My Kings vs Predators Prediction is derived from a detailed analysis of both teams’ offensive and defensive statistics, alongside insights from NHL betting model.

In the Kings vs Predators matchup, our NHL betting model indicates a closely fought game. The Los Angeles Kings are slightly favored with a 53.35% win probability compared to the Nashville Predators at 46.65%. The model assigns odds of -114 for the Kings and +114 for the Predators, with a projected total of 6.13 goals. This matchup appears evenly matched, suggesting an intense battle on the ice.

Los Angeles Kings vs. Nashville Predators: A Comprehensive Game Preview

Game Overview

The Los Angeles Kings and the Nashville Predators are set to face off in a highly anticipated NHL matchup on January 31, 2024, at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. This game promises to be a compelling encounter as both teams look to assert their dominance on the ice.

Time and Broadcast Details

  • Date: Wednesday, January 31, 2024
  • Time: 7:30 PM ET
  • Venue: Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Coverage: The game will be broadcasted on TNT, Max, and BSW​​​​.

Team Insights and Performance

The Los Angeles Kings, currently on a four-game losing streak, aim to bounce back and secure a victory on the road. With a record of 22-15-10, they’re seeking to leverage their offensive and defensive strategies to overcome the Predators. The Kings have been performing moderately, with a goal differential of +22, indicating their balanced approach to both scoring and defending. Their power play and penalty kill stats reflect a team that can capitalize on opportunities and defend well under pressure​​.

On the other side, the Nashville Predators, with a record of 26-22-2, are looking to capitalize on their home advantage at Bridgestone Arena. The Predators have shown resilience and are expected to give the Kings a tough competition, especially with their strategic gameplay and the potential to upset the odds​​.

Betting Odds


The betting odds slightly favor the Kings with a moneyline of -120, indicating their slight advantage in this matchup. The Predators, not far behind, are listed at a +100 underdog at home, making this game a close one to call. The over/under for the game is set at 6.5 goals, reflecting expectations of a relatively high-scoring game.

For those looking into puck line bets, the Kings are 1.5-goal favorites against the Predators. Interestingly, the Predators have a 68% chance of covering the puck line, which suggests that while the Kings might be favored to win, it could be a closely contested match​​.

Key Players to Watch

For the Kings, their offensive lineup and strong penalty-kill unit could be the difference-makers. The Predators, with their ability to cover the puck line and the potential for an underdog victory, will rely on their key players to step up and make impactful plays.

Kings vs Predators Prediction: A Detailed Analysis

Kings vs Predators Prediction


Tonight’s NHL lineup presents an intriguing matchup between the Los Angeles Kings and the Nashville Predators. The Kings vs Predators prediction is the focus of NHL fans and bettors alike, as both teams have shown potential for an exciting game. Let’s dive into the specifics to understand how these two teams stack up against each other.

Offensive Matchup

  • Los Angeles Kings Offense:
    • Goals For per 60 mins (GF/60): 3.08
    • Shots For per 60 mins (SF/60): 33.41
  • Nashville Predators Offense:
    • Goals For per 60 mins (GF/60): 2.96
    • Shots For per 60 mins (SF/60): 30.49

The Kings show a slight edge offensively, boasting a higher GF/60 and SF/60 compared to the Predators.

Defensive Matchup

  • Los Angeles Kings Defense:
    • Goals Against per 60 mins (GA/60): 2.62
    • Shots Against per 60 mins (SA/60): 27.54
  • Nashville Predators Defense:
    • Goals Against per 60 mins (GA/60): 3.1
    • Shots Against per 60 mins (SA/60): 29.95

Defensively, the Kings also appear stronger, allowing fewer goals and shots per 60 minutes than the Predators.

Additional Metrics

  • Los Angeles Kings:
    • Corsi For Percentage (CF%): 54.51
    • Fenwick For Percentage (FF%): 54.96
    • Goal Differential: +0.46
    • Shots Difference: +5.87
  • Nashville Predators:
    • Corsi For Percentage (CF%): 50.95
    • Fenwick For Percentage (FF%): 51.04
    • Goal Differential: -0.14
    • Shots Difference: +0.54

Goalie Matchup

  • Los Angeles Kings (David Rittich): 0.907 SV%, expected to allow 2.64 goals
  • Nashville Predators (Juuse Saros): 0.913 SV%, expected to allow 2.92 goals

NHL Betting Model Prediction

  • Win Probability:
    • Los Angeles Kings: 53.35%
    • Nashville Predators: 46.65%
  • Projected Odds:
    • Kings: 1.87 (decimal), -114 (American)
    • Predators: 2.14 (decimal), 114 (American)
  • Projected Total: 6.13 goals

Betting Insight

This game doesn’t present a standout +EV betting opportunity according to the model, suggesting that it might be wise to look for other games with clearer advantages. However, if choosing a side, the model slightly leans towards the Nashville Predators for their value as underdogs. Yet, the expected value (EV) for this game is not strongly in favor of either side, indicating a close match that could go either way.

Final Thoughts

The Los Angeles Kings come into this game with statistical advantages both offensively and defensively, reflected in their win probability and projected odds. However, the Nashville Predators are not far behind, making this matchup a closely contested battle. Bettors should proceed with caution, keeping in mind that this game might be more unpredictable than the numbers suggest.

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