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Discover a smarter way to bet on the NBA with our ready-to-use Basketball Betting Model. Seamlessly analyze NBA spreads, totals, players propositions, and score predictions to place well-informed and profitable bets.

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Are You Tired of Guessing Games with NBA Betting? Your Struggles End Here.

It’s a common story among NBA aficionados: Every week, the same set of burning questions arise.

  • Which NBA bets hold the most promise this week?
  • What’s the secret to accurately predicting the spreads and scores?

Countless fans find themselves in this predicament, relying on instinct, sifting through an avalanche of news, or emptying their pockets for professional betting advice. It’s a relentless cycle, devouring time and money—all for insights that remain just out of reach.

Enter a New Era of NBA Betting

This journey is about more than gaining a competitive edge in betting.

It’s about equipping yourself with the tools to make informed NBA wagers and navigate the complex world of NBA spreads and player props with ease.

Discover NBA Scores, Totals, Spreads and Players Props in Minutes

Just input the team names, and watch as our intuitive NBA predictor tool works its magic, delivering raw, reliable predictions for every matchup.

Intrigued? You should be.

While many remain tethered to unreliable instincts, you have the opportunity to elevate your NBA betting with a layer of data-driven precision.

And that’s exactly why I’ve stepped onto the scene…

Since 2015, I’ve been on a mission: to empower passionate sports bettors like you.

Many love the thrill of betting but fall short without the backing of stats and numbers.

I’m Marjan, or MB for short.

For over two decades, I’ve been crafting and refining sports betting models, sharing these invaluable tools with a global community of betting enthusiasts.

These sports betting models were my ticket out of the 9-5 grind, and now, I’m here to pass the torch to you.

Now, I’m dedicated to assisting bettors like you in enhancing your betting strategies to increase your profits.

You no longer need to follow the crowd or shell out cash for sports picks.

I’ve led countless bettors toward a path of analytical independence, teaching them how to craft their own informed betting strategies.

That means they no longer rely on or buy sports picks, but make educated decisions in sports betting themselves.

For the truly committed, those looking to turn a significant profit or step away from their day jobs, I offer an exclusive community and an in-depth masterclass.

This is more than just talk.

I’ve walked the walk, and now I teach the very strategies that propelled me on my journey.

I’ve walked the path, so I teach strategies that genuinely work – the same ones I’ve applied in my journey.

Many of my masterclass alumni, starting with nothing more than these models and spreadsheets, are now thriving, bringing in profits that range well into the 5 or 6-figure territory.

He made a 6 figures in sports betting


Introducing a Revolutionary Tool for Every NBA Betting Enthusiast…

The NBA Betting Model: Elevate Your Betting Game with Effortless, Data-Driven Precision

I’m ecstatic to unveil a tool that promises to redefine your NBA betting experience: my meticulously crafted NBA Betting Model.

Designed with simplicity in mind and housed within the accessible realm of Google Sheets, this model breaks down barriers.

The stark reality is, a whopping 95% of bettors are caught in a losing cycle, mainly because they shy away from integrating numbers and statistics into their strategy.

Complexity and the daunting world of coding only add to this resistance.

But, for those daring enough to embrace the power of data…and particularly for those navigating the thrilling waters of sports betting, this is your moment of transformation.

This NBA Betting Model is intricately built around player lineups, offering:

  • Score predictions for every single game.
  • Accurately projected spreads and totals.
  • Calculations of expected points for players when you craft your lineups.
  • It effortlessly computes possessions per minute and expected points, all without requiring any prior knowledge of numbers or model building.

This is a game-changer for the average bettor — for those who have felt left in the dark about using numbers, for those without the time or know-how to construct a model.

The simplicity is its crowning glory. No need for coding skills or complex maneuvers.

The NBA betting market is both lucrative and sharply competitive.

Trying to secure profitable bets without a solid model and thorough analysis is like sailing into a storm without a compass.

But my experience stands testament: when used diligently, such models have the potential to work wonders.

Embrace the power of user-friendly spreadsheets with the NBA Betting Model I’ve brought to life. It’s more than just a tool; it’s your gateway to:

An effortlessly accurate NBA score predictor.

So if…

You’re passionate about NBA betting but struggle to accurately project scores.

The world of numbers and stats seems alien to you.

You’ve never dabbled in data-driven betting before.

…And you want all of this without the hassle of creating intricate spreadsheets…

This is tailor-made for you.

At Last, You’re Empowered to…

  • Accurately Forecast NBA Scores Before Placing Your Bets,

    Banishing the days of reliance on inconsistent handicappers on social media, emotional turmoil, and ill-fated NBA picks.

