How to Actually Make Money With Online Sports Betting

Breaking down every single way of making money through online betting. Some of them are risk-free!

If you’re looking to make some money through online sports betting, there are a few key things you need to know. First and foremost, it is important to understand that there is no surefire way to guarantee profits.

Sports betting involves a great deal of luck, skill, and knowledge of the sport or event in question. However, there are certain methods you can use to give yourself a better chance at success.


One way to make money through sports betting is to rely on your luck.

Many people think they have it all figured out, but the reality is that very few people actually do. In this category are all bettors who don’t come up with their own numbers and rely solely on non-probabilistic opinion.

The key to winning at sports betting is understanding and being aware of the many different factors that can influence the outcome of a game. One of the most important, yet often overlooked, factors is survivorship bias.

Survivorship bias

This is the tendency to focus on the things that have survived and to ignore the things that have not.

This can lead to a distorted view of reality because we only see what has made it through and we don’t see all of the failures that came before. In sports betting, survivorship bias can lead us to believe that we or certain sports handicapper is better than they actually are. We might see that we win a few games in a row and think that we are successful bettors, when in reality we’ve just been lucky.

This means placing bets without doing any probabilistic research or analysis beforehand. While this can sometimes result in big wins, it is generally not a sustainable or profitable long-term strategy.

Over time, the house edge will catch up with you and you will end up losing money.

But if we are completely precise, relying on luck is one way to win and most bettors in fact use this strategy without even knowing that they rely on luck. Any betting strategy that is not based on probabilistic method or any method that can be explained in details to other people is based on gut feelings and luck.

Predictive Analytics

This is what professionals use and this is what anyone who is serious about betting should consider. Predictive analytics has become an important tool for those looking to gain an edge.

By using data and analytics to identify patterns and trends, bettors can give themselves a much better chance of winning. This involves doing your research, analyzing the odds and making smart bets based on probability. This takes a lot of time and effort, but it can be a very profitable strategy in the long run.

While this method takes some time and effort to get started, it can be very profitable in the long run. The most important and mathematically proven is the concept of value betting. Every professional sports bettor is focusing on finding value, which simply means finding bets where the probability of the outcome is greater than the odds offered by the bookmaker.

For example, if you think there’s a 60% chance of a team winning, but the bookmaker is offering odds of +100 (decimal 2.00, fractional 1/1), then that bet represents value.

Successful bettors use well-defined sports betting models and algorithms for calculating percentages and finding +EV bets. There are a variety of sports betting models that can be used to help you make money from your bets. Some models are more complex than others. No model is perfect, but many are useful in helping you to find value in the betting markets.

In modern online sports betting it’s almost not possible to expect to win strategically and in the long run at sports betting without sports betting models or algorithms anymore.

Sure Betting

Sure betting, also known as sports arbitrage, is a technique that allows you to place bets on all possible outcomes of an event and guarantee yourself a profit. Essentially, you’re taking advantage of the fact that different bookmakers offer different odds on the same event, and by placing bets on both sides, you can guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome.

For example, let’s say that bookmaker A is offering odds of +110 on Team A to win a baseball match, and bookmaker B is offering odds of +110 on Team B to win. If you bet $100 on Team A at bookmaker A and $100 on Team B at bookmaker B, you’ll make a guaranteed profit of $10 regardless of which team wins the match.

However, there is a downside to using these strategies. If you are caught doing arbitrage betting, you can be banned from sportsbooks. And if you place too many sure bets, sportsbooks may limit your account.

So if you’re going to use either of these strategies, you need to be careful and know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you could end up losing a lot of money.

It’s definitely a great start to make some money, but sooner or later, bettors with long-term plans focus on analysing their own bets.

+EV by comparing odds

In sports betting, the term “+EV” stands for “positive expected value.” This refers to a situation where a bettor has an edge over the sportsbook, and is expected to profit in the long run.

One way is by finding differentials in the odds offered by various soft bookmakers and sharp bookmakers.

Here is an example: Pinnacle sportsbook is one of the sharpest bookmakers in the World. Especially their closing odds are very efficient and you can get the feeling about the true probability of the outcome. Let’s say that the closing line at Pinnacle on Red Sox is -120, but your local bookmaker has Red Sox at +105. In this case Red Sox +105 is considered as +EV bet.

Very similar is line shopping, which is the process of comparing the odds at different sportsbooks and betting at the one that offers the best price.

This is a simple to understand concept, which is offered by many betting services and you can use it. But you can do it by yourself if you put some time and effort.

Free Bets, Promos and Bonuses

Free bets are essentially free money that sportsbooks offer to new and existing customers. You can use these free bets to wager on any sporting event of your choice. If you win your bet, you get to keep the winnings.

Sportsbook bonuses, on the other hand, are rewards that sportsbooks offer to customers who make a deposit or meet certain requirements. These bonuses can be used to bet on any sporting event of your choice.

Without placing a wager

You might be surprised to know that there are ways to make money from sports betting without a single bet. In fact, some people are making a very comfortable living by doing just that. Instead of placing bets themselves, they simply provide some other value and skills to the betting market.

This can be done in a number of ways, but the most popular is through betting contests, affiliate programs and betting consulting. This is also an opportunity for every sports bettor to add an extra income stream, which is generates through sports betting.

Free sports betting contests

Sports betting contests are competitions between sports bettors with imaginary money or net units. They bet with imaginary money on real sports events and the winners get the cash prizes at the end of the contest. One such example is $10K Betnow App Betting Contest.

Many sportsbooks and almost every biggest betting portal or bet forum have some betting contests or betting tournaments.

Most of the time, your prize is credited to a certain sportsbook, which is usually a sponsor of this contest. But there are also some tournaments, where they will simply transfer this money to you.

Sportsbook affiliate programs

Are you good at marketing or you don’t even want to bet? You can make money with online sports betting by becoming an affiliate for a sportsbook.

Almost every online bookmaker has an affiliate program or a referral program. Some online betting sites, like Mybookie have both. Once you become their partner you’ll get your unique link or a code, which can be shared on social media, blogs, and throughout the internet.

Sports betting consulting

A sports betting consultant is someone, who will help you with everything from sports betting basics to becoming a long-term profitable bettor.

The sports betting consulting industry is a huge business and offers a lot of opportunities or simply extra money for already well-established expert bettors. If you can help people make money or even better change their betting life – this is the way to go.

Other ways

Plus there are many other ways to make money in online sports betting. Betting companies, marketing agencies, sports handicappers and all who are involved in online sports betting are constantly looking for skills like copywriting, SEO, social media experts, marketing specialist, data scientists, betting analysts, odds makers, and more.

Use everything you can to make your start easier. If you bet for years without success, you can look at these options to move into another direction. But if you are serious about long-term successful betting, check free betting course. This is where serious betting starts.