Welcome to the heart-pounding world of CSGO betting, where every match is a thrilling battlefield of strategies, and every prediction can bring you one step closer to victory. Today, we dive deep into the impending clash of eSports titans: MOUZ vs ENCE, set to shake the stage of IEM Dallas 2023 on the 4th of June.

As betting odds suggest a close contest, with MOUZ at 2.22 and ENCE eSports standing at 1.65, the excitement among fans and bettors alike is palpable. But betting isn’t a game of chance, it’s a game of skill. It’s about understanding the players, knowing their forms, and studying their performances. In this blog post, we’ll unravel a detailed analysis of both teams, equipping you with data-driven CSGO betting tips and predictions.

Team Performance Analysis:

Delving into the metrics reveals fascinating insights about both teams’ performances. A comparison of MOUZ and ENCE eSports uncovers a remarkably competitive scenario, contributing to the electrifying anticipation of their upcoming clash.

Score and Main Stats:

On the scoring front, ENCE eSports marginally leads with an average score of 6.1 compared to MOUZ’s 6.0. This advantage of 0.6% provides ENCE eSports a slight edge in the overall competition.

Examining the average values for kills, deaths, and damage uncovers further details. ENCE eSports takes the lead in kills by 1% and damage dealt by 2%, whereas MOUZ maintains a slim advantage, suffering 2% fewer deaths on average.

Performance and Aim:

Taking into account open kills, trades, and assists, ENCE eSports demonstrates superiority with 7% more open kills and 3% more trades. However, MOUZ strikes back with 4% more assists and manages to contain their open deaths by 5%.

When we aim our sights on headshots and accuracy, it’s an engaging back-and-forth. MOUZ squeezes in 1% more headshots but falls behind by 5% in headshot percentage. The biggest jump we observe is in the total shots, where ENCE eSports fires away a massive 15% more than MOUZ. This offensive might, however, doesn’t translate into precision, as ENCE eSports lags by 10% in accuracy.


Shifting our gaze to the economy, the kill cost and 100-damage cost are neck and neck with MOUZ ahead by 0.1% in kill cost and ENCE eSports leading by 1% in the 100-damage cost. Interestingly, MOUZ manages to save more, displaying a 2% higher value in the saved economy.

In essence, the upcoming face-off at IEM Dallas 2023 is poised to be a pulse-pounding event. Both teams have their strengths and weaknesses, and it will all boil down to who can capitalize on their advantages and mitigate their vulnerabilities most effectively. Stay tuned for our player analysis, where we delve deeper into individual performance metrics.

Player Performance Analysis:

Analyzing the players’ historical stats offers a compelling understanding of the forces at play in the upcoming match between MOUZ and ENCE eSports.

MOUZ Players:

Starting with MOUZ, frozen is the standout performer with the highest kills per round (0.74), the lowest deaths per round (0.56), and the top score of 1052 over the last six months. His average damage per round (ADR) stands at a remarkable 84.

xertioN follows closely, scoring an average of 992, with an ADR of 83. His ability to secure opening kills (0.14 per round) is noteworthy. On the other hand, JDC and dexter have been consistent contributors, with JDC having an edge in trades kills (0.11) and dexter leading in assists per round (0.19).

ENCE eSports Players:

On the ENCE eSports side, Nertz takes the lead, having an average score of 1034, highest kills per round (0.75), and a decent ADR of 82.

The star player dycha trails closely behind with a high score of 993 and leading in assists per round (0.20). SunPayus is another player to watch out for with a strong presence in opening kills (0.113) and trades kills (0.13). Meanwhile, Maden and Snappi consistently deliver valuable contributions to the team’s success.


On an average, both teams have closely matched performances. ENCE eSports averages slightly higher in kills per round (0.67 vs 0.66), trades kills (0.116 vs 0.112), and overall score (973 vs 967). However, MOUZ has a slight edge in lower deaths per round (0.63 vs 0.65) and better assists per round (0.17 vs 0.16).

In conclusion, both teams have their star performers and consistent players. The upcoming match at IEM Dallas 2023 will indeed be a thrilling showdown where the players will have to bring their best to the table. Up next, let’s look at the teams’ performance in different maps.

Map Performance Analysis:

Breaking down the match statistics for different maps provides us with a fascinating glimpse into the potential battleground for the upcoming MOUZ vs ENCE eSports showdown.

MOUZ on Maps:

Starting with MOUZ, Inferno emerges as their strongest map with a staggering win rate of 86% from the past 7 maps played. Their next best performance can be seen on Ancient with a 64% win rate over 11 maps. However, their win rates on Mirage (33%), Nuke (40%), Overpass (17%), and Vertigo (40%) suggest that these maps pose a challenge for MOUZ.

ENCE eSports on Maps:

Contrastingly, ENCE eSports has a commendable track record on several maps. Their best win rate is on Anubis at 62% – although MOUZ hasn’t played on this map recently. They also show strong performance on Nuke (78% win rate, 9 maps), Ancient (71%, 7 maps), and Vertigo (60%, 10 maps). Their performance on Overpass and Mirage are moderate with 40% and 50% win rates, respectively.


When we compare the two teams, it’s clear that ENCE eSports has the upper hand on most maps. Particularly on Nuke and Ancient, their win rates significantly exceed those of MOUZ. Interestingly, while MOUZ outperforms on Inferno, ENCE eSports has not played on this map recently, making it an unpredictable ground.

However, CSGO matches are not won solely on past statistics. The teams’ current form, the players’ performances, and their preparedness for the specific match are all critical elements that will come into play. Let’s see how these factors may influence the outcome of the match in the upcoming sections.

Conclusion and CSGO Prediction:

Taking into account the historical performance, individual player’s form, team’s map statistics, and the current odds offered for the match, this promises to be an exciting contest between MOUZ and ENCE eSports.

While ENCE eSports has a slight edge in terms of team performance and a more consistent win rate across maps, MOUZ has demonstrated high peaks on maps such as Inferno and Ancient, which could give them the upper hand if these maps are chosen.

Moreover, MOUZ’s player frozen, with his impressive statistics, can potentially tilt the game in MOUZ’s favour if he manages to maintain his high performance. On the other hand, ENCE eSports’ Nertz also boasts commendable stats and can be a significant threat.

Given the current odds (MOUZ 2.22 vs ENCE 1.65), the market seems to lean towards an ENCE eSports victory. However, considering the potential of an upset and the higher return on stake, my prediction would be to place a strategic bet on MOUZ.

Recommended AI Bet: MOUZ to win

This prediction was made by AI. Remember, however, that betting should be done responsibly, and all statistics and predictions carry a level of risk.

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