The world of college football betting is always evolving, with predictions heavily influencing where the money goes. Among the latest and most innovative predictors are AI-generated models. Let’s delve into a game with one such AI prediction: the Middle Tennessee State vs. Missouri match-up. Using detailed statistics and analysis, we’ll provide insights into the predicted outcomes and a betting tip.

Middle Tennessee State vs. Missouri: Metrics Overview

Middle Tennessee State (MTS) Key Metrics:

Scoring Stats:

  • Average Points Scored: 28.8
  • Points Allowed: 27.7

Yardage Stats:

  • Offensive Yards: 43.77 (31.24 passing and 12.53 rushing)
  • Defensive Yards Allowed: 34.41 (22.54 passing and 11.87 rushing)

Performance Indicators:

  • FPI: -10.1
  • Offensive Efficiency Rank: 89th
  • Defensive Efficiency Rank: 49.1

Missouri (MIZ) Key Metrics:

Scoring Stats:

  • Average Points Scored: 24.8
  • Points Allowed: 25.2

Yardage Stats:

  • Offensive Yards: 49.69 (35 passing and 14.69 rushing)
  • Defensive Yards Allowed: 19.33 (10 passing and 9.33 rushing)

Performance Indicators:

  • FPI: 6.9
  • Offensive Efficiency Rank: 42nd
  • Defensive Efficiency Rank: 77.2

Detailed Analysis: Crunching the Numbers

FPI Insights: With an FPI difference of 17 points favoring Missouri, it suggests a game lean towards Missouri when played on neutral ground.

SRS Consideration: Missouri’s SRS value shines at 9.28, while MTS sits at a clean 0, giving a clear 9.28 advantage to Missouri.

Offensive and Defensive Efficiency: Missouri, ranking 42nd in offensive efficiency, demonstrates a better offensive machinery as compared to MTS’s 89th rank. On the defensive side, MTS lags behind with a rank of 49.1, while Missouri is positioned at 77.2.

Scoring Averages Comparison: MTS enjoys a slight edge in scoring with a positive difference of 1.1 points. In contrast, Missouri has a slight deficiency with a -0.4 difference.

Combining all these metrics, considering FPI, SRS, and scoring averages, Missouri seems to have an advantage of 23.28 points.

The AI Predicted Score:

  • Missouri: Expected to score 36.44
  • Middle Tennessee State: Likely to gather around 17.16

College Football Pick:

With all data considered, there’s potential value with OVER 47.5.


Betting on college football games, like the Middle Tennessee State vs. Missouri match-up, is made easier with AI predictions. While predictions offer a guide, always ensure you’re making informed and responsible betting decisions.

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