Predict all NFL Weekly Scores in Just 5 Minutes with The Best Simplified NFL Betting Model Designed by ChatGPT’s Capabilities and Turned in a Spreadsheet

Harness the power of our ready-to-use NFL Betting Model. Seamlessly pinpoint promising spreads bets, over-under wagers, and predicted scores for every game, week after week.

Become Winning Sports Bettor – Bet With Numbers, not Gut Feelings


Frustrated with Not Being Able to Estimate NFL Scores and Spreads Early On?

You’re not alone in this.

Each week, millions of NFL enthusiasts ponder the same pressing questions:

  • What are this week’s top NFL bets?
  • How should I predict the spreads and scores?

Most end up relying on gut instincts, scouring the latest news, or even shelling out hefty amounts to betting experts. It’s a tedious process, costing thousands of dollars and countless hours—just to get insights they could potentially derive themselves.

Imagine a Different Approach

What if there was a way to confidently make your own predictions in a straightforward manner?

This isn’t just about gaining an upper hand in betting. It’s about having that extra edge when you’re placing NFL wagers or even trying your luck with NFL survivor picks.

Project NFL Scores at the Start of Your Week in Under 5 Minutes

It’s as easy as inputting the teams. This simple intuitive NFL predictor tool will promptly provide raw predictions for each matchup.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

While the majority remain at the mercy of their gut instincts, arm yourself with another, data-driven dimension to your NFL betting analysis.

And that’s precisely why I’m here…

I aim to assist every passionate sports bettor out there – I help bettors like YOU since 2015.

Many love betting but struggle because they don’t use stats or numbers.

Hi, I’m Marjan, but you can call me MB.

For the past twenty years, I’ve crafted various sports betting models and shared this expertise with hundreds of betting enthusiasts all over the world.

These sports betting models allowed me to break free from the typical 9-5 grind.

Now, I’m dedicated to assisting bettors like you in enhancing your betting strategies to increase your profits.

You don’t need to simply follow others or buy sports picks.

I’ve directed numerous bettors towards a more analytical and independent approach to betting.

That means they no longer rely on or buy sports picks, but make educated decisions in sports betting themselves.

For those truly dedicated to betting, wanting to make significant money or looking to leave their 9-5 job, I offer both a community and a masterclass.

This isn’t mere talk.

I’ve walked the path, so I teach strategies that genuinely work – the same ones I’ve applied in my journey.

Several students from our masterclass, who started their betting journey with these models and spreadsheets, are now raking in profits, some in the 5 or 6-figure range.

He made a 6 figures in sports betting


But let’s talk about something new – NFL Betting Model For Everyone.

Discover an Added Layer of Strategy for NFL Betting with Simple Data-Driven Insights

I’m thrilled to present my inaugural NFL model, meticulously crafted with the aid of advanced artificial intelligence, specifically ChatGPT 4, employing developer settings for utmost capability.

I aimed to build a simple model using AI. Let’s face it, AI is quickly becoming a big deal, and for those betting on sports, it’s going to be a game-changer.

With ChatGPT (the full-feature version), I made a straightforward yet valuable NFL betting model.

It gives score predictions for every game.

Perfect for the average bettor.

The NFL betting world is tough.

Without a ton of experts and the best data, making a detailed model is tricky.

But from my experience, even basic models can make wonders if used correctly.

Together with ChatGPT, we’ve crafted a standout NFL model.

Using this straightforward NFL prediction model that I’ve converted into user-friendly spreadsheets, you’ll have…

Easy to use NFL score generator


If you’re into NFL betting and find it challenging to uniquely project scores for each game…

Or you don’t know how to use any numbers and stats at all…

Or you never did before…

Or if you’re looking for that extra edge in your analysis to make potentially smarter NFL bets…

But you DON’T want to spend time creating spreadsheets…

Then this is for you.

Finally, You’ll…

  • Predict scores for each game early in the week.

    No more waiting until the last minute and making rushed decisions.

  • Get a competitive edge over other bettors who rely solely on intuition.

    No longer being one of the crowd, betting on hunches and hearsay.

