Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns – By The Numbers:

  • Scoring Stats: Louisiana scores an impressive average of 38 points per game while holding their opponents to just 13 points.
  • Yardage Insights: Offensively, Louisiana accumulates 50.5 yards on average – 38 yards from passing and 12.5 yards from rushing. Defensively, they’re stingy, allowing only 16.68 yards – 13 through passing and 3.68 rushing.
  • Performance Metrics: Despite the strong scoring and defensive stats, Louisiana’s FPI is -6.1. They struggle offensively in efficiency, ranking 126th, while their defense is strong, ranking 86.5.

Old Dominion Monarchs – The Numbers:

  • Scoring Stats: Old Dominion scores an average of 17 points per game, but their defense is a concern, letting in 36 points on average.
  • Yardage Insights: Offensively, the Monarchs gather 42.65 yards – 31.24 from passing and 11.41 from rushing. On defense, they concede a significant 45.17 yards – 34.22 via the air and 10.95 on the ground.
  • Performance Metrics: The Monarchs have an FPI of -14.1. Their offensive efficiency is ranked 65th, which is better than Louisiana. However, their defensive rank is quite low at 34.2.

AI Predicted Outcome: Breaking down the metrics:

  • FPI Analysis: Both teams have negative FPIs, but Louisiana’s is better, suggesting they might have an edge over Old Dominion.
  • Scoring Perspective: Louisiana has a robust scoring machine, while Old Dominion struggles defensively.
  • Yardage Metrics: Louisiana boasts better offensive and defensive yardage.
  • Efficiency Insights: Despite Louisiana’s poor offensive efficiency rank, their strong defense could challenge Old Dominion’s better-ranked offense.

Considering the provided metrics:

Final Predicted Score: Old Dominion Monarchs: 18.5 Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns: 32.5

It seems Louisiana will likely maintain their dominant form in this contest. As always, it’s worth noting that these predictions are based on the data provided and real outcomes can be influenced by various factors.

College Football Free Pick: Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns -5.5

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