  • Gain a Distinct Advantage Over Other Bettors Stuck in Intuition-Driven Cycles,

    Stepping out from the crowd, you’re no longer betting on mere hunches and secondhand chatter.

  • Make Enlightened Betting Decisions with the Power of Data,

    Eradicating the ‘what ifs’ and ‘if only’ moments from uninformed bets of yesteryear.

  • Sidestep the Pitfalls of Emotional and Biased Betting,

    Your wagers are now impervious to the influence of favorite teams or personal inclinations.

  • Stay on Top of NBA Projections Without Drowning in Complex Calculations,

    Simply input the player lineups, adjust as you wish, and voilà – your predictions are ready.

  • Evolve Your Betting Strategies with Predictive Analytics,

    Breaking free from stubborn adherence to tactics that no longer serve your winning streak.

  • Bet with Unwavering Confidence, Supported by Solid Numbers,

    Gone are the days of perpetual second-guessing and uncertainty.

  • Engage in Informed Debates with Fellow Bettors,

    You’re now armed with concrete predictions, never feeling outpaced or ill-prepared.

  • Enhance Your Betting Acumen Through Continuous Learning from Model Insights,

    Say goodbye to repetitive mistakes and the feeling of being stuck in a perpetual loop of losses.

  • Experience Elevated Joy and Excitement in NBA Viewing,

    Every game now holds a new dimension of engagement, with bets meticulously placed based on data-driven strategy, not just sheer luck.

Crafting a NBA Prediction Tool with Google Sheets

My vision was clear: Develop an NBA prediction model that’s as user-friendly as it gets, enabling every type of bettor to forecast scores without the need for any coding or complex mathematics.

My goal was to design player lineups, predicting the individual contribution of minutes and possessions from each player in a game.

From this point, the model takes charge, calculating the potential points each player could score against their opposition.

The final NBA predictions are a synergistic blend of these models, offering a nuanced and well-rounded forecast.

The process couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Perform three copy/paste actions.
  2. Consult various sites to cross-check players, adjusting lineups as necessary.
  3. Input the teams, and voilà – receive your predicted scores.
  4. For those interested in player props, check the expected points for each player.

And just like that, you’re equipped to predict today’s NBA scores in a matter of minutes.

Typically, the entire process of making predictions and checking all necessary numbers takes less than 20 minutes – a stark contrast to most NBA handicappers who might spend an entire day on this task.

And I’m referring to those who genuinely analyze games and utilize numbers.

I’m not even considering the amateurs who believe flipping a coin equates to game analysis.

Without a model, a proper analysis and deep research could devour your entire day.

With this tool, you’re not just saving time; you’re empowering yourself to make informed and strategic bets with confidence.


Feeling Overwhelmed by Numbers and Betting Models? Don’t Worry, I’ve Got Your Back.

Learning to create a betting model is a hard taks for many.

So, I’ve navigated the complexities, sparing you time, stress, and confusion.

– No need to traverse the entire journey on your own.

– Feel uneasy about stats and numbers? It’s completely fine.

– First time dealing with a betting model? You’re in good hands.

– Strapped for time and can’t immerse yourself completely? You won’t have to.

If you’re seeking immediate entry to a priceless resource, it’s right here, ready for you.

Skip the expensive developers and data analysts who’d bill you thousands of dollars just to craft a spreadsheet like this.

But if you’re already adept with spreadsheets, feel free to customize it to better suit your preferences.

Here’s an insight from the betting trenches:

After spending over two decades in the realm of betting, I’ve observed that many shy away from data analytics and machine learning, embracing statistics, betting models, or any strategy rooted in numbers.

They often hesitate to even take the initial step, instead reverting to old habits:

relying on instincts, following popular opinions, or squandering money on picks that rarely yield profits.

It’s fear that typically holds them back.

Most just require a gentle nudge to embark on their betting journey.

Most just need a little push to embark on the journey.

Embracing an easy-to-use model could be just the catalyst you need.

Once you unlock the potential that numbers hold, you’ll be compelled to explore the sports betting world even further.

With the right mindset and approach, it can be as strategic and lucrative as investing in the stock market – and possibly even more thrilling!

Yet, many remain hesitant, stuck in their ways for years on end.

Don’t let that be your story. Take the leap, embrace the numbers, and transform your betting experience today.

Steer Clear of These 3 Common Blunders That Keep Bettors Stuck in a Losing Loop:

  • Wagering on NBA Games Without a Solid Strategy:

    The majority of bettors lean heavily on their gut instincts, which are fleeting and unreliable for consistent decision-making. This lack of consistency makes it challenging to track performance or refine strategies over time. Betting without a well-defined method is akin to gambling; you’re leaving too much to chance. On the other hand, even an imperfect structured approach provides a foundation that can be analyzed, adjusted, and improved upon over time. Relying solely on gut feelings keeps you in the dark, without a clear path forward.