  • Make smarter betting decisions backed by data

    Avoiding the regret of making uninformed choices in the past.

  • Avoid the common pitfalls of emotional or biased betting.

    Not letting a favorite team or personal biases cloud judgment.

  • Adapt and adjust your betting strategies based on predictive insights.

    Not sticking stubbornly to outdated or ineffective strategies.

  • Boost your confidence in your bets, knowing they’re backed by numbers.

    No more second-guessing every decision or choice.

  • Participate in discussions and debates with fellow bettors using concrete predictions.

    Not feeling left out or under-prepared in conversations about upcoming games.

  • Continuously improve your betting skills by learning from the model’s insights.

    Not making the same mistakes repeatedly and feeling stuck in a rut.

  • Stay updated with weekly projections without being bogged down by complex calculations.

    Stay updated with weekly projections without being bogged down by complex calculations.

  • Achieve greater satisfaction and excitement in watching NFL games, knowing you made data-driven bets.

    Not just passively watching without any real investment in the game’s outcome.

Building an NFL model with ChatGPT

The mission was straightforward: User-friendly NFL model that would predict the score each week with minimal input.

But the creator behind it?

AI – specifically ChatGPT.

So, I began our collaboration, instructing ChatGPT,

You’re going to create an NFL betting model. I’ll educate you about betting and explain the purpose of this model. First, though, you need to understand the statistics that I’ll present to you. Alright? Once you grasp them, respond with “OK.” After I provide all the necessary information, I’ll indicate it by saying “I AM DONE.” You should then reply with “LET’S START.” Following that, I’ll supply you with the statistics, and you’ll make predictions. Sound good?

ChatGPT replied:

Understood. Please go ahead and educate me about the betting specifics and the purpose of the model. Once I grasp the concepts, I’ll respond with “OK.”

This is how our building NFL model started.

I started with an NFL stats crash course, emphasizing our main goal: predicting game scores using the available data.

The plan also involved merging statistical insights from both football-reference and ESPN to get the most optimal results.

ChatGPT churned out multiple calculations and score prediction methods.

Not all were perfect.

In one instance, it bizarrely just added points to yards.

It was like training a promising intern; I had to supervise and course-correct as needed.

After several iterations and tweaks…

ChatGPT eventually suggested the simplified NFL betting model I’m sharing with you now.

I took the concepts from this model and built them into a spreadsheet.

This way, you can sidestep the need for the $20/month ChatGPT version 4 (the only one advanced enough for this job, by the way – version 3.5 just doesn’t cut it).

The final product?

A trimmed, user-friendly tool where all you do is:

Copy and paste two tables each week (a breeze at just 10 seconds) and voila!

You’re ready to predict the week’s NFL scores in a mere 5 minutes.


Worried about creating an NFL model with ChatGPT on your own?

I’ve got you covered.

I’ve handled the challenges, saving you time, energy, and frustration.

– There’s no need for you to navigate the entire process.

– Not confident with stats and numbers? No problem.

– Never tackled something like this before? That’s okay.

– Don’t have the time to dive deep into this? You don’t have to.

If you want immediate access to a valuable tool, it’s right here for you.

And if you’re a bit spreadsheet-savvy, you can even tweak it to your liking.

Here’s the betting truth:

After more than 20 years in the betting realm, I’ve seen that many bettors shy away from statistics, betting models, or any number-driven strategy.

They often don’t even take the first step.

Instead, they revert to their old habits: relying on gut feelings, chasing popular news, or spending money on picks that hardly bring profits.

Fear is usually what holds them back.

Most just need a little push to embark on the journey.

Kickstarting your betting journey with an easy-to-use model might be the nudge you need.

Once you see the potential in numbers, you’ll dive deeper into the world of sports betting.

With the right approach, it can be as strategic and rewarding as stock market investing – but even more exhilarating!

However, many hesitate to act and remain stuck for years.

Avoid these 3 mistakes that keep bettors trapped in a losing cycle:

  • Betting without a Well-Defined Method

    Most rely on their instincts. These feelings shift, making it hard to track or refine your strategy. If you don’t back your choices with a clear-cut method, you’re essentially gambling. A structured approach, even if initially unsuccessful, can be adjusted and improved. Gut feelings leave you wandering in the dark.

