When it comes to exhilarating NCAAF matchups, the upcoming clash between Navy and Notre Dame promises to deliver. In this post, our advanced AI analysis takes center stage, offering an in-depth Navy vs Notre Dame Prediction. Dive in as we dissect team performances and what to anticipate on game day.

Comprehensive Game Analysis: Navy vs. Notre Dame

1. Evaluating Offensive and Defensive Capabilities


  • OSRS: The team grapples with a below-average offense, evident from their OSRS of -4.42.
  • DSRS: However, on the brighter side, their defense rises above with a DSRS of 1.86.
  • SRS: Merging both offense and defense, the team displays a slight underperformance with an SRS of -2.56.

Notre Dame:

  • OSRS: The Fighting Irish impress with a robust OSRS of 5.69.
  • DSRS: Their defensive might is solid too, reflected in a DSRS of 5.11.
  • SRS: Combining both units, they shine with an SRS of 10.8, signaling noteworthy overall strength.

2. A Deep Dive into Scoring Stats

  • Navy: Boasting an average of 36.72 points offensively, their defense is laudable, allowing only 8.03 points.
  • Notre Dame: They trump Navy in scoring with a whopping 48.89 points on average, while their watertight defense concedes a mere 5.14 points.

3. Passing Yards per Attempt: The Aerial Perspective

  • Navy: Offensively, they clock an average of 9.87 yards, but defensively, they give up 6.51 yards.
  • Notre Dame: They trail Navy slightly with 9.77 yards offensively, but their defense is stauncher, conceding just 4.23 yards.

4. Rushing Yards Per Attempt: Ground Game Dynamics

  • Navy: They clock 5.11 yards offensively, with their defense allowing just 1.83 yards.
  • Notre Dame: Here, they lead with 5.84 yards on the offensive front but are more lenient defensively, giving away 2.88 yards.

5. Total Yards per Play: The Big Picture

  • Navy: They muster 5.88 yards on offense while permitting 4.46 yards defensively.
  • Notre Dame: More conservative offensively at 7.26 yards, their defense stands out, allowing a mere 3.64 yards.

Analytical Highlights:

Navy’s Standouts:

  • Strengths: Superior passing yards per attempt and commendable defense in the rushing yardage.
  • Weaknesses: Lags in overall team strength, scoring potential, and total yards.

Notre Dame’s Standouts:

  • Strengths: Their overall team mettle, scoring dynamics, and defensive credentials are top-tier.
  • Weaknesses: In the rush defense, they seem more vulnerable compared to Navy.

AI’s Game Day Prediction

Accounting for the stats on hand:

  • Notre Dame: With their proven scoring might of 48.89, yet acknowledging Navy’s defensive capabilities, we project Notre Dame to score around 43-45 points.
  • Navy: Given their 36.72 scoring average and Notre Dame’s defensive wall, Navy could land between 20-23 points.

Projected Score: Notre Dame 43-45, Navy 20-23.

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Disclaimer: Our NCAAF predictions and free college football picks are anchored in the statistics provided. Keep in mind that various unforeseen factors can sway the match outcome. Always bet responsibly and sign up for a free betting course to learn how to bet with statistical models.

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