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Nitrobetting is a completely anonymous, bitcoin-based online sportsbook that offers several casino games and sports betting. With some fun table games, betting options on eSports, and free entries into squares and brackets, Nitrobetting has several standout features.

Take a look at our detailed Nitro Betting review to learn more about this online sportsbook.

How to start betting anonymously with Nitrobetting?

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  • Step Three: Make Winning Bets
  • Step Four: Withdraw Profits

Table of contents

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Website Overview

Wagerweb Sportsbook

You’ll find the official Nitrobetting website here. We like the fact that you can access information about how the site works and the betting options available via the FAQ without having to create an account.

The signup process is quick and easy. All you have to do is enter your email address, create a password, and verify your email with a code that Nitrobetting sends you.

You’ll be able to access the betting and casino sections of the site immediately. It’s easy to navigate between the different games and betting options thanks to the menu at the top of the screen, and you can check your account balance at a glance in the top right corner.

There is also a convenient menu in the top right corner from which you can manage your profile, review your transaction history, withdraw your winnings, and more.

Nitrobetting feels different from most online casinos and sportsbooks because it’s entirely browser-based. There is no need to download a client, which helps you get started faster.

However, we regret the fact that Nitrobetting doesn’t have an app. As more U.S. states legalize online gambling, consumers have access to a wide range of platforms with dedicated apps. 

You can access Nitrobetting via a mobile browser, but an app would be a more convenient experience.

What Can You Bet On?

The Nitro Sports Betting platform stands out by giving you access to a huge selection of sporting events you can bet on. Even though the website has a European URL extension, you’ll find all the sports that are popular in the U.S.

You can bet on football, basketball, soccer, baseball, ice hockey, MMA, tennis, cricket, and more. You’ll also find less common sports like darts or water polo.

Nitrobetting also gives you the possibility to bet on eSports events. We like this section of the site because you can place your bets and watch the events via an embedded Twitch stream on the same screen.

There is an entire section dedicated to horseracing. The great thing is that you can bet on thoroughbred and harness races from all around the world and not only in the U.S.

Overall, the selection of sports available is excellent. NASCAR is the only major sports league that seems to be missing.

What Kind of Betting Options Are Available?

The sports betting options available matter because they will determine what kind of betting strategy you can implement.

  • You’ll find three different ways of betting on sporting events:
  • You can fill out a single bet slip that uses a money line. Your pick has to win for you to receive a payout with no additional conditions.
  • You can place a parlay bet with two or more picks. All your picks have to win for you to receive a payout.
  • Nitrobetting has a tab for teaser bets but it seems that only a handful of events have this option enabled. Teaser bets are similar to parlay bets but let you add a layer of complexity by betting on point spreads.

Money line and parlay bets are popular and generally easy to place. However, if you have some experience with sports betting, you might regret not having access to point spread bets, total line bets, or head-to-head bets for racing events.

Compared to other sportsbooks, Nitrobetting has all the classic betting options you would expect to find, but some platforms have more advanced options available.

The racebook section gives you access to different types of bets and reflects what other platforms typically offer, minus head-to-head betting:

  • You can fill out a straight bet slip where you pick one or more horses and their spot.
  • You can choose an exacta, trifecta, or superfecta bet where you pick the top two, three, or four horses.
  • The daily double option lets you pick the winning horses in two to six consecutive races.
  • You can combine these different betting options in the parlay tab.

Bitcoin Brackets, Picks, and Squares

If you visit the Games section of Nitrobetting, you’ll find even more ways of having fun with sporting events. This section has several ongoing contests, including events you can enter for free.

Bitcoin Brackets use the same model as March Madness brackets. However, you can create brackets for other sports, such as the NBA and NHL playoffs.

Bitcoin picks ask you to choose between different answers to a series of questions. If you get everything right, you’ll earn a prize. 

For instance, you can fill out picks for a tennis event that ask you to choose a winner, a spread for each set, a spread for the entire game, and the number of sets for the game.

Nitrobetting also offers Bitcoin squares. All the squares available at the moment are for NBA games. You can enter by picking a square that reflects the last digits of the final score for each team.

These additional games have an outcome that can be hard to predict compared to traditional betting slips, but they can add some excitement to your betting experience. Plus, you can enter some of these games for free, and Nitrobetting guarantees payouts.

Does Nitrobetting Offer Good Odds?

The great thing for U.S. users is that Nitrobetting displays also American odds instead of only decimal odds you will sometimes find outside of the U.S.

American odds are fairly simple. A minus sign followed by a number indicates the amount you need to risk to win $100 and your money back. A plus sign indicates the amount you’ll win on top of getting your money back if you risk $100.

The odds offered by Nitrobetting align with what you’ll find on other platforms, with a few variations.

For instance, Nitrobetting currently offers the following odds for the 5/31/ 22 Twins vs. Tigers game:

  • Twins: -159
  • Tigers: +137

CBS Sports lists slightly different odds with -155 for the Twins, meaning you’ll have to risk a little bit more than what this source recommends to earn $100. However, the odds for the Tigers are +135, meaning that Nitrobetting will pay out a little more than other sportsbooks.

