Team Overview

Marshall Thundering Herd:

  • Overall Performance: Marshall has an SRS of -7.72, showing challenges on both the offensive and defensive fronts.
  • Scoring: The Thundering Herd scores an average of 24.5 points per game but has a notably strong defense, allowing only 16 points per game on average.
  • Passing and Rushing: Offensively, Marshall averages 7.66 yards per pass and 5.58 yards per rush. Their defense holds firm, allowing only 5.11 yards per pass and 2.94 yards per rush.
  • Efficiency: Marshall’s FPI stands at -2.5. Their offensive efficiency is quite low, ranked at 108th, but their defense is stronger, ranking 43.1 in efficiency.

East Carolina Pirates:

  • Overall Performance: Specific SRS values for East Carolina are not provided, but given other stats, they appear to be a middling team.
  • Scoring: East Carolina scores an average of 32.5 points per game and allows 27.2 points to their opponents.
  • Passing and Rushing: Offensively, the Pirates average 7.63 yards per pass and 4.52 yards per rush. Defensively, they concede 6.68 yards per pass and 3.78 yards per rush.
  • Efficiency: The Pirates have a similar FPI to Marshall at -2.9. Their offensive efficiency is ranked at 105th, but their defense ranks better at 32nd in efficiency.

Head-to-Head Projection:

  1. Marshall’s Offense vs. East Carolina’s Defense: Marshall’s offense, while not standout, might find some success against East Carolina’s average defense, especially in the running game.
  2. East Carolina’s Offense vs. Marshall’s Defense: This is where the real contest lies. East Carolina has a decent offensive output, but Marshall’s defense is tough. The Pirates might face challenges breaking through.

AI Projected Points:

  • Marshall: Given their offensive stats and East Carolina’s defense, Marshall could score in the range of 23-26 points.
  • East Carolina: Considering their offensive potential against Marshall’s stout defense, East Carolina is expected to score in the range of 26-29 points.

Underdog College Football Pick by AI: East Carolina +3.5 (Small value)


This game looks like it could be closely contested. While East Carolina has a slight offensive advantage, Marshall’s defense might hold the key to keeping it tight. The matchup leans slightly in favor of the Pirates, but it’s one that could go either way.

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