Using AI to generate predictions and betting analysis. Let’s see what insights my artificial assistant provides for the Miami (OH) vs. UMass matchup.

Team Overview

Miami (OH) RedHawks:

  • Overall Performance: Miami (OH) has an SRS of 0, indicating an average performance.
  • Scoring: They score an average of 20.2 points per game, with their defense conceding 22.6 points on average.
  • Passing and Rushing: On the offensive side, they average 7.63 yards per pass and 4.52 yards per rush. Defensively, they permit 6.68 yards per pass and 3.78 yards per rush.
  • Efficiency: Their FPI stands at -8.4. Offensively, they rank 120th in efficiency, but their defensive efficiency is a brighter spot, coming in at 51.9.

Massachusetts Minutemen:

  • Overall Performance: Massachusetts boasts a high OSRS of 16.39 but is countered by a DSRS of 9.23, leading to an SRS of 25.62.
  • Scoring: The Minutemen have been struggling offensively, only managing 12.5 points per game, while allowing a significant 31.1 points.
  • Passing and Rushing: Offensively, they produce 11.33 yards per pass and a concerning 8.15 yards per rush. On the defensive side, they give up -0.49 yards per pass (indicative of a strong passing defense or a data discrepancy) and 3.16 yards per rush.
  • Efficiency: The Minutemen’s FPI is low at -15.2. Their offensive efficiency stands at 70th, and their defensive efficiency ranks 57.7.

Head-to-Head Projection:

  1. Miami (OH)’s Offense vs. Massachusetts’s Defense: Miami (OH)’s balanced attack is likely to find gaps against the Minutemen’s defense, which averages over 31 points allowed per game. The RedHawks’ passing will be particularly interesting against Massachusetts’s strong pass defense.
  2. Massachusetts’s Offense vs. Miami (OH)’s Defense: Massachusetts’s offensive woes might persist facing Miami (OH)’s defense, which is statistically more robust.

Projected Points:

  • Miami (OH): Given their scoring average and Massachusetts’s defensive vulnerabilities, the RedHawks could be expected to score around 25-28 points.
  • Massachusetts: Due to their offensive struggles and Miami (OH)’s capable defense, the Minutemen may be limited to around 16-19 points.


Looking at the stats, Miami (OH) seems to have a distinct advantage in this matchup. Their well-rounded offense combined with a reliable defense should be enough to overcome Massachusetts’s challenges. Expect the RedHawks to enter the game as the favored side.

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