While the thrills of the NFL season unfold on the field, the excitement extends beyond with various pools and contests that fans eagerly partake in. Among these, the NFL survivor pool stands out prominently. To thrive in such pools, it’s pivotal to grasp the fundamental nfl survivor rules.

Although top sportsbooks for NFL survivor pools, such as Mybookie or Betnow, might have slight variations in their rules, the foundational guidelines remain consistent. Here’s your core guide to understanding them.

The Basic Concept

At its heart, an NFL survivor pool is simple. Each week, participants select one team they believe will win. If that team triumphs, the participant moves on to the next week. However, if the team loses, that participant is out of the competition.

The One-Time Pick Rule

One of the primary nfl survivor rules is that you can’t pick the same team more than once during the season. It adds an extra layer of strategy since you need to plan for the entire season and not just the current week.

No Point Spreads

In survivor pools, you’re merely picking a team to win straight up, not covering a spread. This distinction is crucial as it simplifies your decision-making process but also introduces unique challenges.

What Happens in a Tie?

NFL games occasionally end in ties, and different pools might have varied rules. Generally, a tie is considered a loss in most survivor pools. Always review the specific rules of your chosen pool to be sure.

Multiple Entries

Many survivor pools allow participants to have multiple entries. This strategy can be beneficial, as it lets you diversify your picks and increases your chances of staying in the competition.

Advanced Strategy: Planning Ahead

While not a hard and fast rule, a winning strategy often involves looking several weeks ahead. By forecasting potential matchups, you can save strong teams for tougher weeks and avoid being cornered later in the season.

The Last Player Standing

The competition continues until only one participant remains, or a designated end point (like the end of the regular season) is reached. If multiple players survive until this endpoint, they may share the prize or face a tiebreaker, depending on the specific pool rules.


Understanding the nfl survivor rules is the first step toward success in these popular pools. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, a clear grasp of these rules will enhance your enjoyment and elevate your strategy.

Always remember to check the specifics of any pool you join, as there might be slight variations in the rules.

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