fortunes
  • Cretaceous Park
  • Keno Fortunes
  • Keno Vegas
  • Diamond Times
  • Fire Storm
  • Fortunes of China
  • Blood Money
  • Rainbow Farm
  • Rainbow Farm Returns 
  • Pharaoh’s Gold
  • Pharaoh’s Gold II
  • Samurai Gold
  • Samura Gold 2
  • China Fortunes
  • Pirates: The Last Treasures
  • Big Vegas
  • Beautiful Asia
  • Jacks or Better
  • Area 51
  • Fruit Crush

These variations on casino games are increasingly popular amongst beginner or casual gamblers–they mimic smartphone apps in their ease of use but have the same thrill of laying down a bet on something. Nitrogen made a smart choice in adding arcade options to their online casino. 

One of the highlights of the casino section of this website is the constant jackpot. It ranges from two bitcoin to 20 bitcoin (a huge pot) and is available for anyone to take, no matter how small your bet. The minimum bet to play is 0.0001 bitcoin. 

Another strong point is that Nitrogen Sports is a provably fair casino website. Unlike many others, the deals and rolls are truly randomized. It has been tested for fairness by a registered outside source and passed the test. You can rest assured that in this case, the house doesn’t always win. You’ve got just as good a chance as anyone else. 

Live Games

Of course, an online sports betting site isn’t just about casino games. If you want to bet live on sports, you can go to the massive sportsbook and choose from any of the options there, using our free picks or your own. There are several dozen different sports options available. 

For those unfamiliar with online betting, it is a pretty easy system to figure out. You can either bet before a match or during a match with live betting and place straight bets or parlay bets (gambles that depend on multiple outcomes). One of the fun options in the Nitrogen sportsbook is the Entertainment section, where you can place bets on TV shows. 

In addition to betting on traditional sports and televised events, you can place live bets on your Nitrogen Sports poker rounds. While the other casino sites only allow live betting against a computer, Nitrogen Sports allows you to place live bets against real opponents in peer-to-peer gambling. 

Currencies and Payouts

Of course, the joys of online sports betting are not just about the picks, games, and the suspense of live sports. You also want the money involved with winning. Keep reading if you’re wondering about Nitrogen Sports’ currencies, bonuses, and payouts.

Bonus and Referral Program

Unlike many online casinos, Nitrogen Sports doesn’t offer a hefty signing bonus for first-time gamblers. There’s no bonus at all, which can seem like a downside to some. Many online betters are used to large packages of bonuses and exciting offers to join a site, and Nitrogen doesn’t have that. 

However, Nitrogen Sports does offer a referral bonus. If you have an account with Nitrogen and refer a friend, you’ll get an affiliate of 0.3% of that player’s bets for the entirety of their time with Nitrogen. It doesn’t matter whether your friend wins or loses. You will get a deposit in your wallet every time they place a bet on Nitrogen Sports. 

VIP Program

Although Nitrogen Sports doesn’t offer a beginner’s bonus, they do have a different opportunity that rewards long-time users. As you play games and place bets, you rack up points on your account. You can accumulate these points to rise through the tiers of VIP status. 

After a certain amount of points, the Nitro store opens to you. With your accumulated experience (no purchases necessary!) you will be able to exchange points for prizes. There are several great prizes, one of which is Nitrogen bitcoin currency. 

Payment Options

One of the beauties of Nitrogen Sports is its simplicity: the website only accepts Bitcoin. Because this is the only payment form, it makes it an easy decision for many gamblers. If you use and love bitcoin, then Nitrogen Sports betting will work well for you. However, if you have never used cryptocurrency or don’t love it, it can be tough to get into. 

One of the biggest upsides of a bitcoin-only website is complete anonymity. You can create an account with a login, or just play anonymously every time. Even if you set up an account and use their secure two-factor authentication, you can still play without any personal information.

The downside is the volatility of the Bitcoin market. The value of cryptocurrency varies by the day, and this could affect your betting. Some days the currency might be worth more, others less. You’ll have to keep an eye on the bitcoin value and be prepared to mentally convert the bets into dollar value as you play. 

Payout Speed

nitrogen sports withdraw

When it comes to payout speed, we love Nitrogen Sports. Another benefit of bitcoin is that the system takes under an hour to deliver your winnings directly to your wallet. In some cases, you can get currency in as little as ten minutes.

You can request as many payouts as you like, but after your first payout within six days, Nitrogen Sports will take 0.0001 bitcoin for every payout. They will also take this if your account is under a week old. It amounts to a little under a dollar, but if you want every penny, avoid withdrawing more than once a week. 


Esports and online gambling are only as good as the devices they can run on. Whether you are an expert or just learning to bet online, you need a website that will run on your computer, phone, or tablet with ease. It’s also essential that you can understand the language of the site and that it works in your country.

Devices Supported

Nitrogen Sports is optimized for both mobile and web browser used, and can be used on the following devices: 

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS

You don’t need to worry about downloading a Nitrogen Sports app or waiting until you get home to place a bet. Instant play works for both phone browsers and laptop browsers and works well on any device. 

Languages Supported

Unfortunately, languages are one place where Nitrogen Sports falls short. At this point, the only language supported is English. Even though the website is licensed through Costa Rica, there are no other languages available. Hopefully, they will add more soon to make it easier for more people to sign on and bet. 

Countries Supported

One of the issues of online sports gambling is legality. Certain websites get shut down for legal issues, so you might be wondering: is Nitrogen Sports legal in the US? What about other countries? 

Fortunately, the anonymity of bitcoin means that there are no countries that have explicitly banned Nitrogen Sports. It is legal in the US but doesn’t work in all countries. You might not have access to the website in certain locations, but there is no way of telling until you try to log in. For the most part, customers don’t have issues getting on and gambling. 

Security and Customer Service

Security and customer service are oft-overlooked but essential factors in a gambling website. You might not realize until you need help that a site has bad customer service, and by then you’ve wasted time and money. However, Nitrogen excels in both security and customer aid. 

Security and Privacy

An online betting site is only as good as its privacy. It doesn’t matter how many different games and sports it offers. If your funds and privacy aren’t safe, you need to stay away! Luckily, Nitrogen Sports is one of the best anonymous sports betting sites when it comes to security. 

Your information is secure, as is your bitcoin. Nitrogen Sports keeps all of the bitcoin in offline cold wallets, so hackers can’t get in and steal the currency. Since 2012, Nitrogen Sports has been open and honest with customers about how they run things. Although any online betting site is a risk, this one is safer than many others. 

Customer Service

If you do have questions or issues, the Nitrogen Sports customer service is the place to go. The team is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and will usually help you solve your problems within half an hour. 

The only complaint we have about the Nitrogen customer service is that there is no online chatbox. Instead, you have to email the customer service address listed on the website. While that is relatively easy, it’s not as fast as a chatbox would be. 


We’ve discussed this before, but one of the best parts of Nitrogen Sports is the ability for complete anonymity. You can sign up and start betting by entering a captcha and some currency, with no need for a name, address, or personal information. 

This amount of anonymity is incredible in today’s day and age and is made possible by the security and anonymity of bitcoin itself. You don’t need bank account information or even your name. Just add some cryptocurrency to your wallet, and start playing! This can take some of the pressure off people who are new to gambling and want to ease into things without worrying about embarrassment.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to love about this betting website. It’s secure and provides a huge variety of games and service options. Once you’ve played on nitrogensports.eu, check out our list of the best online betting sites for more great places to gamble and play live esports! 

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