The difference is more noticeable for other events. The 5/31/22 soccer match between Roma U19 and Inter Milan U19 has the following odds on Nitrobetting:

  • Roma U19: +111
  • Inter Milan U19: +177
  • Draw: +256

We were able to find another sportsbook with respective odds of +120 and +185 for these two teams, which means Nitrobetting is requiring you to risk 8 to 9% more for the same payout. 

However, this same sportsbook had odds of +225 for a draw, meaning that the payout is much higher with Nitrobetting.

We found similar differences with other sports. For instance, Nitrobetting had odds of -152 for Scotland and +120 for the United Arab Emirates for a 5/31/2022 cricket game. 

While many other sources list the same odds for Scotland, we were able to find odds 13 points higher for the UAE, which means other platforms might have better payouts.

Our conclusion is that odds can vary from one event to another, and it’s always a good idea to check other sources and other sportsbooks to make sure you’re getting the best odds possible. 

Odds can be complex, but it’s an important part of creating a strategy for betting on sports and it’s something you should learn about.

What About Casino Games?

You can head to the casino section of Nitrobetting to take a break from betting on sports. You’ll find slots and several table games.

Table games are where the platform shines. There is always something to try between roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, and more.

The thing we like about the table games is that you’ll find some variations that other online casinos don’t have. You can, for instance, choose between American and European roulettes that have a different number of pockets. 

You’ll also find original games like the Chinese game Pai Gow Poker based on the traditional domino game.

You’ll also find several poker table games and an online poker room. The online poker room features Hold’em and Omaha games with different blind levels, as well as a few cash tables.

You can get in line for a quick table tournament, but there are also larger events. Nitrobetting seems to hold a few tournaments each day with guaranteed payouts. The largest tournaments seem to be on Fridays and weekend nights. 

The starting times are somewhere between 7 and 9 A.M. EST, which is convenient for U.S. users.

It’s difficult to recommend Nitrobetting as an online poker room when there are so many other options available, including platforms entirely dedicated to poker. You’ll find other platforms with more players and more tournaments, but the poker section of Nitrobetting is still a fun way to try something new.

Deposits and Withdrawals

One of the main draws of Nitrobetting is that you can use Bitcoin. The platform offers a fast and secure process for depositing and withdrawing Bitcoin. 

It’s a great option if you want to use an anonymous payment method or don’t feel comfortable sharing your banking information with an online casino.

Nitrobetting will approve your withdrawal request in two to three hours, but a deposit can take longer depending on how much you add to your account.

However, Bitcoin is the only payment method accepted. You also have to consider that Bitcoin can fluctuate. 

For instance, the value of Bitcoin increased by 300% between January and December 2020, but the cryptocurrency has also seen crashes as serious as a loss of 99% in value back in 2011.  

Betting with Bitcoin adds an extra layer of incertitude. The cryptocurrency could gain in value between the moment you place your bet and the moment you cash out, but fluctuation could also work against you.

Privacy and Security

Nitrbetting uses a secure login system with two-factor authentication. However, you’ll have to activate this feature in your account settings if you want to protect your account.

If you access the site on mobile, Nitrobetting also recommends using a third-party 2FA app like Google Authenticator.

The site is transparent with information about betting options and rules being easy to find. However, there isn’t much information about the company behind the website. 

You can find out that Nitrobetting has been around since 2014 in the About Us section, but the website won’t tell you where the headquarters are.

Customer Service

Nitrobetting seems to have a helpful customer service team that processes requests quickly. You can reach out to customer service by filling out a form on the website.

However, there are no options for calling customer service and no online chat.

One of the things we feel is missing from Nitrobetting is the ability to set limits for your account. A lot of online casinos and sportsbooks let you limit how much you can deposit within a week or month. Some platforms even let you limit how much you can bet on an event.

We didn’t find a way to place limits on our Nitrobetting account. It’s something the customer service team might be able to help you with, but having limit features in the account menu would be a plus.

Nitrobetting Pros and Cons

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of betting or playing casino games on Nitrobetting.


  • Nitrobetting is one of the few online sportsbooks and casinos that accepts Bitcoin.
  • The platform is straightforward. You can get started within minutes.
  • You can earn bonuses if you meet certain requirements.
  • There is a wide range of sports you can bet on, including events taking place outside of the U.S, eSports, and less popular sports.
  • The Games section has some fun contests you can enter for free.
  • The casino and poker room add diversity to the site.
  • The betting rules are easy to find and understand.


  • Bitcoin is the only currency accepted. Bitcoin can fluctuate, which may or may not work in your favor.
  • There is a lack of advanced betting options, especially with the lack of point spread bets.
  • The poker room isn’t as active as other platforms.
  • There is no mobile app.

Conclusion: Is Nitrobetting Worth It?

We think Nitrobetting is a great online sportsbook and casino if you want to gamble with cryptocurrency. It’s also an excellent option for beginners between the free brackets and squares and the simple money line bets.

However, you might find that betting with Bitcoin adds a layer of complexity to your betting strategy since this cryptocurrency can fluctuate over short periods. You might also wish you could place more complex bets with point spreads or head-to-head bets.

Despite these few drawbacks, Nitrobetting is a fun and trustworthy platform for betting. You can start the sign-up process here if you want to try it for yourself.

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