NFL betting is not just about intuition and luck; there’s a lot of math involved. Understanding some key NFL betting formulas can greatly enhance your betting strategies and, hopefully, your winnings. In this article, we’ll dive into these formulas and explain how they can be used effectively.

1. Calculating Expected Value (EV) for NFL Bets

The Expected Value (EV) is a measure that tells bettors the average amount they should expect to win (or lose) for a particular bet placed repeatedly over time.

For instance, if you believe a team has a 55% chance of winning, and you’re betting $100 at odds of +110:

EV = (0.55 × $110) – (0.45 × $100) EV = $60.5 – $45 EV = $15.5

A positive EV indicates a potentially profitable bet.

2. Calculating Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI provides a percentage measure of the profitability of your bets over a specific period.

If you’ve wagered $1,000 in total and have a net profit of $50: ROI = ($50 / $1,000) × 100 = 5%

3. Determining Odds Probability

Understanding the implied probability helps bettors assess the value in the odds offered by the bookmakers.

Formula for Decimal Odds:

For odds of 2.50: Probability =1/2.50

Probability =40%

4. Converting Odds Formats

Different sportsbooks use various odds formats. Here are the conversions:

5. Kelly Criterion for Bankroll Management

The Kelly Criterion helps bettors decide how much of their bankroll to risk on a particular bet.


Mastering the mechanics of NFL betting is not just about intuition, but also understanding and harnessing the power of these formulas.

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