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Team Overview

Nebraska Cornhuskers:

  • Overall Performance: Nebraska’s SRS is neutral, with both the OSRS and DSRS at 0.
  • Scoring: The Cornhuskers average 22.6 points per game on offense, but defensively, they concede slightly more at 27.6 points per game.
  • Passing and Rushing: Nebraska averages 7.63 yards per pass and 4.52 yards per rush offensively. On the defense, they allow 6.68 yards per pass and 3.78 yards per rush.
  • Efficiency: Nebraska has a positive FPI at 3.3. Their offensive efficiency ranking stands at 78, while defensively, they are placed at 81.8.

Colorado Buffaloes:

  • Overall Performance: Colorado also presents a neutral SRS with both OSRS and DSRS at 0.
  • Scoring: Colorado struggles offensively, with an average of only 15.4 points per game. Alarmingly, they allow a whopping 44.5 points per game on defense.
  • Passing and Rushing: The Buffaloes, like Nebraska, average 7.63 yards per pass and 4.52 yards per rush on offense. Defensively, they mirror Nebraska with 6.68 yards allowed per pass and 3.78 yards per rush.
  • Efficiency: Colorado’s FPI is negative at -2. Their offensive efficiency is relatively high, ranking 14th, yet their defensive efficiency stands at 57.1, which is much better than their scoring defense suggests.

Head-to-Head Projection:

  1. Nebraska’s Offense vs. Colorado’s Defense: While Nebraska’s offense isn’t particularly explosive, they should find success against a Colorado defense that allows an average of 44.5 points per game.
  2. Colorado’s Offense vs. Nebraska’s Defense: Colorado’s scoring average is quite low, but with their relatively high offensive efficiency, they might still pose a challenge to Nebraska’s defense.

Projected Points:

  • Nebraska: Given their offensive performance against Colorado’s defensive stats, Nebraska might be expected to score around 28-35 points.
  • Colorado: Considering their offensive struggles and Nebraska’s defensive performance, Colorado might score in the range of 20-25 points.
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Given the stats provided, Nebraska seems to have an edge in this matchup primarily due to Colorado’s defensive vulnerabilities. While the Buffaloes have a high offensive efficiency ranking, their low scoring average remains a concern. As such, Nebraska appears to be the favored team in this encounter. No value in this game.

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