Attention all sports gamblers and bettors in the USA! As the NFL season kicks off, we’ve got the numbers crunched for the exciting match-up between the Detroit Lions and the Kansas City Chiefs. Let’s see where the smart money might be headed.

1. Game Details

Date and Time: Thursday, September 7, 2023, 08:20 PM (ET) Last Encounter: Sep 29, 2019 – Kansas City 34, Detroit 30

2. Sportsbook Lines

  • Detroit Lions: +4.5
  • Kansas City Chiefs: -4.5
  • Over/Under: 52

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3. Offense Breakdown

Detroit Lions:

  • Points For/Game: 26.65
  • Adjusted Expected Points: +5.95
  • Total Points: 32.6

Kansas City Chiefs:

  • Points For/Game: 29.18
  • Adjusted Expected Points: +12.95
  • Total Points: 42.13

4. Defense Metrics

Detroit Lions:

  • Points Against/Game: 25.12
  • Defensive Adjusted Expected Points: -6.32
  • Total Points: 18.8

Kansas City Chiefs:

  • Points Against/Game: 21.71
  • Defensive Adjusted Expected Points: -0.79
  • Total Points: 20.92

5. Combined Offense and Defense Metrics

Expected Points Scored – Adjusted for Home Field Advantage:

  • Detroit Lions: 23.11
  • Kansas City Chiefs: 34.11

Final NFL Score Prediction

Detroit Lions: 23.1 Kansas City Chiefs: 34.1

AI’s NFL Pick

There’s small value with the Kansas City Chiefs at -4.5 to cover the spread. However, to be more confident, a difference of at least 1 TD would be ideal. Also, a slight lean towards Over 53.

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