  • Focusing Solely on Picking NBA Game Winners, Ignoring Positive Expected Value (EV):

    Profits in sports betting are derived from identifying bets with positive expected value, not just picking game winners. This is the cornerstone of any effective betting model, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro. However, numerous bettors miss this point entirely, fixating solely on predicting who will win the game. This is a perilous approach that plays right into the bookmakers’ hands, ensuring their profits while bettors come up short year after year.

  • Blindly Trusting Shady NBA Picks:

    It’s not uncommon for bettors to jump from one betting expert to another in search of the elusive perfect picks. Unfortunately, this often leads to following advice that lacks any substantial reasoning or mathematical foundation. Relying on such picks is a gamble based more on hope than on sound strategy, paving the way for long-term financial losses. Avoid putting your trust in unverified sources and instead, focus on developing your own well-informed betting strategies.


Unlock Pro-Level Betting with Exclusive Bonuses – At No Additional Cost!

When you secure your NBA Betting Model today, I’m upping the ante by including two premium betting trackers – absolutely FREE.


Because I understand the critical role of strategic betting in your journey towards consistent success and improvement.

These trackers aren’t your run-of-the-mill tools; they’re integrated seamlessly into your spreadsheet, elevating your betting game from day one.

No matter if you’re accustomed to decimal odds or American odds, there’s a specialized tracker just for you.

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting. These trackers go beyond basic functionalities.

They provide you with the invaluable ability to track Closing Line Value (CLV) – a cornerstone in professional betting that gauges the effectiveness of your bets in relation to the market’s final stance.

Closing Line Value (CLV) offers a critical comparison – how do the odds you locked in stack up against the market’s closing line?

If you consistently secure better odds than the closing line, congratulations – you’re outwitting the market.

In cutthroat markets such as the NBA, where odds are razor-sharp, consistently beating the closing line signals that you’re placing smart, profitable bets. It’s akin to investing in a stock right before its value skyrockets.

CLV is your compass. It guides you, showing whether you’re on the right path for long-term success, even when short-term setbacks occur.

With these pro-grade trackers, you’re not just monitoring wins and losses; you’re gaining deep insights into the quality and efficiency of your betting choices.

This is your chance to track your betting journey with the precision of a seasoned professional, even if you’re just stepping into the world of sports betting. Don’t miss out – elevate your betting strategy today!

Now, I Pose a Powerful Question to You…

How transformative would it be to harness the capability to craft your own NBA predictions, freeing yourself from the shackles of relying on, or worse, paying for losing picks?

Envision the quantum leap in your betting prowess with an additional stratum of analysis at your fingertips.

Picture this: owning a personalized “Warriors vs Mavericks prediction” tool, laying out precise forecasts like:

“Forecast: The Warriors will tally up 112 points against the Mavericks at 113…”

“Projection for Luka Doncic: An impressive 34.29 points, surpassing the set total of 24. My suggestion? Go for the over.”

“For Steph Curry: Anticipated to score 26.46, while the bookmakers have placed him at 36. My strategy? Betting Under 36 for Steph Curry in this game seems like your smart move.”

And imagine having this level of detail and foresight for every game, every player, daily.

In a mere 20 minutes, you can navigate through these simple steps, bypassing the need for intricate coding, unlocking a superior, more thrilling betting experience, and potentially propelling your earnings to new heights.

For a nominal fee, in exchange for my time and effort (so you can sidestep the months, perhaps years, of trial and error in developing a betting model), you’ll gain privileged access to the fruits of my labor – this comprehensive NBA betting model.

I’ve borne the brunt of the workload, all to ensure you don’t have to.

But wait, there’s more. I’ve gone the extra mile, meticulously translating all the ideas and formulas into a Google Spreadsheet. This ensures universal accessibility, even for those without a paid Excel subscription because, yes, Google Sheets is completely free.

Does that sound like a fair exchange to you?


Key Features – What’s in Store for You…

  • You’re about to get your hands on an innovative NBA basketball model that effortlessly forecasts scores for every single game.
  • Meticulously crafted, it is the result of my years of accumulated betting wisdom and strategies.
  • Designed with precision to spotlight promising NBA bets, it serves as your secret weapon in the betting arena.
  • Designed with precision to spotlight promising NBA bets, it serves as your secret weapon in the betting arena.
  • Designed with precision to spotlight promising NBA bets, it serves as your secret weapon in the betting arena.
  • You’re stepping into a world of augmented confidence and a heightened enjoyment, transforming the way you bet on NBA games. Welcome to your new betting experience, where complexity is replaced by simplicity and insight.