  • Targeting Game Winners Instead of Positive Expected Value (EV)

    To turn a profit in sports betting, you need to spot positive EVs. That’s the crux of any betting model, be it basic or advanced. Many bettors overlook this, focusing only on picking game winners. Bookmakers thrive on this approach, profiting from these bettors year after year.

  • Blind Faith in Untrustworthy Sports Picks

    Hopping from one prediction service to another, many bettors hope to find the ultimate sports guru. Sadly, they end up following picks that lack any solid reasoning or mathematical backing. This approach, based more on hope than strategy, leads to long-term losses.


Adding two bonuses for PRO Betting for free….

When you purchase this betting model, I’m throwing in two professional-grade betting trackers at no extra cost.

Recognizing the importance of well-defined betting strategies for consistent improvement, these trackers have been seamlessly integrated into the spreadsheet.

Whether you operate with decimal odds or American odds, there’s a tracker tailored for you.

And unlike the basic trackers you often come across, these have the added advantage of tracking the closing line value — a crucial element in professional betting that reflects the efficiency of your bets compared to the market’s final judgment.

Closing line value, often abbreviated as CLV, measures how the odds you bet on compare to the market’s final line before the game starts. If you consistently bet at odds better than they close at, you’re outsmarting the market.

In highly competitive markets like the NFL, where odds are sharp, consistently beating the closing line is a strong indicator that you’re making well-informed, profitable bets. It’s like buying a stock before its value rises.

CLV essentially tells you if you’re on the right track over the long haul, even if you face short-term losses.

So, with our tracker, you not only monitor your wins and losses but also get insights into the quality of your betting decisions.

This means even if you’re just starting out, you’ll be equipped to track your bets like a seasoned professional.

Now… A Question for You…

How would you feel if you can make your own predictions for NFL each week, while your friends just rely on gut feelings or touts?

How much smarter bets can you make if you have an extra layer of analysis?

Imagine having your own an “Steelers vs Ravens prediction” type – that will tell you exactly this:

“I predict that Ravens will score 23.34 points versus Steelers who will score 27.13 points…”

and this for each game every NFL week…

In just 5 minutes You can accomplish all this by taking just three simple steps towards unlocking your much better and cooler betting experience and potentially even boosting your earnings.

In exchange for a small fee, you’ll gain access to the culmination of my dedication, time, and my work in creating this simple NFL predictive tool.

(I’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.)

Moreover, I’ve taken an extra step to convert it into a spreadsheet, ensuring its accessibility to all.

Sounds fair?


Here’s what you get…

  • A foundational NFL model predicting scores for each match
  • Crafted with the support of A.I. technology (ChatGPT 4)
  • Tailored to identify potential good NFL bets
  • A user-friendly model in Google Sheets format, forecasting weekly scores, spreads, and totals
  • Perfect for every NFL bettor, without the need for intricate math or complex stats.
  • An enhanced sense of confidence and amplified enjoyment when betting on the NFL.

Why Trust Me?

I’ve spent over two decades deeply immersed in sports betting, perfecting my skills with spreadsheets and predictive models while studying Water Science and Environmental Engineering.

Thanks to simple yet effective sports betting models, I’ve landed thousands of profitable wagers.

To keep my edge sharp in the rapidly evolving sports betting world, I continuously adapt and refine my strategies.

It was these strategies that granted me freedom from the 9-5 grind.

One of the often-overlooked assets in sports betting is longevity.

It’s not just a testament to enduring the ebbs and flows, variances, and learning phases.

In today’s fast-changing betting markets, longevity signifies adaptability.

For years, I’ve been at the forefront of this industry.

Now, I’m taking an unprecedented step by sharing the tried-and-true methods that have been my anchor over the years.

And just to clarify: I’m not selling sports picks and I am not tout.

I’ve observed their limitations firsthand, especially in the age of swift line movements.

