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Explore Exclusive Free MLB Computer Predictions Crafted by My Baseball Betting Model

Bookmark this page and return for daily free mlb computer predictions. On this page, you’ll find MLB Computer Picks Today and Calculated Probabilities with Totals. All MLB computer picks and predictions are always selected from my private baseball prediction model.

MLB Computer Picks Today

  • MLB Betting Record 2023: 201-158, +37.59 units
  • MLB Profit of $37,590 for Dime Bettors
  • Beating Pinnacle Closing Line 72.88% of times with CLV: +2.06
  • The best value bets (2 unit – big value bets): 40-19, +30.68 units BTL: 90.91% / CLV: +4.45% / xCLV: +1.64%

If you don’t see computer predictions, it means they are currently unavailable. Please check back later or explore my daily free underdog picks derived from my betting models. My Free Daily Best MLB Bets can be found here.

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MLB Betting Model (from my Computer)

Below you’ll see MLB computer prediction model sample from my private Betting Models created in Google Sheets. This is what my final MLB betting analysis looks like after inputting all the numbers and teams. The ultimate goal is to identify discrepancies between my projected odds and those offered by bookmakers. This discrepancy represents a positive expected value (+EV).

MLB Computer Picks

Current Season (overall will be added at the end of the season).


Betting efficiency (Profit/total stakes).

CLV/xCLV (Closing line value)

Closing line value tracks taken odds versus closing odds. Learn more

ADJ Profit (1U/Play)

Adjusted profit if the average bet is 1 unit per play.


MLB betting model projected goals, totals, win% and the odds.


Adjusted Kelly Criterion number is calculated from our projected win% and bookmakers odds.

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Where to bet on MLB online?

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Exclusive Free MLB Computer Picks from Underdog Chance

Unlock the power of data-driven MLB computer picks that provide essential baseball betting analysis, calculated winning percentages, and expected goals for each game. Our unique approach gives you a strategic edge, offering insights that are not shared by other bettors.

  • Automated Updates: Player and team statistics are automatically updated in the MLB betting model.
  • Lineup-Focused: The model bases predictions on current lineups.
  • Advanced Analytics: Utilizes cutting-edge MLB statistics.
  • Betting Strategy: Advises on bets using adjusted Kelly units for money management.

MLB betting model is my BEST betting model with long-term profitable results. It is a challenging sport to bet but once you know how to bet on it, it’s a gold mine.

baseball computer picks

Why Trust My MLB Computer Picks?

Our predictions are derived from a proprietary MLB betting model. It meticulously processes data to forecast game outcomes—a secret edge we’re willing to share with you. Bookmark us for unparalleled professional Major League Baseball computer picks.

How Do My Baseball Computer Picks Work?

Our innovative MLB prediction model, hosted on Google Sheets, scrapes data across the internet for all players and pitchers.

Making the Best MLB Bets Today

Consider a matchup where the odds are evenly split. If our model favors one team significantly over the bookmakers’ odds, it indicates a valuable betting opportunity, whether on the moneyline, run line, or over/under bets.

Free Expert MLB Picks for This Week

When you’re planning your MLB bets, consider taking a look at Underdog Chance’s computer picks. I dive deep into advanced statistics, running calculations to cover all relevant data. My process delivers predicted scores, calculated winning percentages, and expected runs, offering you comprehensive insights to bet on sides, totals, and more with confidence.

MLB Moneyline Computer Picks

For moneyline bets, where the goal is to pick the winning team, I convert my calculated winning percentages into odds. This allows you to directly compare these figures with your bookmaker’s odds, providing a clear advantage in your betting strategy.

MLB Run Line Computer Picks

Run line betting, baseball’s version of a spread bet, lets you wager on whether the favored team will win by a set number of goals or if the underdog can stay within this margin. With the standard spread at -1.5, my picks include analysis of alternate run lines offered by top sportsbooks, enhancing your betting options. My favorite run line bet is +0.5 in first half.

MLB Computer Picks and Parlays

Parlay betting, combining multiple bets into one, amplifies the bookmaker’s edge, making it a challenging strategy. However, if you’re drawn to MLB parlays, the key is identifying bets with positive expected value (+EV). My Computer picks are designed to spotlight these +EV opportunities, assisting you in making more informed parlay choices.

MLB Player Props and Computer Picks

My betting model uses advanced statistics for individual players and pitchers. These projections offer deep insights into player performance, enabling smarter betting decisions on MLB player props, for those who have my model and go deeper with analysis.

Expected Runs

My model calculates expected runs in a game, incorporating advanced stats like SIERA. This analysis provides valuable information, helping you place more educated bets on pitcher’s performances.

How to Make Your Own MLB Betting Picks

Interested in creating your own betting models? My courses guide you through building sports betting models in Google Sheets, empowering you to perform your own analysis, calculate percentages, and identify totals. This knowledge not only makes you independent in sports betting but also equips you to discover unique betting opportunities.

My Take on World Series and MLB Futures with Computer Picks

Futures betting offers an exciting opportunity to wager on the World Series winner before the season’s start. In my analysis, I leverage advanced algorithms to evaluate each team’s probability of winning, comparing these findings against the odds provided by leading sportsbooks. This approach helps me spotlight teams with the best chances, guiding you toward more informed futures bets.

Choosing the Best MLB Sportsbooks: My Recommendations


In my experience, selecting the right sportsbook is crucial for a satisfying betting journey. I personally prefer platforms known for their reliability and user-friendly experience, such as Bovada, Bookmaker and BetOnline for their competitive odds and swift payouts. For Canadian bettors, Bodog and Pinnacle are my top picks, thanks to their sterling reputations in the market.

Conclusion: The Advantage of Computer MLB Picks

Computer Picks MLB

In the realm of modern sports betting, success hinges on numerical analysis and identifying +EV bets. Computer picks offer a strategic edge by unveiling these opportunities. By crafting your own betting system, you unlock the potential for finding unique, profitable betting avenues.


Q1: How accurate are your MLB computer picks for futures betting?

A1: My MLB computer picks are developed using a comprehensive model that analyzes a wide range of data. While no prediction is 100% accurate, my model aims to provide insightful and informed forecasts to help guide your futures betting decisions.

Q2: Can I use your MLB computer picks for daily betting?

A2: Absolutely. My computer picks are designed to assist with daily MLB betting by providing predictions on moneylines, run lines, and over/unders, leveraging statistical analysis to identify +EV bets.

Q3: How do I learn to make my own Computer Picks for MLB?

A3: The optimal approach is by developing a predictive betting model, with spreadsheets being the primary tool for many bettors. If you’re keen on creating your first betting model and calculating your own computer picks, consider my betting training. It’s designed to teach you how to calculate winning probabilities and odds using Google Sheets, empowering you to make informed betting decisions with your own analyses.

Q4: Are MLB computer picks useful for MLB player props and pitchers?

A4: My baseball betting model is based on lineups, starting pitchers and bullpens. With combination of advanced stats, the model projects the final scores and diving into the model and numbers, can show you some directions to bet on props and the pitchers that are undervalued or overrated in specific matchup.

Q5: How can I start making my own MLB betting picks using a computer model?

A5: I offer courses that guide you through building your own betting models in Google Sheets. These courses are designed to equip you with the skills to perform your own analysis and calculate probabilities, empowering you to make independent betting decisions.

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