Why Place Your Trust in Me?

Embarking on a journey over two decades long, I have immersed myself in the world of sports betting, mastering the intricacies of spreadsheets and predictive models while concurrently honing my expertise in Water Science and Environmental Engineering.

The result?

Thousands of successful bets, placed and won through the utilization of simple, yet incredibly effective sports betting models.

My strategies have continuously evolved, keeping pace with the fast-changing realms of sports betting, and it is this adaptability that has granted me the freedom to step away from the conventional 9-5.

In the world of sports betting, longevity is a priceless asset. It’s more than just surviving the ups and downs, the variances, and the steep learning curves; it’s about adaptability.

For years, I have maintained my position at the forefront of the betting industry, and now, I am taking an unprecedented step: sharing my proven methods and strategies with you.

Let’s be clear—I am not a tout, and I am not here to sell sports picks.

I have seen the limitations of such services, particularly in a time when betting lines move faster than ever.

Far too often, I have witnessed bettors lose substantial sums of money, misled by unreliable picks and misguided advice.

My goal is to reignite the joy of sports betting and to empower individuals to find their own path to profitability.

Over the years, my betting strategies have led many bettors to impressive profits, with some even reaching six-figure earnings under my guidance and strategies.

But my commitment extends beyond the numbers. I am dedicated to understanding the psychology of bettors and to elevating their skills to new heights. As the sports betting landscape grows more complex, being a passive observer is no longer enough.

Being proactive and vigilant, I constantly seek out necessary adjustments and enhancements to ensure sustained profitability. At my core, I possess a deep and intimate understanding of the challenges inherent in sports betting.


I am thrilled to bring you NBA betting model, a tool designed to transform your betting experience and elevate your potential earnings.


“Alright, What’s the Next Step?”

  1. Secure Your NBA Betting Model: Purchase Here
  2. Download Spreadsheet
  3. Watch a short video with instructions
  4. Quick and Easy Updates: A mere 30-second copy/paste and simple action each day gives you predictions for all daily games in max 20 minutes
  5. Contrast your projections with bookmakers’ lines to identify potential +EV bets.
  6. And don’t forget…Enjoy betting

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!

What Do Other People Say about me…

See for yourself what real people just like you are saying about my work…

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After your purchase, you have 7 days to ensure the NBA betting model is valuable for you. If you’re not completely satisfied and don’t find value in it, I will refund your payment, guaranteed! It’s simple: Purchase and try it for yourself. But if you see it’s not for You, I’ll give you all your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the NBA Betting Model Work?

Upload the file to Google Sheets, and a tutorial will guide you. Input the teams, and the model predicts scores, spreads, totals, and player points for NBA props betting. Potentially good bets are highlighted, helping you make informed decisions.

Is This Similar to an NBA Handicapping Service?

No, this is a self-help tool to develop your strategic thinking in betting, moving away from dependency on costly pick services. It’s a one-time purchase with no recurring fees.

I’ve Purchased NBA Picks Before. What Makes This Different?

Unlike pick services, this model empowers you to find +EV bets and make smarter decisions. It’s about building your betting skills, not just following picks, leading to long-term success.

What Does the NBA Model Comprise?

It includes team statistics from basketball reference, predicting game scores through a straightforward players-lineup model, requiring no coding or complex math skills.

How Much Time is Needed for Full NBA Score Predictions Each Day?

Spend 5-25 minutes daily for complete predictions, depending on the number of games and your familiarity with the tool. It replaces hours of manual data analysis, saving you time.

Do I Have to Pay Extra for the Data?

No, the statistics used in the model are freely accessible.

Will I Need to Grapple with Complex Math Equations for This?

Not at all. The model is user-friendly, requiring simple actions like copy-pasting stats. All complex calculations are handled by the model.

Are these NBA Guaranteed Picks?

No. Betting is a game of probabilities, and there are no guarantees. However, this model enhances your chances of success, providing a valuable tool for smarter betting.

I Aspire to Become a Successful Bettor. Can I Learn from You?

Yes, my betting masterclass offers extensive learning materials, private models, and personal insights to elevate your betting skills. Contact me at for more information

I’ve Still Got Some Questions…

Feel free to reach out to me at I’m here to assist and answer any queries you might have.

If You’re Prepared to Change Your NBA Betting Experience…

Now is the perfect moment to obtain the model and make your basketball predictions:

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