Too often, I’ve seen bettors led astray, losing heaps of money on unreliable picks.

I aim to reignite the joy of sports betting, helping individuals find their stride and profitability.

Over the years, my programs have empowered many bettors to earn impressive profits, some even hitting six-figure benchmarks using my guidance and betting strategies.

My commitment goes beyond mere numbers. I’m deeply invested in understanding bettor psychology and elevating their skills. With the landscape of sports betting becoming more intricate, it’s not enough to be just a passionate spectator.

Being proactive, I always keep an eye out for necessary tweaks and enhancements to ensure continued profitability.

At the core, I have an intimate understanding of the sports betting world and its inherent challenges.

And now, combining my expertise with the capabilities of ChatGPT, I’m eager to share this fresh model with you.


“Alright, What’s the Next Step?”

  1. Secure Your NFL Betting Model: Purchase Here
  2. Download Spreadsheet
  3. Watch a short video with instructions
  4. Quick and Easy Updates: A mere 10-second copy/paste action each week gives you predictions for all weekly games in about 5 minutes
  5. Contrast your projections with bookmakers’ lines to identify potential +EV bets.
  6. And don’t forget…Enjoy betting

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the NFL Betting Model Work?

Once you’ve downloaded the file and uploaded it to Google Sheets, a single instructional video will guide you through its usage. Simply select the teams, and the model instantly predicts the game score, e.g., Chiefs 34.6 vs Dolphins 27.23. It also provides predicted spreads and totals. Potentially good NFL bets are highlighted based on the criteria you’ve set. By default, the model visually emphasizes a 7 pts difference between predicted numbers and bookies lines for over/under and against the spread bets.

Is This Similar to an NFL Handicapping Service?

Absolutely not. This model/spreadsheet aims to help bettors evolve into strategic thinkers rather than mere followers. We intend to move them away from dated, ineffective, and costly methods. This isn’t a pick service, so no monthly fees are involved.

I’ve Purchased NFL Picks Before. What Makes This Different?

Great question! Often, sports picks don’t pave the way for lasting success. Remember, in sports betting, you’re not just competing against bookies but also refining your individual strategy. Being a successful bettor is more than just knowing what to bet on. The real pros identify the most favorable odds and +EV bets, and they’re typically not in the business of selling picks. Relying solely on picks leaves you trailing the game. Rather than simply handing over picks, which often fall short, I aimed to empower bettors. I’ve developed a series of straightforward yet potent betting models to pinpoint those +EV bets. These tools were game-changers for me, steering me clear of the 9-5 routine and enabling me to guide countless others towards betting success.

What Does the NFL Model Comprise?

The model incorporates team statistics from two distinct sources: football-reference and ESPN. Leveraging these statistics, it forecasts the final game score. It’s a straightforward team-based model, operable by anyone in just 5 minutes.

How Much Time is Needed for Full NFL Score Predictions Each Week?

A couple of quick copy/paste actions (around 10 seconds) followed by team selections for each week’s games is all it takes. The model then does the rest. You’ll spend about 5 minutes per week. That’s all!

Do I Have to Pay Extra for the Data?

Not at all. The statistics from both sites (football-reference and ESPN) are freely accessible.

Will I Need to Grapple with Complex Math Equations for This?

Not at all. I did all the complex work for you. You just need to do simple tasks, like 3 copy/paste per day and checking daily lineups.

Are these Guaranteed Picks?

There’s no guarantee in sports betting. We aim to elevate the probability of success via predictive models. Beware of anyone offering “guaranteed picks.” Betting is a game of probabilities, and the term “guarantee” is a misfit. What I assure you is diligent work, transparency, and a valuable tool at minimal cost for smarter bets.

I Aspire to Become a Successful Bettor. Can I Learn from You?

For dedicated enthusiasts, my betting masterclass is available on my website. It encompasses over ten private betting models and insights from my betting journey. My aim? To elevate you to your best betting self. Feel free to reach out at

I’ve still got some questions…

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me (, and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

If You’re Prepared to Change Your NFL Betting Experience…

Now is the perfect moment to obtain the model and make your score predictions:

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