Knights vs Jets Prediction

Knights vs Jets Prediction

onight’s Knights vs Jets game analyzed with our NHL betting model shows a close match. Based on adjusted Kelly Criterion, our prediction leans towards the Knights, with a 0.50 probability edge. Always compare odds for maximum value. Ready for a strategic bet?


As the NHL season progresses, every game becomes a crucial puzzle piece in determining playoff standings. The upcoming Knights vs Jets match on Thursday, March 28, 2024, is no exception. With sportsbooks like Bovada and Betonline offering dynamic odds, it’s essential to dive into the statistical analysis and NHL betting models to make an informed Knights vs Jets prediction.

Game Information & Initial Odds

The Vegas Golden Knights are set to face off against the Winnipeg Jets, with the Jets hosting the game. The initial odds present the Knights at 2.13 (US +113) and the Jets at a slightly favored 1.79 (US -127). Remember, these odds can shift, so keeping an eye on reputable bookmakers is crucial for the best value.

Statistical Analysis: Knights and Jets Head-to-Head


Offensive and Defensive Dynamics

The Golden Knights bring an offense that averages 3.14 goals per 60 minutes on 30.96 shots, contrasted by the Jets’ 2.92 goals on 29.63 shots. However, defensively, the Knights seem more vulnerable, with 3.34 goals against on 30.77 shots per 60, whereas the Jets maintain a tighter 2.72 goals against on 31.11 shots.

High Danger Chances

A deeper dive into high-danger chances per 60 minutes (HDCF/60) places the Knights at a ranking of 21, generating more high-danger opportunities compared to the Jets, who rank 27th. This aspect could be pivotal in breaking through each team’s defensive setups.

Advanced Metrics

Considering Corsi For Percentage (CF%) and Fenwick For Percentage (FF%), both teams hover around the 49% mark, indicating a relatively balanced possession game. However, the slight edge in goal and shot differentials leans towards the Jets, suggesting a more efficient conversion of opportunities.

Goaltending Matchup

Knights vs Jets Prediction

Projected starters Logan Thompson (Knights) and Laurent Brossoit (Jets) have save percentages of .905 and .927, respectively. Brossoit’s superior save rate and lower expected goals against (2.24) may give the Jets the critical edge in goaltending.

NHL Betting Model Predictions

According to our NHL betting model, the Winnipeg Jets hold a 58.07% win probability, with projected odds at 1.72 (US -139), making them the favorites in this encounter. Conversely, the Vegas Golden Knights are pegged with a 41.93% chance, translating to odds of 2.39 (US +139).

Betting Insights

Although the betting model does not qualify a bet based on the adjusted Kelly Criterion, the analysis underscores the importance of comparing odds and leveraging promotions. For those looking to refine their betting strategies, delving into analytical courses like the ultimate modern bettor course is advisable.

Final Thoughts for Knights vs Jets Prediction

The Knights vs Jets prediction highlights a closely contested battle, with the Jets slightly favored by the analytical model. However, in the unpredictable realm of NHL hockey, the game could swing either way, emphasizing the significance of informed betting strategies and continuous odds monitoring.

Remember, sports betting is not just about picking sides but doing so with an informed and strategic approach.

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